Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bring Out the Brooms!

What can I say?! The Mets swept the A's and it ended the A's 45 series streak of not being swept.

The game started on a high note with Jose Reyes. He doubled and scored on a throwing error by Jack Cust.

Paul Lo Duca was in the starting lineup because it was his bobble head day. He went 1-4 with Ramon Castro coming in to pinch-hit for what would be his last at-bat.

In the second Johnny Maine got his first career RBI. It was a sacrifice fly to center field that scored Jose Valentin.

A wild pitch and double by Easley gave the Mets 2 more runs in the third.

Valentin added a 3-run homer and Beltran had a 2-RBI single to give the Mets their final runs of the game.

In the end the score was 10-2 and the Mets swept the A's!

Keep it going boys we can do this!

Let's Go Mets!

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