Monday, February 9, 2009

Baseball Rules The World!


I can tell because today on the NFL show on ESPN they were going to talk about A-Rod.

Now for the real content.
Top 25 Things About My Mets Fandom:

1. I plan to marry David Wright
2. The first Mets autographs I got on my own (not bought online) are the ones I got at Spring Training last year
3. I have gotten 2 other Mets autographs but they were of Doug Meinfhjdsgfb (Dougie) and Chris Woodward while they were on the Pirates and Yankees, respectively
4. My first Mets t-shirt was a David Wright t-shirt and it was blue, then I got a black Wright shirt, and now I have a new blue one
5. I have a Johan Santana t-shirt (I'm wearing it)
6. I have 3 Mets jerseys: 1 pinstriped Wright, 1 home-white Wright, and 1 authentic pinstriped Beltran that I got as a Bat Mitzvah gift
7. I have 10 Mets caps and 1 winter hat
8. I was Mike Pelfrey's first career complete game
9. In my family, my sister and brother are both Yankee fans, my mom is a fan of both teams, and my dad is a Mets fan
10. Because of the fact stated above there is no cheering in my house during the Subway Series
11. I have a Mr. Met I built at Build-a-Bear, a dog from Build-a-Bear named Mr. Met jr, a Build-a-Bear day at Shea bear named Mr. Met, and a little Mr. Met stuffed animal I got from my Secret Santa last year
12. For lunch after going to Spring Training last year my family went to Friendly's and about 99% of the people there had come from Spring Training, it was an amazing feeling
13. I have 2 Carlos Beltran bobbleheads (they're both from the same bobblehead day) and one of them is 'Ask the Carlos' because in 2006 I could ask it a question and it would always know the answer
14. I also have a David Wright bobblehead from 2006 and one of my camp friends called me and said that she had been to a Mets game and gotten a David Wright bobblehead and I would really like and it turned out that we were both at the game
15. I remember my lock combination for school by using the Mets
16. The first Mets game I was at was against the Phillies and Mookie was the first base coach
17. I subtly put blue and orange into my Bat Mitzvah by making the main color light blue but some of the flowers on the tables were orange
18. During baseball season my radio doesn't go change from WFAN
19. Everybody that had ever met (no pun intended) me associates me with the Mets if they ever see me again
20. Whenever I get a book from school and have to write the number on the bookcard I always think of the Mets player with that number, right now for French my book is #20 and I still associate it with Shawn Green
21. On my braces I had to get both blue AND orange because I couldn't chose just one
22. Once baseball season starts I try harder to get my homework done before the game starts (well, I would like to think I do)
23. I plan to name my children after my favorite Mets players
24. I really want to work for the Mets when I grow up

Let's Go Mets!


Andrew Vazzano said...

Where, oh where, did you get this idea?? ;-)

I like.

But David is mine. But I'll take his girlfriend.

mandachan said...

wow. i need to do one, except obviously not mets-related. and i was too busy doing an alex birthday post today to do a 25 things post. maybe tomorrow.