Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Mets were pounded today and I don't feel like talking about it.  Yesterday at the game I got 2 autographs.  One from Doug Mankievichdghdg (who know how to spell it?) and one from Brian Bixler.  I was wearing my pirates jersey 'cuz I wanted an autograph from Xavier but that didn't work out.  It was FREEZING so I used my birthday money to buy a Mets sweatshirt.  I got the same one Mike Pelfrey and Joe Smith are wearing in THE picture.  I left in the middle of the 9th because my dad was really cold and it was late.  I forgot to bring a camera so I don't have any pics. 

Last night my "boyfriend" went 2-for-5 with a run 2 RBI a strikeout and his first homer of the season.  Let's Go MIKE!  The Zephyrs won 7-3 over Tacoma.

No Mets game tomorrow while they travel to Arizona.

Brian Schneider was released from the hospital and according to Adam Rubin Omar Minaya, MIKE PELFREY, and JOE SMITH were his visitors.  Just another reason to love them!  Brian also said it was torture not being able to help the team.  He is such a team player!

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Update

This is quick.
Mike Nickeas went 1-for-4 in the Zephyrs' 15-9 loss. He had 1 RBI and a strikeout. Just needed to post that.

Now it is homework and then Johan pitching.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, April 28, 2008

This Has To Be Quick

I have homework to do so this will be fast. First of all, the pic at the top is my new FAVORITE picture in the world. I want to thank schmifty for finding it. Can they get any cuter? Also this is a nice article thingy about British baseball players and Mike Nickeas is mentioned in it. Marc Anthony and J-lo were at Carlos Beltran's birthday party. It also looks like the Mets might not play tonight and if there was a doubleheader I could go to tomorrow I would be the happiest girl in the world. I should turn the Backstreet Boys off and do my homework now.

Thats it!
Let's Go Mets!

THIS is for you mandachan!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Think I Know What That Feels Like

Grady Sizemore's consecutive games played streak came to an end today.  He twisted his ankle yesterday and I know what that feels like.  Mine probably wasn't as bad but it hurts.  I don't fault him for sitting out.  I am just upset the streak is over.

The Mets won again and Delgado hit 2 homers.  Ryan Church made an AH-MAZING catch to save Scott Schoeneweis.  Other than that I am too tired to talk about anything.  Let's hope the Mets can keep playing well and Brian can come back soon.  he is supposed to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Forgot About This

The shortstop for the Braves today, Brent Lillibridge, looked like he was about 14 years old.  I think it would be interesting if he went on TLC's 1o Years Younger so they could make him look like he is 4.

I Was Momentarily Confused!

If you watch iCarly you would understand that.  The truth is, I was not really confused I was worried.  About Grady that is.  His Indians literally JUST won on a walk off single by Victor Martinez.  Grady scored the winning run but that almost didn't happen.  After running to second base Grady turned an ankle and the trainer for the Indians had to come out.  Grady convinced them that he was okay and after doing a couple of sprints he looked okay as well.  I am glad he is healthy and now Brian Schneider needs to come back before he loses his job to Gustavo Molina.  And no, he is NOT related to the other Molinas and it is not like he could win Brian's job.  Anyways, I am glad Grady is fine after that moment of worry.

Indians won 5 in a row!
Let's Go Mets!

Just When We Needed It The Most

I am sure some people will look to see what the Mets still have to be able to do to be a winning team.  But I am not going to do that.  This is the first Mets win for a few days and I am not going to waste it by complaining about Heilman or Delgado or anybody else.  I am glad the Mets got to Tim Hudson who is the top pitcher on the Braves.  David also snapped the hitless streak and stole a base and scored a run.  The Mets had a nice inning in the 3rd when they scored 4 runs.  David had 1 of his 2 hits then and Ryan Church had a 2 RBI double.  That is when the Mets scored 4 runs that they finally didn't give back.  Even though it was only 5 innings John Maine did a nice job and the bullpen held the lead.  Aaron Heilman gave up 1 run and Feliciano, Sanchez, Schoeneweis, and Wagner held the Braves in check for the rest of the game.  I had a good feeling about this game last night after the loss and I am glad the Mets won it.  I like what I saw today if not for the only 1 inning of scoring.

We need another win tomorrow!
Let's Go Mets!

He Isn't The Only One

I have heard/read in multiple places that Brian has a staff infection.  That has got to be bad.  We need you Brian!  I don't think he is the only one though.  I think the entire Mets pitching staff is infected with something.

