Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Dunno

Mike Jacobs made the team.  So, why do I feel like crying?  Why did he have to make the team because somebody else got injured?  Why do I have to like both players involved in this?

Mike Jacobs deserves to be on the Opening Day roster.  Right? 
And Daniel Murphy certainly doesn't deserve the injury.

Jake was always going to get a chance to play for somebody.  He could DH, play 1st base, whatever.  But Murph isn't guaranteed a spot on any roster.  The Mets already have an Ike Davis waiting to take over at 1st base, left field was a failure, and it's the National League, no DH.  There just isn't that much room for Murph in any plans.  Yet, Daniel has done nothing to prove unfit for the Major Leagues. 

Daniel's timetable is a return in 2-6 weeks.  Of course, after that there is rehab games/extended Spring Training.  At least a month of time lost.  Time for Daniel to prove he belongs here.  Time when Ike will still be in the minors and Daniel won't have to constantly look in the rear-view mirror.

I'm very happy about Mike Jacobs.  I hate how it happened but I want Jake to have all the success in the world.

Let's Go Mets!

Now I'm Sad

Daniel Murphy is injured.  He has a sprained knee and is apparently limping around the locker room.  I'm sure I'm not the only fan that can't possibly imagine Murphy walking with a limp.  I mean, tell me Castillo is injured and I can totally picture it.  Tell me Beltran's injured and I can completely imagine what it looks like.  But telling me Murphy's injured is just wrong.

He's going to get more tests and see more doctors and may or may not be seriously injured.  I'm not ready to see Ike Davis just yet.  If there's one person that doesn't deserve to be injured it's Daniel Thomas Murphy.  He's had the worst luck this Spring.  Hopefully it's nothing too bad but it seems like it's getting worse as the minutes pass.  I wish I could just go and ask Daniel about the injury myself.

Hopefully he'll be okay.  I want Mike Jacobs to make the Opening Day roster but not like this.

Let's Go Murph!

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Not So Secret Love Affair

We all know I love catchers.  I love the players who catch and I love catching.  I love that catchers are involved with every pitch of the game.  They aren't the most loved player on the field.  They don't get the same praise as pitchers and it's surprising when they hit 40+ home runs or have a batting average over .310.  They are the "backstop".

It's a nickname that was taken literally for a time about 150 years ago.  The catchers were simply there to stop the baseball.  Otherwise, the game was up to the pitcher.  They got even less respect when they started to wear equipment.  Why should the backstop have to protect themselves?  Five years ago there was no equipment.  This year all of a sudden they're weaker?  They simply got no respect.

Today, there is Joe Mauer, Jorge Posada, the Molinas.  Otherwise, the big name players are mostly outfielders.  People have a better understanding of the toughness of catching but still don't get it all.  Even the ones that aren't big names have a tough job to do. Catchers have to deal with an entire pitching staff.  They have to know which pitchers like to throw which pitches in which counts.  It's a lot to type, much less carry-out everyday.  Even the catchers that toil in the minor leagues have a tough job.  They have to catch young pitchers.  They've probably caught more pitchers than the average fan can name, while being a role model and mentor to younger catchers.  They're the ones teaching the rest the tendencies of pro batters and pitchers.  They wouldn't be but pitchers with any talent are called up.  There are usually 12-13 pitchers on a team and 2-3 catchers.

It's simply a demanding position.  I didn't start catching until last year.  In fact, I used to hate catching because it would take away from batting practice time.  But now, I'd rather catch the batting practice than take the swings.  I hate when I play in a game and feel like I didn't do anything.  When I catch I always know I was a part of that game.  Standing in right field isn't always going to get my uniform dirty.  Catching assures I finish the game knowing I was a part of it.

I can't imagine enjoying playing any other position as much as I enjoy catching.  It makes me more sore than I ever want to be, but I love where the soreness comes from.  Catching simply makes me happy.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Little Big Leagues

Bobby Parnell could very well start the season in AAA.  I certainly don't want this.  But there is nothing I can do about it, either.  What I really don't like is the fact that people go from saying "Spring Training stats don't matter" to "He won't make the team because of a sucky Spring Training".  Make up your mind already.  I know it depends on the player and whether they have proven Major League experience but it's still annoying.

