Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'll Just Leave This Here


Basically my thoughts when Mike Nickeas hit that grand slam. There aren't really words to describe how awesome that was. Or how happy his teammates looked in the dugout as he was running the bases.

This team loves each other and nobody has been a bigger supporter during the success of others than Mike Nickeas. For once it was Mike that got the support. After the game he said it felt like a huge weight lifted off his shoulders and boy could anyone see that.

One pie in the face later and everyone can breathe easier.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just What I Needed

It was only one hit and it was just in the first inning. But it drove in the first run of the game and probably took a huge weight off of Mike Nickeas's shoulders. I know I'm just a fan yet it took a huge weight off of my shoulders. I'm being selfish but I needed this game for my sanity.

As for Mike, on a night when four strikeouts required throws to first base it was nice to see him contribute on both sides of the plate. After the game he jokingly said catching the knuckleball will take years off his life. Yes, he was joking but boy did he look relieved during that interview. It was just refreshing to see him smiling after the game.

I think he needed this. And after seeing his reaction to his last at-bat last night, I'm glad his contribution came right away.

It is amazing how 24 hours can change an outlook.

Let's Go Mets!

Keep This In Mind

R.A. Dickey gets the start tonight and that means the catcher has the privilege of dealing with his knuckleball. Tonight, that catcher is Mike Nickeas.

Two starts ago Mike did fine catching the knuckleball. I don't even think there were any passed balls. However, in his last start the knuckleball was dancing and Mike had to chase a few pitches. It's a knuckleball, so there is no way to know how tonight will go. Whether there are no passed balls or there are eight, I guarantee it won't be an easy game.

Catching a knuckleball has never been easy and it never will be easy. There's a reason the Red Sox got Doug Mirabelli back about two seconds after they let him go. There's also a reason Josh Thole ended up screwing up the entire way he caught last season.

There simply is not a word crazy enough to describe that pitch. I know I would never want to catch it. So if there are a couple of passed balls tonight realize who is pitching.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Know You Don't Want To Hear It

But I need to say it. Please.

Because it's the worst feeling in the world when you feel like you're the only one supporting your favorite player. It's the worst feeling when you dread every at-bat. When it's almost impossible to watch his at-bats. When you want to keep rooting for him but it's the hardest thing you've ever done. It's the worst feeling when you almost wish you had never become a fan in the first place because you would've saved yourself the heartache.

It's the worst feeling in the world when you keep your head up because you see him keep his head up . . .

But then you see the frustration and you see him let his head hang if only a little.

And you don't know if you can keep your head up.

I just cannot put into words how hard it is to watch when your favorite player is struggling. I can't describe the feeling of wanting him to succeed so badly it hurts. I can't explain how big of a lump is in my throat whenever he doesn't succeed.

It's the hardest thing in the world to admit that maybe he isn't good. It's the worst when you see all the negativity and you hate it yet part of you agrees with it while the rest of you wants to crush every person creating that negativity.

When you want him to know you will never be the one being negative. You just want him to know you will always be behind him whether you're the only one or one of one million.

I don't know how to describe the feeling when you're searching for positives in every moment. He saw a lot of pitches that at-bat, he blocked that ball in the dirt nicely, he threw himself at that runner who was actually out but the damn umpire called him safe and now that almost positive moment is taken away.

It hurts to watch right now. That's what I hate the most.

You all know who I'm talking about. You all better know I'm never going to stop rooting for him, though, no matter how tough it is.

Let Them Have Fun

The Mets have now gone 1-5 in road cities in which they arrived in costume. They were swept by the Astros after dressing in Western wear and only took one game in Toronto after wearing hockey jerseys. But it doesn't actually matter.

For one thing, what a player travels in does not change the way he plays on the field. If it did, rookies would never survive their first season once rookie hazing came around.

Even if it did somehow affect the play on the field it still shouldn't be anything to cry about. Teams need to have fun during the season. These players spend six months of the year doing the same thing everyday. They are judged on how they perform against someone else who is trying to make them fail. Yes, they get to play a game everyday but the game becomes there livelihood. There is so much pressure put on how they perform during three hours of the day that they can't possibly be in that mindset all the time. If they were they would simply drive themselves insane. Dressing up is simple yet it breaks that monotony that can drive a person mad.

And you know what? It has shown me a sense of chemistry I haven't seen on this team in years.

Let's Go Mets

Sunday, May 20, 2012

So Much To Say

It has been too long since my last post. Alas, the end of senior year classes, finals, my end-of-year internship, and softball have taken up most of my time lately. But just because I haven't been writing it doesn't mean I haven't had any thoughts about the Mets.

I wanted to thank Mike Pelfrey and wish him luck in his recovery from Tommy John surgery. He may have pitched his last game as a Met and he has held a special place in my heart. Zach Lutz was also injured again. I didn't say anything about his broken hand or how frustrating this must be for him.

