Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ignore The Tigers Hat

because he is on the Brewers now.

...and I am jealous.
btw, it's Gabe Kapler if you didn't know.

L'shanah Tovah!

Monday, September 29, 2008

no words


just look at this:

so now jacoby is going to have a playoff blog for the sox.

Just A Bit Awkward

School went better than I thought today but that is mostly because my friends don't really follow baseball. But in biology today all I could think about was Ryan Braun. We were talking about stomach muscles (and I won't go into more detail than that) so I was think about that area of the body and all I could vision was this picture:
It's ridiculous! He HAS LIKE AN 8 PACK!

and that's all i have to say

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm not ready for this to be over

and right now nothing is going to cheer me up. the only thing i can think of is if david wright, joe smith, mike pelfrey, and daniel murphy all appeared at my bedroom door. just checked. they aren't there. i don't want to think about the red sox or angels or any other playoff team. it's too hard. i need my time and it's going to be a while until i feel safe talking baseball with anybody other than a mets fan. it just isn't fair. the outcome of the game made me cry and then the post game tribute made me cry even though i was only alive for the likes of piazza, alfonzo, ventura, and franco. seeing hojo look so dejected was the worst. i wanted to run up and give him a hug. and hearing ron talk about consoling hojo made me want to hug him even more.

school is going to be tough tomorrow but i have tuesday and wednesday off for rosh hashanah. i don't know how i'll make it through the day.

i'd say let's go mets but there's no point.

Just What I Need

it can't fix everything but it can help a little

I Need Jacoby Now

and I am considering moving to Boston

  • David
  • Joe
  • Mikey P.
  • Daniel
  • Xavier
  • Grady
  • Alex
  • Ian
  • Jake
  • and Michael is injured
It might be quiet around here in the next few days.

Just Don't Talk To Me

I can't take this anymore. I need something to throw against a wall.

It's Only 9:30

and I have nothing to do! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! I need the Mets game to start!

.____           __             ________        
| | _____/ |_ ______ / _____/ ____
| | _/ __ \ __\/ ___/ / \ ___ / _ \
| |__\ ___/| | \___ \ \ \_\ ( <_> )
|_______ \___ >__| /____ > \______ /\____/
\/ \/ \/ \/
_____ __ ._.
/ \ _____/ |_ _____| |
/ \ / \_/ __ \ __\/ ___/ |
/ Y \ ___/| | \___ \ \|
\____|__ /\___ >__| /____ >__
\/ \/ \/ \/

| | | | / ____| | \/ | | | | |

| | ___| |_ ___ | | __ ___ | \ / | ___| |_ ___| |
| | / _ \ __/ __| | | |_ |/ _ \ | |\/| |/ _ \ __/ __| |
| |___| __/ |_\__ \ | |__| | (_) | | | | | __/ |_\__ \_|
|______\___|\__|___/ \_____|\___/ |_| |_|\___|\__|___(_)

___ ___ ___ ___
/\__\ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \
/:/ / /::\ \ \:\ \ /::\ \
/:/ / /:/\:\ \ \:\ \ /:/\ \ \
/:/ / /::\~\:\ \ /::\ \ _\:\~\ \ \
/:/__/ /:/\:\ \:\__\ /:/\:\__\ /\ \:\ \ \__\
\:\ \ \:\~\:\ \/__/ /:/ \/__/ \:\ \:\ \/__/
\:\ \ \:\ \:\__\ /:/ / \:\ \:\__\
\:\ \ \:\ \/__/ \/__/ \:\/:/ /
\:\__\ \:\__\ \::/ /
\/__/ \/__/ \/__/
___ ___
/\ \ /\ \
/::\ \ /::\ \
/:/\:\ \ /:/\:\ \
/:/ \:\ \ /:/ \:\ \
/:/__/_\:\__\ /:/__/ \:\__\
\:\ /\ \/__/ \:\ \ /:/ /
\:\ \:\__\ \:\ /:/ /
\:\/:/ / \:\/:/ /
\::/ / \::/ /
\/__/ \/__/
___ ___ ___ ___
/\__\ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \
/::| | /::\ \ \:\ \ /::\ \
/:|:| | /:/\:\ \ \:\ \ /:/\ \ \
/:/|:|__|__ /::\~\:\ \ /::\ \ _\:\~\ \ \
/:/ |::::\__\ /:/\:\ \:\__\ /:/\:\__\ /\ \:\ \ \__\
\/__/~~/:/ / \:\~\:\ \/__/ /:/ \/__/ \:\ \:\ \/__/
/:/ / \:\ \:\__\ /:/ / \:\ \:\__\
/:/ / \:\ \/__/ \/__/ \:\/:/ /
/:/ / \:\__\ \::/ /
\/__/ \/__/ \/__/

More @bat Music

The Yankees, A's, and Cubs all have their @bat music feature now. And I only have 2 people to add to my list:

  • Xavier Nady
  • Johnny Damon
The Rays, and Astros still don't have their feature out yet.