Especially with pitchers.  And young pitchers.  And young pitchers who have been in the majors.  And young pitchers who have been in the majors but are still working on things.  And especially those young pitchers that showed they can succeed in the majors until their team decides to make them a starter.

You get the picture. 

Bobby Parnell did well at the beginning of the season.  He seemed to peak at Fenway when he hit 100 MPH multiple times, but he wasn't bad after that.  He was only bad once the Mets made him a starter.  And he hasn't had the strongest Spring Training, but he has been working on a new pitch and is still young.  Not every outing has been bad.  His worst outings were at the beginning of Spring Training.  He was pitching the later innings.  He was pitching without the regulars playing behind him.  It was early in ST and all of the minor leaguers who clearly weren't going to make the team were getting playing time.  That leads to errors or just an uncomfortable feeling on the mound.

It wasn't up to Bobby to decide when he would pitch or who would be fielding behind him. 

Speaking of unlucky relievers, or perhaps very lucky relievers, Joe Smith has been making some news.  He's had a total of two bad outings this Spring but fans are upset.  He has already been guaranteed a spot in the bullpen.  In his last outing he didn't give up any earned runs but let Ryan Garko steal a base.  For one thing, even the slowest players steal bases.  Two, it's Spring Training.  Three, players don't simply steal bases off a pitcher and I know that firsthand.  Joe hasn't had the best luck with the Indians but if their fans really don't like him, I'm willing to take him back.

That's all for now.
Let's Go Mets!

The Other Boy From Virginia

Today, Michael Brent Cuddyer turns 31 years old. 
JockBio has him listed as 'Mike Cuddyer'.  I've never seen/heard him called Mike anywhere.


Friday, March 26, 2010


Don't worry.  It's nothing too big and if you're reading this and haven't noticed I'm going to start worrying.

It really has been a long week.  I can barely remember how the Mets did.  I just know Ike was sent to minor league camp and Jenrry Mejia is still with the major league Mets.  Will Jenrry make the Opening Day roster?  I have no idea.  At this point I don't even know if  Bobby Parnell will be on the Opening Day roster.  Either way, baseball season is going to eventually start again.

I do know Alex Cora and some other Met hit a home run today.  Who could that other Met be?  Oh yeah!  David Wright.  David has 4 homers this Spring.  That's 1 less than half of his homers all of last season.  It definitely looks like David is more comfortable this year.  Frenchy and JayBay have taken a lot of the "media pressure" off him.  There has also simply been other stories.  There is still the Jose Reyes saga and watching/speculating who will make the Opening Day roster takes a lot of time and newsprint.

Speaking of making the Mets, Mike Jacobs isn't doing too well.  The good news is neither is Frank Catalanotto.  The bad news is Chris Carter is doing well.  Nobody expected Chris to come in and take the last bench spot.  Personally, I really want Jake to make the team.  He was my first favorite for Omar to trade and it would be one of the greatest feelings ever for him to play for the Mets again.  It would just really make me happy.

And, speaking of the name Chris, I was watching the Rangers game last night.  They won in large part because Chris Drury scored at the very end of the third period to send the game to overtime.  After the game I was thinking it is really weird that his name is Chris.  I mean, it's normal that he's Chris Drury, but he doesn't seem like somebody that could simply be called Chris.

And that has been the journey through my brain.  I hope you kept your arms and legs inside the tram at all times or you have enough money to buy new arms and legs.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Today, Joseph Michael Smith (yes, that really is his name) turns 26 years old.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From The Catcher Files

In news that everybody should have seen coming, Joe Mauer signed a contract extension with the Twins.  It's for 8 years and $184 million.  I'm very happy about this.  He is a local player (for them) and is the future of their organization.  He is the best catcher in baseball and will probably go down as one of the greatest players of all time.  #7 for the Twins will be special for a long time.