I didn't write about all the doubles Mike Nickeas hit. And maybe for the better, I didn't write about how now he seems lost again. And how rooting for him is the most indescribable experience of my baseball life. I didn't write about how awesome it was to finally see others rooting for him and then blink and see everyone on the side of his competition. I didn't write about seeing my favorite finally get the chance to be a major league starter because I took a breath and the dream seemed to be over.

My thoughts about Kirk Nieuwenhuis have gone unwritten. Jordany Valdespin came and went without a word. Even my minor league thoughts about Kai Gronauer finally getting a big hit went unwritten. The Mets even went so far as to dress up in hockey jerseys, combining the two sports loves of my life, and I didn't have the time to squee or ogle.

Speaking of the Mets playing dress-up, I haven't told you how I feel about that. Or really, how I feel about some other opinions of it.

Hopefully the next two weeks and beyond will bring more content than the last two weeks. I have missed writing for you. If I'm lucky I'll be able to clear out my inbox as I write, deleting the reminders I send myself of things I want to post.

For now however, the emails will stay and I will leave you with this . . .

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Cannot Explain These Emotions

I could barely watch. Josh Thole made the play, he held onto the ball. But now he was lying face-down behind home plate. He was in pain. There was no way he would be staying in the game. I just wanted to see him sit up. He saved the game, it was still tied, but he gave himself up as so many catchers have done throughout baseball history.

Enter Mike Nickeas. His every move has been dissected and subsequently ripped apart this season. He scoops the first pitch from Tim Byrdak put of the dirt. Well, that's one way to start. It's not the defense I'm anxious about though. The Mets have a runner on with two outs in the ninth. I can't watch. I'll hide behind my hands, the pillows, anything. That's not working, the at-bat is taking too long. Screw it. I'll just watch.

There's no way that's touching the ground. Mayberry's going to catch it. Plop. MIKE NICKEAS. His name leaves my mouth as if a reflex. He got a double! A hit! An extra base hit! The Mets can't lose now! And Jordany Valdespin didn't let them. First major league hit. First major league home run. No big deal, right?

I almost forgot about Josh and the collision. I almost want to make a joke about the principle point of contact being the head and Ty Wigginton getting Shanabanned. But I know Thole is seeing doctors and will probably end up on the Disabled List.

Now I am so beyond thrilled for Mike Nickeas but I'm still worried about Josh Thole.

Now I don't know how to feel.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

And This

FOX needed someone to interview after yesterday's game so they interviewed Mike Nickeas.  Excuse me while I love everything about him, including that most of his interviews are about other people yet he still answers every question with nothing but class.

Can't Deny This One

Before yesterday's game people were saying Mike Nickeas didn't belong in the majors.  That he didn't belong on the team.  That Johan Santana should be batting before him in the lineup because there is no way he would ever get a hit.

After yesterday's game, people weren't saying much of anything about him.  He only got one hit but that hit was big for a couple of reasons.  It was one more hit than those people thought he would get and it drove in the first two Mets runs of the game.

So many fans had already given up on Nickeas before he had even played a week's worth of games.  Offseason changes and improvements aren't necessarily going to show up right away.  But he did a lot this offseason and in his seventh and eighth games of the seasons it has started to show.  Mike has three hits and three RBIs in his last two games.

That's it.  Eight games this season.  People were calling for his head after the second game.  I'm sure people will continue calling for his head before his ninth, tenth, eleventh games.  And before every game after that.  They can do that.  But when he gets a few more hits the silence will sound better than anything.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wait. Nevermind.

Of course, as that last post publishes the Mets make a decision.

Despite Mike Nickeas being sick (ugh I still hate it), they won't be making a move to bring anybody up. Josh Thole will probably play tomorrow, as the Mets have an off-day Thursday.

I just want Mike to feel better. Is that too much to ask?

I Have To Wait Until Tomorrow

Terry Collins said he wouldn't make a decision about bringing up another catcher until he spoke to Mike Nickeas at the hotel. On one hand, I want Mike to power through whatever he has and play tomorrow because he's awesome and I know he'll always be awesome. On the other hand, I want Mike to rest and be as healthy as possible before he plays again.

I should really just remember that Mike Nickeas is a grown up human being and will make the decision that is best for his well being. The best thing would be for him to wake up tomorrow feeling better than ever.

Get well soon, Mike!

I'd bring him chicken soup if I could. (And also if I weren't such a germaphobe.)

You Probably Already Know

As Mike Nickeas's only fan I feel obligated to inform you all that he has the flu and is unavailable for tonight's game. The Mets are considering calling up somebody for tomorrow afternoon's game.

As Mike's only fan I also feel obligated to send him all the well wishes.

Well, I'd feel obligated to send him all the well wishes even if I weren't his only fan.


Get well soon, Mike!