I Can't Sit Still

and that is kinda a problem if I woke up before 7 and couldn't get back to sleep. I have sooooooo many worries about the Mets game today and they all come back to one person. TOM GLAVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, if Poo Poo puts up numbers like that today you will be seeing a repeat of this (i think that is the best post i have ever written). And as much as some of you enjoyed that I do not want to copy and past POO that many times. I need something to start. I am too anxious for the game. I am also worried about the fact the Mets are facing a lefty and if I see the name LUIS CASTILLO in the lineup when I check multiple blogs to see if it's posted I will have a fit! I'm not sure how much longer I can avoid SporstCenter because I really have nothing else to do but I REALLY don't want to see the 'you know who's' celebration.

Why can't time move faster?
I need that remote from the movie Click so I could skip all this and have the Mets game start.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Shea Stadium

I went to the Mets game today and I actually think this was my last time at Shea Stadium. I also just finished watching the Shea tribute on SNY. And I am going to miss Shea. I saw my first game at Yankee Stadium but I don't remember anything from that game. By the time I went to Shea I had seen countless Yankee games. But I remember my first Mets game. I was sitting right behind the Mets dugout and they were playing against the Braves. At one point the guy sitting next to us was trying to get us a baseball by banging on the dugout. It didn't work. But somebody tossed a few packs of gum on the top of the dugout. I don't remember exactly what year it was but I remember Mo Vaughn was playing first base and Mookie Wilson was the first base coach. Just the fact that I remember that impresses me.

I hope the Mets give Shea a nice goodbye.

I'll miss ya buddy.
Let's Go Mets!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Give Up

That's right. I have lost all confidence in the Mets. I want to be able to watch the games and enjoy the end of the season. Getting to the playoffs would be extra. I know this isn't really what a real fan should do but I have to. It is too hard and it takes too much out of me to think they are going to win all these games and then have them disappoint me.

So, this is official.
I am just going to enjoy the final games.

Let's Go Mets!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New York Mets on the Ed Sullivan Show

I really like this video and I find it funny that they have their full names. I also like the Jerry Grote wink.

Let's Go Mets!
Ya gotta have heart!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's The Darn Homework Again

I am really mad at myself for not being able to post yesterday or today really. But blame it on school. Who really needs biology anyway?

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, September 22, 2008

He's Gonna Be Famous!

Well, I guess he already is. But Xavier Nady will have one of his bats in the Hall of Fame. Well, Johnny Damon is the one that used the bat. But, who cares?!

Let's Go Mets!
...and Xavier!

I Just Didn't Get The Feeling

Last night I went to the Yankee game. I enjoyed some of the pregame stuff but other parts of it were too much.
On their MetLife countdown instead of going to zero it went to 'forever'. Also, of all people, Michael Kay pulled the lever to change the number.
It was also weird that people were applauding the people dressed up as old Yankee players.
I enjoyed watching Xavier play and got mad when he was taken out of the game. After the game was over Xavier was hanging out with Brett Gardner and they both got cups from the dugout and put some dirt from the first base line in them.
Derek Jeter was a better speaker than Michael Kay at the end of the game when he was addressing the crowd.
Nobody noticed Andy Pettitte had gotten his 2,000th strikeout until it was flashed on the scoreboard and a camera put it on the diamond vision screen.
Jason Giambi's moustache in his pictures on diamond vision was fake.
Right when the game ended a mass of police came onto the field and it looked really cool. (I have some really crappy video of it on my cell phone and might be able to put it on here but I don't really know).
The coolest part was whenever something big might happen the other side of the stadium would have all of the camera flashes and it was amazing.
One of my friends from school told me that he thinks he saw me on TV so I think I'll watch some replay and see if I'm there.
I don't really think I will miss it that much but I hate that it has taken all the hype away from Shea Stadium.