Let's Go Mets!


I really feel bad for Yankee relief pitcher Brian Bruney.  Looks like he isn't getting much relief.

It Really Is Hard

You what's hard?  To find anything good that came out of yesterday.  Besides the fact that Grady and Alex won there is nothing.  Brian Schneider has to stay in the hospital until Sunday and it is just so hard for me to picture him there.  Mike Pelfrey didn't do well but that goes back to Brian. Wow!  The Mets pitchers really like Brian Schneider.  With the way things are looking I think Brian should be the pitching coach.  The way I see it, Peterson used too much of his magic too early and now he has nothing left.  David hasn't gotten a hit in who knows how long and I hate to see him so frustrated.  And Mike Nickeas went 0-for-3 with a walk in the Zephyrs' 3-2 win last night.  

I also found out that Poo Poo Perez is pitching on Tuesday when I am going to the game.  Oliv-Poo Poo will have that name until he learns how to win.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Articles and an Update

I found a couple of cool articles about two of my favorite people.  The first one is not really about Xavier Nady but he has some amusing quotes and there is an audio clip of him in it.  The next is about Mike Pelfrey and his mouth guard.  I know he has TMJ but I never knew much about it or why he has it.  I really enjoyed reading this one.  Brian admits it even bothered him at the plate.

The update is about none other than my baseball "boyfriend".  Mike Nickeas had a nice game last night in the Zephyrs' 11-5 win.  He went 2-for-3 with 2 doubles an RBI and a run scored.  Now that there is one less catcher in New Orleans he will get more playing time.  Mike is currently batting .240 and almost .100 points higher than the other catcher down there.  I am really proud of him!

Let's Go Mets!
and Xavier!
and Mike!
and Mike!
and Brian!

About last nights game, GET HEILMAN OUT!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh Gosh

THIS makes me sick.

We Miss You Already Brian!

Poor Guy

Brian Schneider that is.  He was sent back to New York to be examined for an infected left thumb. I REALLY like Brian and so do all of the starters, especially Mikey P.  Two freak injuries and this one could land him on the DL.  I would REALLY HATE that.  The Mets really need him.  There is so much I could say, but I would rather not bore you all.  I mean the 3 people that read this.  I read this and started singing along to the iTunes song (currently I'm Waiting by All American Rejects) like I was half dead.  Aw man!

Get well soon Brian.  We will all miss you.

Oh yeah, if Gustavo Molina can't come how about Mike Nickeas?

Feel Better Brian!

Joe Smith Heckling Cubs Fans

Joe Smith you ROCK!

Nice Interview

THIS is a very good interview with David Wright.  I find him very amusing and cute!

I found this and thought it was cool






I wish I could do that
(i copied and pasted it)

Nice To Meet You

I was watching Friends last night and I met him:

I can't believe Phoebe is so lucky. I also can't believe I had never seen him before.

BTW, the actor is Paul Rudd

Just A Quick Post

If you read THIS article and read the part about being a part of a new stadium you will understand what I am about to say.
I like this little story and am VERY glad that Brian and Ryan (cutie!) are a part of the Mets. Now they will be able to be a part of a new stadium and be on a winning team. I never expected Ryan to play so well and Brian is really a fighter. Multiple people have reported that his arm was completely black&blue and he took another foul off of his hand in last nights nice win. Ryan has contributed more than anybody can imagine and I would like to note that he has a rocket for an arm. He also has hit lefties as well as anybody when nobody said he would be able to. I am a fan of both of these players and when I originally was unaware of how this trade would work out, now I am glad it happened.
OK, so, maybe that wasn't so quick...

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is This Supposed To Tell Us Something?

The fact that I have been titling posts with questions is starting to bother me.  But that is not what this is about.  It is about the fact that the Tigers are moving Miguel Cabrera to 1B.  What does this have to do with the Mets, you ask?  I am not sure.  I just thought it would be interesting to post because they got Cabrera in the big deal over the winter.  Anyways, that is about it.  I was bored and wanted to post something.

Let's Go Mets!

What Am I Supposed To Post?

There isn't much to say.  It seems like there never is.  So, instead I will just post some nice pics.

