Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Just Remembered This

Earlier this year I had a post about the Royals being the hottest team in the MLB. I guess with the addition of Mike Jacobs they got hotter.

Just wanted to stay up-to-date...
even if it has nothing to do with the Mets!

I Am Only Slightly Obsessed With This Song

I mean, it is the only song I have listened to in the last hour and a half.

It is 'Going Down In Flames' by Three Doors Down

That Is No Way To Spend A Birthday!

Today Mike Jacobs was traded to the Kansas City Royals.
Today Mike Jacobs turns 28 years old.

Those two statements should not go together. He should be able to enjoy his birthday.
But, oh well, he can fantasize about playing with Alex.


It is really easy to remember his middle name cuz he is Michael James just like Mike Nickeas!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

it's over

nothing else to say

It's Going To Be A Long Offseason...

and perhaps an even longer regular season. With the Phillies winning the World Series the stupid fans will not shut up and I will not be a happy person. It feels kind of like getting my heart ripped out and then watching it shrivel into nothing. If you don't 'catch my drift' then just think of lots of pain.

As much as I hated the way the Mets ended the season, this could possibly hurt more.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Uncle Cliff Is Down

That's right. Cliff Floyd has been taken off the Rays World Series roster. Apparently he hurt his shoulder. Now there are only 3 former Mets on the Rays roster. (Scott Kazmir, Chad Bradford, and Dan Wheeler)

I will still consider this a win for the Mets if the Rays win.

Let's Go Mets!

...I mean RAYS!

Football Never Really Meant Much To Me...

Until today when it softens the blow from the Fillies 2-1 World Series lead. I mean, football can't get better than both Chad Pennington and the Jets winning. I hate the fact that I hate football. I want to become a part of it. But I will always be rooting for Chad and for some reason I don't like the Giants so I decided to root for the Jets.

I guess that is all I have to say for now cuz NOTHING is going on...
Let's Go Rays!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I'll Be the One"

There really is NOTHING interesting going on. The World Series doesn't interest me much because the Mets, Indians, or Pirates aren't in it.

But I will be watching tonight. At least for the National Anthem. Cuz the Backstreet Boys are singing and there is no way I can miss that.

Let's Go Rays!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beat the filles and the World Will Stay On its Axis

If not, this blog will become very quiet. I wanted the Brewers to win. They lost. I wanted the Dodgers to win. They lost. If the Rays keep this pattern something very bad will happen. All I ask is for a good beating of the fillies. They don't deserve to win and if they do win 2008 will never be acknowledged for having a World Series. S0, if you catch my drift, THE RAYS BETTER WIN!!!!!

Let's Go Rays!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


American Girl is making a big mistake! They are retiring Samantha. She is by far my favorite doll and was the first one that I ever got. I cannot understand any possible reason in the universe to do this. I really don't know what to say but I will always have my Samantha doll and now she is even more special than before.

I will be back with baseball stuff later.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

That Was Weird

I was just listening to the song 'Hold On' by Good Charlotte and as the lyrics were going "it's not over" I loaded Jacoby's blog and the first post to show up is called It's Not Over.

I don't know how that happened.

and now I'm listening to 'Pop' by N'Sync. I know like all the words and it is really easy to sing along to.

Let's Go Red Sox!

Today Kinda Sucked

But how could anybody enjoy the day after the fillies win the national league. How many days until Spring Training? But, I also found this really cute picture of Scott Kazmir and the thing is, I WANT HIM TO LOSE! And it is really hard to want him to lose when he is that cute. Also, Jacoby isn't in the lineup again so there is no point to watch.

I really want something big to happen. Like the fillies imploding.

So, I will leave you with these (1,2,3,4) while I write a paragraph describing a place that I have been to and enjoy going to (coughcough*sheastadium*coughcough) for English class.

Let's Go Mets!

and the pic of Kazmir in the story is the cute one I found...

Monday, October 13, 2008


I basically died from laughter while watching this

This Post Doesn't Really Need A Title

Because I Figured It Would Be A Good Idea To Finally Post

I said that it would get quiet around here and even though it took a little longer than I thought, it still has gotten quiet.

There really isn't anything to say while the playoffs are still going on. I am just doing my best to survive while the Phillies look like a strong team that has a good chance of going to the World Series. If things worked out the way I want it would be a Dodgers-Red Sox WS and it would go 7 games. I would be pulling for the Sox but would not be heart broken if the Dodgers won.

I have learned is that Manny Ramirez doesn't want to come to the Mets because they play in Shea Stadium. (no they don't). I also learned that Joe Smith is moving from Ohio to Florida. (why?).

But past that I have been completely bored with baseball. This offseason is not going to be easy.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Only Me

The first thing I thought of when I saw the title of this post was the show Unfabulous that used to be on Nick. I mean, the theme song has all of the UN-words and those are two of them.

