Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let's See How Long I Can Make This Post

So, as you all probably know A-Rod tested positive for steroids in 2003. I had a hunch he used PEDs at some point but didn't think any proof would ever come out saying he really used. This means David Wright is officially the #1 3rd baseman in New York!!!!! I always thought he was but now everybody should agree with me. Anyways, I know there was not any penalties for using in 2003 but something should be done. I mean, he won the MVP in 2003 and obviously he didn't win by only using his natural abilities. I'm not sure who came in second that year and if it was a close vote but something has to happen to the credibility of the award in 2003. If the steroid accusations are correct then that 2003 award should be tainted forever.

As much blame that is put on A-Rod for using some also has to be put on the MLB. The 2003 survey tests were supposed to be anonymous and the players that were part of them were not even supposed to know the results. The fact that MLB didn't destroy the results after they got the numbers they needed puzzles me. If they wanted to guarantee nobody was ever going to know the specifics of the tests then they shouldn't have kept the results around. I know it had to be extremely hard for anybody to get this information but somebody did and it was leaked. MLB didn't take care of the issue when it happened and now they are paying the price by making an entire generation of players tainted.

Next, I know Omar Minaya has said he will not make any more big moves this offseason I want him to make a trade. I am happy to wait to see if this trade will be better until the midseason trading deadline. I think the Mets should look into moving Fernando Martinez. In what his professional baseball career has been he has shown that he is injury prone. By giving him more time to recover from the recent elbow problems the Mets can see if he can get through any period of time without an injury.

Just my two sense I mean cents. (I was literally running out of the house when I wrote that). Thanks mandachan.

Let's Go Mets
6 days!


mandachan said...

i mean, being a sox fan, i always thought a-rod was a weenie anyway... :)
but yeah, the whole steroids thing has just messed sports up in general. i think they just want the publicity.

(and btw, it's "two cents", not "two sense", just so you know)

Ellie said...

thanks for the tip. i was actually thinking that i used the wrong word on the car-ride to dinner and was 'shoot, i have to fix that'

mandachan said...

no problem :)