In not as life-changing catcher news, Mike Jacobs has catcher's equipment back.  Earlier this week he reportedly caught a bullpen session.  He also caught one last year with the Royals.  I really hope he makes the team, and I really hope he gets the chance to catch in a game this year.

Let's Go Mets!

I Wonder If They're Planning A Party

It's not very often a team has two player with the same birthday.  But it's even less often that those players play the same position.

Well, tomorrow, it's going to happen.  Joe Smith turns 26 and Justin Masterson turns 25.  The Cleveland Indians better be ready to par-tay!

Ok.  Just thought I would give you a warning about the massive birthday post Joe Smith is getting tomorrow.

Moving On Up

Yesterday night on WFAN Adam Rubin announced he will be leaving the Daily News.  He said he will still be covering the Mets but didn't say how. 

He could be going to ESPN for but nobody knows yet.  As far as covering the Mets goes, I'm glad he'll still be covering them.  He is definitely my favorite reporter and is the first blog I go to when I want the lineup or any other notes.  He'll still be around with the Mets as well as a new writer for the Daily News so it basically is a good situation. 

Hopefully Omar didn't have anybody waiting in the wings for the job Adam Rubin is going to.  Things could get ugly.

Let's Go Mets!

Two Weddings And A Funeral

... Or something like that.

There are 2 good interviews/stories and one bad/kinda gross one.  I've decided to let you wait on the edge of your seats (or bed, if you're one of those people) to find out what the bad/kinda gross one is.  So first, I will let you know about the good ones.

The first is a David Wright story.  David is confident the Mets will come back and have a good season.  He knows the beginning of the year will be tough without Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes but he also knows once they get through that, the season will be "fair" again.

It's true.  Last season was unfair in many ways.  The Mets weren't bad because all of their players had terrible seasons.  They were bad because their players weren't all there.  Most of the Mets' starters ended up missing time, and there is no way any team can survive that.  With a healthy team we could see the results we all expected last year.  It's a new start, and this time more of the team is actually around to play.

The second good story is an interview with Jeff Francoeur.  This one is about baseball but there is also plenty of other stuff in it, as there should be.  Frenchy has been a great addition to the clubhouse and the lineup.  He knows how to get his mind away from the game when he needs to and has helped David and Daniel Murphy do the same.

*Drum roll please*

And the final piece is an update on Sean Green.  Apparently he tore the skin off of his big toe during the game yesterday. So, the funeral is for the skin on his toe.

But, if the Mets are getting rid of part of him, why not get rid of all of him?  This is baseball.  Three strikes and you're out.
1. He sucked last year.
2. He has sucked for his entire career.
3. He took Joe Smith's spot in the bullpen.
You're OUT!

Ah, well.
Let's Go Mets!

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again

The beginning of Spring Training is exciting.  The team is coming together and it's the first time you get to see new players in action.  The workouts can be amusing and it's just the great feeling of baseball being back.

The first Spring Training game brings more excitement.  Even though the game doesn't mean anything it's actually nine innings of six outs and inning.  It's not just drills anymore, it's actually watching the game.

But then there are too many Spring Training games.  It's when the minor leaguers have been reassigned and you can't look for Mike Nickeas, or Josh Thole, or whoever you like seeing.  There are only a few extra players left in major league camp, otherwise you're watching the Opening Day roster.

But it's still Spring Training.  There are still assigned pitchers for each game.  The starters still don't finish every game.  And all of a sudden it becomes strikingly clear that these games don't count.  Even the players are ready for real games.

That time has come.  Opening Day is two weeks from Monday.  Baseball season will start again.  Everybody will have the same record, even the Mets.  Just because the Mets like to make themselves look like the laughing-stock of baseball doesn't mean they start five games back.

Ya Gotta Believe!
Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Umm ... The One With The Sequins, Please

Not.  Thank you Major League Baseball.  Thank you for making female baseball fans look like idiots.  Thank you for making us look like we don't really know anything about baseball.  And making us all look like a stereotype.