The last one is for somebody.  I think they know who they are.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here Is Something

I wrote this on ArmChairGM:
Every time I write on here it only seems to be something bad about the Mets. Then again I don't write very often. But Aaron Heilman has forced me to write this. He is really driving me nuts and every time he comes in I feel like either the Mets will fall more runs behind or will have their lead cut in half or blown all together. And now there is also Jorge Sosa that only knows how to be part of the opposing team. It is early in the season and they will most likely get over this but they are looking like they are stuck in 2007. The position players seemed to have put that out of their minds and I have too, mostly. But whenever they come in to pitch I want to leave the room. Willie Randolph continues to say he will use Heilman in the 8th inning and I know if he said he wasn't the same people that are criticizing him for keeping him in the 8th would be saying he shouldn't throw a player under the bus that way. Duaner Sanchez has pitched well in limited work and if some of that work could be moved to the 8th a lot of fans would have more confidence. I have really lost faith in Willie with the bullpen and, I think most people have this opinion about their thoughts, I feel like some of MY ideas would work better. The starters have been doing their job and last night John Maine only gave up 2 runs and the bullpen gave up 5 and Maine still got the loss. I understand his ERA didn't go up but by looking at the score, 7-1, and the losing pitcher, Maine, it looks like he did a lot worse than what really happened. The Mets are better than this and I am getting sick of the bullpen making the entire team look bad.

Just thought I would share it.

Let's Go Mets!

Now I Feel Special!

I just went to comment on on THIS post.  Guess what!  Matt commented back after my comment!  WOW!  Matt Cerrone "hahaha"ed at MY comment!

Let's Go Mets(blog)!

He Is Smiling Because He Is Happy!

I am happy for him but the Mets have made me not so happy and that is why I am not writing about them.  Last night my "boyfriend" went 1-for-3 with 2 runs a double and 2 RBI.  Mike Nickeas was a key part of the game according to THIS article. Maybe he will get called up if Raul Casanova continues to make the pitching staff look like 3rd graders and the Mets give him back to the soap opera he came from.  I mean CASANOVA, what?!  And Ramon Castro played in his FIRST game yesterday, I think, so he still needs time.  Mike has stepped it up and I would be the happiest girl in the world if Nickeas was called up.  Even if he sits in the dugout the entire time.  

Anyway, the game last night was a disappointment so I have this LINK to a post on the LoHud Mets Blog.  Is there anybody else that thinks Dallas Clark is hot?  And that name!

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Last Night Was Not One Of The Best

The Mets lost and the Zephyrs lost.  Mike Nickeas caught the 6-1 loss to Omaha as he went  0-for-4 with 2 strikeouts and his batting average fell to .158.  I guess he just needs more time.  

I got 6 packs of baseball cards for the 2 seders when I found the afikomen (spelling?).  Some of the cool cards were:
John Maine (Mets)
Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox)
Johan Santana (Twins card)
NL strikeout leaders w/Peavy, Harang, and Smoltz on front
Casey Blake (Indians)
Brandon Webb (D-backs)
Mike Piazza (A's) what?!

Let's see if the Mets can get going again with the game tonight and Mike Pelfrey can forget about his bad start.

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What A Bummer

First bummer-last night at the seder i cut my toe on the table because i was wearing flip-flops and now my toe is ugly

Second bummer-Brian Schneider is out of the Mets lineup and Mike Pelfrey has worked really well with him.  Hopefully Mike will have enough confidence to pitch well w/out Brian calling the game.

Let's Go Mets!

This Post Has 2 Parts

The first part is that Mike Nickeas went 0-for-3 in the Zephyrs'  6-2 win over Omaha and his batting average dropped to .200.  Well, he has played 3 days in a row so he must have been tired.

The second part is about my predicament.  As most people know the Mets have the Sunday night baseball game tonight.  In this game Mike Pelfrey is the starting pitcher for the Mets.  It is also known that Passover started last night and for the first two nights of Pesach there is a seder before and after dinner.  This means I am going to have a lot of trouble watching Mikey P. pitch for the Mets.  Even if the main part of the seder is over by 9, I will have missed the beginning and possibly the best of  Mike.  If only I could figure out a way to follow the game and be at the seder I would be a happy girl.  Maybe if I became the ESPN MVP of the Passover seder it would work, like on the commercials.  Anyway, if you have any ideas please help me out!

Another nice win, but the bullpen almost lost it.
Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

They Are Starting To Like Him!

I mean the Zephyrs' staff.  Mike Nickeas didn't start in the 5-2 loss to Iowa.  He did pinch hit and go 1-for-1 and is now batting .250.  It is a good start and as I said yesterday he is learning how to hit this pitching.  Anyway, I just like to see his name in the box score.