To the Mets:
I was saying the Mets were going to lose the game yesterday from the 5th inning till the end. It just looked like they weren't trying. They have so much to play for and it seems like they don't want any of it. And it makes me really mad that Mike Pelfrey kept them in the game and the bullpen can't pitch their way out of a paper bag. David also did what he could and it was people like Carlos Beltran and other players I don't like that hurt the Mets. I am starting to question if it is worth all of this to get to the playoffs.

Oh well.
Let's Go Mets!

Friday, September 19, 2008

More With Music

I am surprised I hadn't found this before but it is really cool. It is the music intro choices of some players.

Players With Good Taste:
  • Joe Crede
  • Orlando Cabrera
  • Casey Blake
  • Gerald Laird
  • Cody Ross (why does he have to have good taste?)
  • Ryan Zimmerman (but a certain OTHER boy from Chesapeake doesn't have good taste)
  • Jerry Hairston Junior
  • Brad Hawpe
  • Troy Tulowitzki (wow)
  • Jay Payton (or his girlfriend)
I am kinda disappointed none of the Mets made my list. The Yankees, Rays, A's, Cubs, and Astros don't have theirs out yet so I can add to the list when they do come out.

Let's Go Mets!

My Mets Game Playlist

The Mets have had such a, how can I say this, interesting season. And I thought it would be nice to tell my readers (all 4 of you!) what I listen to during a game.

When the Mets are doing well:
In Love With A Girl (Gavin DeGraw) and the best line of any song anywhere is "wants to make love when i want to fight" it really is!
Pop ('NSYNC) (don't ask)
Our Time Is Here (Camp Rock) (and it wasn't actually IN the movie)
Disturbia (Rihanna)
Tonight (Jonas Brothers)

When the Mets are really sucking:
The Riddle (Five For Fighting)
The Backstreet Boys (any song)

yeah. i know. i have no life.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Think I Would Survive

If you put the song Smooth by Santana an Rob Thomas on in the background to this picture it would be absolutely perfect.

It really would be.

Save Paper. Don't Do Homework.

Just my way of saying that I have too much work, yet again, to post any kind of real content.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Leave You With Something Nice

...or maybe nto so nice.  More along the lines of evil.  (Every Villain Is Lemons, if you ask Spongebob)  I have WAAAY too much work to post anything else.  So, ENJOY!  

Let's Go Mets!

if you didn't get why i think it is evil it's because the face he is making looks evil.

Monday, September 15, 2008

OMG! It's the Same Music And Crappy Animation!

I have stopped watching the Mets game so I can watch My Family's Got Guts on Nick. And it is in the Extreme Arena and they have the same rock and foreign judge. Wow. I missed watching GUTS when Nick GAS was ended. Now I am really excited for this show.

Well that didn't last long

the first thing i did when i got on my computer was check my email for alerts about mike nickeas. there was one there and it didn't really have anything interesting but i actually did look at it. i am still tempted to call him my "boyfriend" but i know that it is really over. i should get a daniel murphy alert. also, about daniel murphy, the mets had their rookie hazing and they dressed daniel murphy, nick evans and other rookies as swimmers to pay tribute to the olympics. the pre-game show is about to go over it and i can't wait to see it. DANIEL MURPHY IN A SPEEDO! it's like a dream come true! AND MIKE PELFREY HAD TO DRESS UP TOO! i'm laughing too hard to write anything else.

and david is so incredibly cute on the pre-game show.

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ya Gotta Put The Blame Somewhere

and I don't really feel like pointing out the obvious by blaming the bullpen. So I blame the tv and the new york post.

I hate the post.

Meet Daniel Murphy

This post officially makes Daniel Murphy my "boyfriend".
Some things you might want to know:

1) He prefers Daniel to Dan or Danny
2) His birthday is January 4, 1985 (only 23 years old!) (and his birthday is 10 days before mine)
3) He bats lefty and throws righty and moved to the outfield because of David and will play 2nd base in the Arizona Fall League
4) He is majorly awesome and really cute
5) He will be around with the Mets for a while

Let's Go Daniel!

I Don't Know What To Do

I am ready to declare Daniel Murphy as my new "boyfriend" but I can't do that just yet. I will never give up on Mike Nickeas and don't ever want to forget him. But I will soon make Daniel Murphy my "boyfriend". And Mike Nickeas will always be one of my favorites and I know I have a lot of favorites but he will be near the top of the list.