Other than that, the Mets news is that Abiorix Burgos is going to jail for 3 months waiting for the trial for his hit and run accident. And somebody is spreading some rumor that the Mets would make a trade with the Yankees involving Carlos Beltran, Robbie Cano, Ian Kennedy, and others from the Yankees.

The postseason is really boring without the Mets.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Last Meal

...what a way to come back from 2 days off of blogging. I really am bored.

But basically I won't be doing anything tomorrow because I have to fast for Yom Kippur. I was kinda hoping the Mets would still be playing on Yom Kippur so it would give me something to do but they aren't. I guess I will have to settle for watching Jacoby against Cliff Floyd and Chad Bradford. Or I can watch Andre Ethier against that team that plays in Philly.

Whatev. Not much to say. The Mets haven't really done anything. But I really want them to get Jake Peavy if the Padres put him out there.


Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Mets Need To Be Busy

I'm not really good at this but I'll give it a try.

The Mets have a long offseason in front of them and to be successful they have a lot of work to do. They have already picked up Delgado's option and taken care of Omar and Jerry.

The Mets need to redo the bullpen. They should get rid of Schoeneweis, Heilman, Sanchez, and the others that would move back and forth from AAA to the majors (Muniz, etc...). They will still have Smith, Ayala, and Stokes but they will go from there. Spring Training will show if Parnell, Kunz, and Niese will be ready to join the big club. But, really, I have one message about the bullpen for Omar: STAY AWAY FROM K-ROD!!!

The starting pitching needs new faces. They should let Pedro move on and only sign Ollie if it is absolutely necessary. I would like if they could sign Jon Garland or Derek Lowe. They can also give Niese a shot in the rotation or the bullpen. John Maine should be able to come back as a starter. Johan, Mikey P., and John Maine should be locks and the other two spots are up in the air.

For 2nd base Daniel Murphy should get a shot just so the Mets know what he can do. He seems like a player that will never really have a position and teams will have him for his bat. If the Mets are able to pull something off and get Orlando Hudson then I would still like Murphy to know how to play 2nd base to spell Hudson and also because Hudson is injury prone.

In leftfield I would stay far away from Manny. He is playing well right now because he has motivation. Without that motivation he could turn on any team and pull something like he did to the Red Sox. The Mets could go with the youth and keep Nick Evans there but I don't see that happening. I also don't see F-Mart coming up anytime soon because has be injury prone. Angel Pagan will also be back and Endy has always been a nice outfielder. The Mets will obviously look at who is on the market in the outfield.

The Mets had 29 blown saves this year so the bullpen is the obvious thing that needs to be fixed. As much as I would love a lot of changes I just can't see this team being that different coming into Spring Training next year. Maybe it is just my lack of confidence in the front office but I think it will be more anticipation than anything else for the Mets and Mets fans.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Not Working Out

The whole thing with Daniel Murphy as my "boyfriend" just isn't working. So, I have moved on to Joe Smith. I have liked him more the whole time but I just hadn't made him my "boyfriend" yet. But now I have.


Back To The Old Format?

I've been thinking about going back to the old template. It is one of the original blogger templates and if you go to Divided Loyalty it is that format but I would use different colors. I know that isn't exactly a Mets theme but I liked that template and to be honest it is kinda for superstitious reasons. When I first started this blog the Mets were doing well and it was just kinda something I barely ever updated. I will save all of the widgets from the sidebar so that is nothing to worry about.

I am just wondering what other people's thoughts are.

Let's Go Mets!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too Bad He's A Yankee

I think I am too excited to write this post but I will do my best.

I just got 2 Xavier Nady baseball cards from when he was in the minor leagues. They are from 2001 and 2002 and for the Lake Elsinore Storm and he wore uniform #20. It is also cool that the cards list him as both an infielder and an outfielder. (He used to play some 1st and 3rd base). But the cards are just really cool!

I'm still watching Gavid DeGraw videos, so that is all for now!

(I'll try to post pics of the cards soon)

Gavin DeGraw--Cheated On Me (Save the Music)

This is my new favorite song. And I really like Gavid DeGraw.

...not just because he is cute!

Really Good Song

The homework has me again tonight so instead I will post the video.  The song is Wordplay by Jason Mraz.  (He's the guy that sings I'm Yours)

and this Cheated On Me by Gavin DeGraw

...and it returns...

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


wow. listening to hamels being interviewed after the game. it sounds like he never went through puberty.

also, this.

Why Does HE Get Playoff Baseball?

As Guillermo Mota comes in to pitch for the Brewers I was wondering why he should get to play postseason ball when he is the reason the Mets didn't last year.

This is the one time in my life I will root for the Phillies.
...against Guillermo Mota.

Why am I even watching this? I need a life...

Wow. I Love This Guy.

Johan pitched on Satuday injured. And he was great. I don't know what to say. None of the fans knew about the injury before today and think about it just makes Johan all the more amazing.