Let's Go Mike!
...and Mets!

Here's a nice story about the win on Thursday

Why Am I Awake So Early?

Well, it isn't that early I just thought I might want to sleep in today but that didn't happen.  Last night Johan showed us why the Mets traded their farm system to get him and also gave the bullpen a much needed rest.  Although I think Heilman should get a month off then we will see how much the Mets bullpen ERA goes down without him.  David has been playing like an MVP and last night he went 4-4.  He always is working his hardest and doing everything for the team.  There was a scary moment after Jose Reyes stole second and banged his head on the fielder's knee.  Good news is he was fine and joking about it in the dugout with Willie Randolph.  I like what I saw out of everybody except Heilman and hope to see the same play this afternoon.

Let's Go Mets!

Here is something funny I read on Surfing The Mets:

Billy Wagner had the line of the night. Referring to the booing from the Citizens Bank Park fans as he entered from the bullpen, the closer quipped:

“When I ran in, I thought (Scott) Schoeneweis was with me.”

“Funny guy,” Schoeneweis lightheartedly replied. “It’s when you get booed by the home fans it’s not natural.”

Schoeneweis said fans were taunting him all night by calling him “David Hasselhoff.” Not sure there’s a resemblance, but whatever.

Friday, April 18, 2008

La la la......

I'm bored and have nothing better to do so here is the Mets lineup for tonight's game in Philly:

SS Jose Reyes
Ryan Church
David Wright
Carlos Beltran
Carlos Delgado
Angel Pagan
Brian Schneider
Luis Castillo
Johan Santana

Now it's time for Johan to show us who he really is.

Let's Go Mets!

My Inspiration Worked!

First of all, I am very glad the Mets pulled out of the game last night with a win but that is not what this post is about.
Mike Nickeas, aka my "boyfriend", got his first 2 hits of the year yesterday in the Zephyrs' 5-1 win  over Iowa.  He is going to have an AH-mazing year and later in the season after Ramon Castro comes back and then gets hurt again they are going to call up Mike to take his place. That is my prediction and if I could only get the Angels' broadcasters to say that it will happen. So, last night Mike went 2-for-3 with a double and 1 RBI. He is learning to see the pitchers and keep his eye on the ball and follow through.
I am VERY proud of him!

Let's Go Mike!
...and Mets! 

i know i should use another pic but i love this one too much!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keep It Up!

The pic is so I can see my "boyfriend" when I open the page.  Now that I am back from the eye doctor and have new glasses so I can see, I can post this.
WOW!  Another solid win for the Mets last night.  John Maine got into some trouble but managed to work out of it while only giving up 2 runs.  Also, when David started to run away with the Mets lead in homers the team woke up.  Jose, Carlos Beltran, and Ryan Church all hit homers last night.  Church said he likes hitting second and after my doubts I think I like him hitting there. The Mets have really woken up these past 2 games and I hope they can keep this going.  I also think the Brewers series really showed them that they all need to contribute.  It also showed the ugly side of New York Mets fans.

Let's Go Mets!
Figgy your up!

well... i can't post pics now so the "boyfriend" pic will have to wait

Look! Its HIM!

Gmail alerts really come in handy.  By having a Mike Nickeas alert I just found THIS article. Love it.  I am glad somebody other than me is writing about him and I know he has potential.  I saw him at Spring Training and he amazed me.  What also amazes me is that I have seen pictures of him catching Johan in the bullpen in PSL.  The Mets have GOT to believe in him if they gave him that task.  It may just be a Spring bullpen session but they have to have good catchers for that.  
Come on Mike.  I BELIEVE! Now we have to convince everybody else to!

Let's Go Mike!

oh yeah!  and Mets!

Here is a Cool Blog

I found this a few weeks ago and I really like it.  I am officially a fan of Alex Gordon.  He is the Royal 3rd base man.  That really is the hot corner!  Anyway, I really like it.

Let's Go Mets!
btw, i will have a post about the game up later

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - Mike Pelfrey

I cannot get over his cuteness!

Lucky Paulie

Now where is MY hug from David?!!?

Let's Go Mets!

i still haven't started the essay

I Knew They Could Do It!

