Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Is Dedicated To Mike Nickeas

I went to the Binghamton Mets game in Trenton tonight.  Mike Nickeas is the catcher for the B-Mets and made this an awesome night.

I got to the ballpark about ten minutes before the gates opened at 6 pm.  When I got in I went straight down to the third base side of home plate and waited for Mike Nickeas, the one player I could easily recognize.  When the B-Mets finished taking ground balls and warming up I first saw their manager, Tim Teuful, walking over.  I don't want to say I ran away from an autograph from a World Series winning Met, but I did.  I saw Nickeas and called out to him to try to get an autograph.  He came over and not only did I get an autograph, I also took a picture with him.  He was very polite and asked me how I was or "what's up" or something but I honestly was too starstruck to put together full sentences.  He went into the clubhouse with the rest of team and I was still beyond excited.

For a while I was standing next to the B-Mets dugout with nothing going on.  There was a guy about 18 years old who I talked to.  He had gotten some autographs after yesterday's game and was sorta teaching me the best ways to get players to sign.  It turned out to be pretty easy, actually.  Players started to make their way into the dugout.  It was easy to tell who everyone was using the roster given out and their uniform numbers.  I had already gotten Mike Nickeas to sign my hat so I was using my baseball for the rest of the autographs.  The first one I got was Tim Teuful.  He was taping up the lineup card and I simply asked if he would sign.  He was really nice and came over after he finished with the lineup.  I definitely wanted an autograph from Teuful because he is my favorite from the 1986 Mets and I felt bad for ditching him before.

There were some other cool autographs.  Eric Niesen came out with a pink "hazing" backpack.  He wears #20 and I told him that's my softball number and he thought it was cool.  Luke Montz is one of the other catchers and when he came to sign I told him what I wish I could've had the control to tell Mike Nickeas, that I'm also a catcher.  Luke also had braces and was quite cute.  I also noticed Marshall Hubbard was really cute.  At one point in the game Nickeas call him 'Hub'.  I liked getting an autograph from Zach Lutz because he was really, really cute.  Even though I loved the game, I definitely had my girly moments.

Once the game started I took a ton of pictures.  Jenrry Mejia was starting for the B-Mets so I wanted to get some of him, and of course I need Mike Nickeas, Zach Lutz, and Marshall Hubbard.  In the bottom of the 6th inning the last out was a popup in foul territory that Mike Nickeas caught.  I switched from my camera to my mitt and got Mike to throw me the ball.  I felt like the biggest fail in the world when I didn't catch the ball.  I tried not to sound too disappointed but I really was upset.  The usher near my seats was really, really nice and went to the guys that ended up with the baseball.  It was a group of three men and they seemed perfectly content giving me the baseball.  I was ecstatic and I think those guys are really cool.  I GOT A MIKE NICKEAS BASEBALL!!!

I had my baseball but I couldn't help thinking about how much of a fail I must've looked like missing that throw.  I took pictures for the rest of the game and tried not to think about it.  Once the game ended my brother was already next to the B-Mets dugout getting high-5s from the WINNING team.  I went down to meet him and Mike Nickeas ended up being the last one to leave the dugout.  There really wasn't anybody else waiting there at that point.  I told Mike I got the baseball and it seemed like he actually remembered throwing it to me.  He also seemed glad I got the ball.

As we were leaving he handed my brother a bat.  It was broken so he obviously wasn't going to use it again.  My brother was really awesome and noticed how much the bat meant to me, so he gave it to me.  Thank you.  It turns out Mike uses a Daniel Murphy model bat, at least this one.  On the bottom of the knob his #50 is written in black marker.  I really think this is the coolest thing ever.  Especially getting it from Mike Nickeas.

Tonight was awesome.  I really cannot put into words how much fun the entire game was.  I took a ton of pictures and I'm planning on uploading them tomorrow (later today?).  I came to this game knowing of one player.  I am beyond glad that player is as nicer than ever could be imagined.

Let's Go Mets!

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Julie said...

Sounds like a great time!! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your pictures.