Let's Go Mike Nickeas!

Welcome Daniel Murphy!


He's married! My "boyfriend" is married!
If you scroll down to what is labeled as page 12 it says he is married to somebody named Rebecca. (or you could just do the word find thing and search 'mike nickeas')

I am too depressed to post anything else right now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Because I Can't Wait To Post This

I really don't have to wonder where to start because I know exactly where to start.

Near the end of the game David Wright was standing on deck so I yell "I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!!!" and then guess what happens. He turned around to see where it came from! YES!!!!! David noticed his future wife!

Other than that, I don't have anything to say.

Let's Go Mets!


OMG! I Am Going To Have A Long Day

I am going to the double header today!  I just got the print at home tickets and now I am spending the entire day with my dad.  So, it turns out Mike Pelfrey's complete game was not my last game at Shea.  But I am still keeping the ticket and the memories of PELF-REY PELF-REY!

I am waaayyy to excited to post more right now.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, September 12, 2008

New David Shirt!

YAY! I finally got a new David Wright shirt! Well, I wouldn't exactly call it 'finally' because I have been only waiting since Tuesday but it seemed like eternities without a David shirt. And it is all because of stupid biology. When I was in bio on Tuesday when I walked into the edge of the thing on the bottom of chalk/white boards where people put the erasers and chalk/markers and my shirt got caught on it and ripped it on the side. Talk about tragic. Booooo bio.

Well now that the world is whole again...

Let's Go Mets!

the mets like my outfit today

well, i don't know about that but i like the outfit i am wearing today.

now to baseball.

chipper jones has got to have some special feelings for this series. it is the last time he will play at shea stadium and then he will only have his son to remember it by. i can't be the only one that knows his son has a much made fun of life coming at him. but that is beside the point. the mets start the series against mike hampton. he never did well at shea as a met but has succeeded there with other teams. hopefully the hot bats can make up for his success. i am also hoping johan can pitch well and stay in the game for a while because of 2 mediocre starting performances in a row. the mets should be able to take 2 out 3 and that would be a major help.

the mets need wins.

Let's Go Mets!

the lack of CAPS is because now that school started i want somewhere that i don't have to be all perfect and neat. and it would still say the same stuff if all of it was capitalized.

i miss shawn green

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm really bored

and school has me pooped so this birthday post for Jacoby is really good and you should look at it. but i did wear my Jacoby t-shirt to school today but it was under a sweater to make sure i wouldn't get beat up.

the mets had quite a series with the nationals and they showed that the offense can come up big when needed. i was more than happy for smitty to get both wins and the mets to move 18 games over .500. if the phillies lose tonight the mets will have a 4 game lead in the division. the starting pitching didn't step up in this series but they had carried the team for so long they were bound to hit a bumb in the road. and i just want aaron heilman OUT! he doesn't seem to have an appearance without giving up the long ball. but carlos delpoopeyhead has been on fire for what seems like forever.

and i am listening to the song the middle by jimmy eat world (really good band) and the guitar solo is sweet.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Maybe David Can Teach Me A Thing Or Two

Because I really know nothing about fantasy football or really fantasy sports in general. I have a SI Kids fantasy baseball team but that doesn't count. But David has a nice team and I am really glad that he has LT. Maybe the fantasy football will help David clear his mind and start to hit like himself more than he has been.

I got really distracted and found this really cool music site so I am going to end this post here.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Makes Me Want To Cry

Wow. Billy. I really am going to miss you. I just hope the team rallies around this and shows the Nationals who's boss.

Have a good and fast recovery Billy. I miss you already.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss You Billy.

Today the news came out that Billy Wagner will have season ending surgery that will also cause him to miss the entire 2009 season. I got really fed up with Wagner at times but I enjoyed having him in the bullpen and clubhouse. He always spoke his mind and that is something not many players do. Now that he has seemingly thrown his last pitch as a Met I am a little sad. I looked forward to hearing what he had to say and although he caused some problems in the clubhouse I think having him there was a positive. He was a leader and will be missed.

With that, I don't want the Mets to have anything to do with K-Rod. I don't have the exact statistics but I remember reading somewhere that closers that have amazing seasons one year don't do a fraction of as well the next. Also, K-Rod's delivery is just screaming injury. I know he is young and has been better than ever this season but I still don't want the Mets signing him.