If you don't know yet, this rant is about MLB announcing they have partnered with Victoria's Secret to come out with a new line of women's clothing. 

I hate it.  I hate everything about it.  The clothing is pathetic.  I would never wear in public, much less to a Mets game.  I wear jerseys to baseball games.  Ones that have the name of my favorite players on them.  As a matter of fact, I'm currently wearing my Joe Smith jersey.  I love wearing jerseys.  I look for reasons to wear them because I don't look particularly good in them.  It would be nice if I looked good in at least one of them.

It would be nice if MLB made jerseys sized properly for women.  I don't mean labeling kids' jerseys as "girls".  When I was 8 years old I looked fine in any jersey.  Even when I was 12 years old I looked fine.    But once girls actually start looking like girls any chance you want to look normal in a jersey goes away.  I want a jersey that is actually for women.  The NHL has it down.  When I got my Henrik Lundqvist jersey my mom and sister noticed it fits me a million times better than any of my baseball jerseys.  Maybe because it's actually made for women.

Fine.  If MLB isn't going to give me a jersey that fits then maybe I can at least get a t-shirt.  Oh wait, I can't.  Maybe I'm wrong but last I checked everything is pink.  I never wear pink.  It's such a rare occurrence that my friends notice when my socks are pink.  Wearing pink apparel means you don't really want to be a fan.  It means you aren't willing to wear your team colors.  You just have be in pink all the time.

Females make up almost half the MLB fanbase.  We deserve the slightest amount of respect.  We show up to the games, maybe we could get some clothing that doesn't have pink, sequins, or hearts on it.  I want something that is actually for women.  Anything.

Let's Go Mets!

Post once again inspired by MetsGrrl.

I haven't been blogging lately because I've been a part of the 38,000 Con-Ed customers without power.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blind Vision

We all know K-Rod has returned to the Mets after having pink eye.  We may also know that K-Rod is currently wearing glasses before he may go back to contacts.

The article on about it has a list of other players wearing glasses.  Now, I find this pretty awesome because I wear glasses and I just ordered goggles so I don't break another pair of glasses while catching this year. 

I love seeing baseball players with glasses.  Jacoby Ellsbury has glasses but he says he doesn't need them that much.  Brian McCann wore glasses last year because of eye problems but says he's going back to contacts this year, so I don't have a glasses-wearing-catcher to follow.  And I don't think he wears glasses but I think Xavier Nady would look good with them.

That's all for now.
See ya on the flip side!

Let's Go Mets!

Ike It Up

Okay.  I guess I'm not too good at coming up with Ike Davis phrases.

A lot of fans have been saying they want to see Ike Davis as the Opening Day first baseman.  I am not one of those fans.  I do not want to see Ike in the majors to start the season or maybe even at all this season.  He has only played as high as AA.  Yes, he has been impressive early in Spring Training.  But, early in Spring Training is also when teams still have players who are clearly headed to the minors with their big league squad.  It's also when big league pitchers are more focused on working on new pitches and throwing strikes than having stellar appearances.

I'm not saying Ike doesn't have a chance to prove he can hit against big league pitching.  I'm just saying he hasn't yet.  As teams reassign players (as the Mets did with Mike Nickeas) there will be more players fighting to make Opening Day rosters.  More competition will lead to players playing better and pitchers throwing their best stuff.

But, even if Ike produces against more major league pitchers I still don't want him on the Opening Day roster.  I'm sick of the Mets rushing players to the big leagues and having them becoming a bust.  I truly believe Ike Davis has a future with the Mets.  He can be a really good major leaguer, but not yet.

This is definitely not knocking Ike.  I just want him to be as good as possible when he finally does make the big Mets.

Let's Go Mets!

I'm Halfway Gone

... At least my mind is.  Softball tryouts start tomorrow and I can't think about anything else.  I have a chemistry test tomorrow and am seriously doubting my ability to focus enough to get a decent grade on the test.

Anyways, during today's Mets game there Mike Jacobs had a very interesting at bat.  Mike Jacobs isn't the one who made it interesting, though.  Kevin Burkhardt and his other mates in the booth were talking about Josh Thole and the rest of the catchers.  They spent some time on the article I linked to yesterday and Kevin mentioned Mike Nickeas.  Then they were showing a general shot of the bullpen and Mike Nickeas was in it.  Also, they showed video of Josh Thole working on catching stuff.  It was a pretty cool Mike Jacobs at bat that made me pretty happy.

Let's Go Mets!

I also just want to note that posting may be light because of softball and regular school work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

They Share A Special Bond

Reading an article about catchers makes me pretty happy.  Adding Mike Nickeas to that article makes me completely ecstatic.  David Waldstein of the New York Times fulfilled both of those criteria in his article about the Mets catchers.  I don't think I'll really get much of that this year at softball, I'm just hoping there's one other catcher on the team.  But I do love reading about catchers and being part of the small group of people willing to play the position.

And I don't want to make it seem small, because it's a great article, but I just want to mention the David Wright article in Sports Illustrated.

Let's Go Mets!
(Tangent: I finally understand why 'criteria' is plural even though it ends with the letter A.  Thank you Latin class)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Know It's Spring When ...

For the die-hard baseball fans Spring starts when pitchers and catchers report.  For me, that's just the first sign of Spring.

It really starts when softball starts.  This Wednesday.  I've played softball since I was seven years old.  There is almost nothing about me that is still the same as it was when I was seven years old.  Back then it was about learning the game, knowing the basics, and just having fun.  It's still about having fun now but there's more to it.  Winning definitely isn't everything (especially on my school's Junior Varsity).  But now we're all expected to know the rules and just have to work on the fundamentals.  There's always more to learn but that is just to help get further when you already know the game.  We all know when to tag up and what base to throw to (I hope) because we've all been around the game.

We all have a connection to the game.  I love being able to watch baseball and know what to do on each play.  I love being able to learn what to do (and not do) by watching the Mets games.  Those are the professionals who get paid to play baseball.  If they don't know what to do, nobody does.  The pros get paid to play the game that I love.  At this point their entire life is baseball, and for me softball is just a part of my life.

But, softball really is my life.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Joe Smith + Not Really Baseball Season = Confused Boys

Today, I decided I would wear my Joe Smith jersey to school.  I got it about a week ago and wanted to wear it before Joe's birthday when I knew I would be wearing it.  Of course, not everybody has heard of Joe Smith and people who have don't think of him as anybody who would have fans getting their jersey.

So, the first two periods of the day were fine.  Third period I had a free that I spent in the library.  I see one of the most annoying boys walking over and knew he would have something to say about my jersey.  Surprisingly, he didn't say much.  He just asked me what player was on my jersey and if Smith was my favorite.  No witty remarks, nothing.  Phew.

But I knew fourth period would be a challenge.  In World History I sit in a row with 5 boys and one other girl.  In front of me there are 2 other boys.  And they all know baseball.  None of them say anything until the teacher using the room before my class playfully goes, "Cleveland!?  Cleveland?" when he sees my jersey.  Then they boys attack. 

"What player is that?"
"Is it Sizemore?"
"No, it's Joe Smith"
"Joe Smith"
"Why in the world would you get a Joe Smith jersey?  I didn't know they even sold those!"
"Joe Smith is the equivalent of Anthony Claggett"

And it continued for a little while.  Luckily, it eventually died down and I could focus on actually being part of the class.

I definitely didn't expect to get that kind of reaction for my jersey.  But now they'll be prepared when I wear it again on March 22.  And many times after that.

Let's Go Mets!
Let's Go Indians!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today, Henrik and Joel Lundqvist turn 28 years old.

I admit, Joel is pretty awesome but this post is mainly for Hank.

 A video with Henrik and Joel:

Joe Smith Is Not Just A Name

There wasn't much Joe Smith news over the winter.  But today I found a good article on him.  Well, it's optimistic.  Unless you like when somebody remembers being sick in Spring Training.

There are also a couple of pictures of him in this gallery.  He's still cute.

Let's Go Indians!