So, Billy there has been perhaps more good times than bad or it could go the other way but I will miss you no matter what.

Good luck with the recovery!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Bites

The Mets are dead on the field and they are really worrying me. The offense is in the graveyard and Pedro has nothing left. The outfield defense has zippo and Jose Reyes looks like he is going back to last September. The Mets need some Red Bull and to get back out there and win a game.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Orphans Love Baseball!

According to Drake Parker they do. Just thought I should post that since I am bored and that is the episode of Drake and Josh that is on right now. It's the one when they fight over the foam finger Drake got at a Padre's game 8 years ago.

I'm bored.

...and want a foam finger!

I Hope This Guy's Right

I got this from an email alert and I would do anything for it to work out this way:

New Orleans: Salomon Manriquez

The Mets especially like to keep seasoned vet catchers at AAA to work with the young pitchers. Look for Mike Nickeas and Raul Casanova to survive one more year, but due to poor hitting, we might have seen the end of Shawn Wooten, and Gustavo Molina.

It's about the Mets' catchers for next year and that is the AAA (wherever they end up) part. I'd give anything for my "boyfriend" to get another chance.


Friday, September 5, 2008

My Scruffy Haired Cutie

Ian Kinsler is going to have season ending surgery. I hope the surgery goes well and he heals quickly.

I love you Ian!

This Book Is Disappointing

Over the summer I read the book, The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn. Now I am reading Wait Till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin. The Boys of Summer is now my favorite book out of all the books I have ever read. But Wait Till Next Year is about the same Dodger team in the 1950s but it is definitely not as good. I know they are 2 completely different books but I am really disappointed in Wait Till Next Year.

So, read The Boys Of Summer!

Let's Go Mets!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now I Can't Even Read My Own Posts...

Or I like too many people with the same first name.

When I switched to this tab I saw the Vote for David and Michael and I thought it meant David Cook and Michael Johns for a second. Ya know, American Idol. So I have a problem and Cook and Johns need nicknames. I don't want this problem to happen again.

I guess I will just call them Cook and Johns.

Vote For David And Grady And Michael!... (and maybe Youk)

David Wright and Grady Sizemore and Michael Cuddyer are all their team's recipient of the Roberto Clemente award. That mean's you have to make a tough decision and vote for one of them to win the MLB award.

Now that I have helped you make your decision, VOTE!
Let's Go Mets!
and Indians!
and Twins!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Survived!

Today I survived my first day of high school and last night the Mets survived the 10 innings they had to play. But, it doesn't look like Poo Poo (Poo Poo Poo...) is going to survive this inning.

The Mets bats looked good last night but it took a while to (Poo Poo survives the inning) score the sixth run. Jon Niese looked nice but he was definitely taken over by nerves. I am looking forward to seeing him pitch again.

Poo Poo takes the mound again. Let's hope for no blowup.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mike Nickeas Is My Life

This picture is my desktop background and it is hard to stop staring at it once I start.

School starts tomorrow so I don't think I will have as many posts as I have in the past but I will try to update as much as I can. I just can't stay away from the Mets!

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, September 1, 2008

They Spelled His Name Correctly This Time!

Last month the Goodbye, Hello feature on MLB.com spelled Mikey P.'s name as "Pelphrey". I was obviously upset by the ignorance of the editors but they tried to make up for it this time. Today I was reading it to find out if Pelfrey was spelled correctly. And I was happy to find it was.

August honor roll: Others enjoying spectacular Augusts included Houston's Ty Wigginton; Milwaukee's Mike Cameron; St. Louis' Ryan Ludwick and Albert Pujols; Baltimore's Melvin Mora; the Angels' Mark Texeira; the Cubs' Mark DeRosa; Seattle's Raul Ibanez and Boston's Dustin Pedroia.

On the mound, August kudos to Boston's Daisuke Matsuzaka; Milwaukee's Jeff Suppan, CC Sabathia and Dave Bush; Toronto's Roy Halladay; Tampa Bay's Edwin Jackson; San Francisco's Tim Lincecum; Minnesota's Francisco Liriano, Glen Perkins and Kevin Slowey; Philadelphia's Brett Myers; Houston's Roy Oswalt and Jose Valverde; Arizona's Brandon Webb; the Mets' Mike Pelfrey; Seattle's J.J. Putz and Chris Perez of St. Louis.

I was very glad to see the error corrected this month.

Let's Go Mets!