What a game last night!  The Mets really seemed like they cared.  I cannot get over how well Mike Pelfrey has pitched this season!  He had his stuff last night and has gained every bit of his confidence back.  Who said he didn't deserve to make the team?  I know I never did!  Also, David had 5 RBI and another homer!  He is starting to really get locked in and hit his pitches.  At one point in the game a shot of the dugout was shown and Figgy was smiling.  Just acting as if he were a fan in the stands.  I love that!  It felt like the Mets of old last night and I want it to stay like that. It is a good feeling and the Mets can win when they play like that.  Reyes was on.  So was Carlos (both!).  Everybody helped out and Duaner came back and left off where he finished in 2006.  And the idea of batting Church 2nd worked out and I give all my respect to Willie for obviously knowing what he was doing.  I can't wait until 2night!

Let's Go Mets!

now i should start that essay for science
......yes science!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

David Letterman-David Wright-April 14-2008

I knew this would be amusing and I guess Letterman warmed him up for his big game against the Nats. When my mom picked me up from school she said David was very funny and when I asked which one she said both. I am glad I saw this because I missed it the first time he was on. David (Wright) is so cute and funny and amusing in this and I love him!

I'm Confubbled

Now you are probably wondering what confubbled means.  It means confused.  You are also probably wondering what makes me confubbled.  Well look see:
SS Jose Reyes 
RF Ryan Church 
3B David Wright 
CF Carlos Beltran 
1B Carlos Delgado 
LF Angel Pagan 
C Brian Schneider 
2B Luis Castillo 
RHP Mike Pelfrey
courtesy of LoHud Mets Blog
I understand dropping Castillo in the batting order but why not put Angel Pagan in the 2 hole? Ryan Church has given the bottom of the lineup strength and will continue to do that as long as he is there.  With Castillo batting 8th that could very well be an easy out before the pitcher. And it is not like we have lots of experience at the plate from our pitchers.  Pagan has proved he is a VERY good #2 hitter.  He was even doing well at leadoff.  He should be rewarded for his excellent play, instead of being dropped all the way down in the batting order.  Now, if this works out, BRAVO to Willie because he knows more than I do and obviously knew what he was doing.  I just have my doubts about hitting Church 2nd.  I guess I am just used to having everything in a set order and not changing it.  I know 2006 will never happen again but everything seemed to be clicking and ever since the Mets have not been able to put the correct pieces together.  Oh well, I guess we will see what happens tonight.
Come on Mikey P!  We need you!

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Don't Want To Post This

The reason I don't want to post this is because it does not allow me to see my "boyfriend" when I open the page.  But anyway...
This is a GREAT post on Ted Berg's Mets blog for SNY.  David is amazing in every way in my eyes. (Yes, I mean EYES!)  He also seems to be a great person in general.  I also don't think enough people realize Derek Jeter is not the only big athlete turned celebrity (or in David's case, almost celebrity) that plays in New York.  I also like how David knows how to control himself in the spotlight but does not look for it.  He definitely knows that he has to be careful in New York and anything he does can be criticized for his every move.  He does that all while being a role model and I have all the respect in the world for him because of that.
Basically, I highly recommend reading it and think Ted Berg is right on target throughout the entire thing.

Let's Go Mets!

Reminder: David will be on Letterman tonight so don't forget to set your tivo or whatever you use to record shows!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Update On My "Boyfriend"

Mike Nickeas played last night.  Sad to say he went 0-5 and does not have a hit in two games this season.  Come on Mikey!  The good news from the game is the Zephyrs won 9-0 and he was the catcher so he had to have helped some way.  I am proud of him for catching and calling the pitches in a shutout.
Come on!  Keep your eye on the ball and follow through!

Let's Go Mike!
...I mean Zephyrs!
......I mean Mets!

I'm Depressed

We had this one.  We did.  We even had a chance with Blow-ta pitching.  We had it and we lost it.

Let's Go Mets!
...i guess

BTW, Congrats David on hitting your 100th career homer.  I would put a pic up but that would be insulting on this post.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh Yeah

I forgot about this...

Just something to look at and enjoy

I Am Sooooooooooooooooo Bored

Well, right now I am so so so so so so so so so so bored out of my mind and I am hoping this kills some time.  It is not as bad as I made it sound like it would be earlier, but I am still tomorrow comes quickly so the Mets have another shot at winning.  I think I am going to break my record for posts in a month if I keep up at this pace.  By know you can probably tell I am as bored as a dog in a fish barrel (if that makes sense) and if not I am worried about you.  Actually I killed about an hour by riding my bike and going to a park near my house.  So, really this post is partly from about an hour ago and what I am typing now.  If I keep going you will probably fall asleep on your keyboard so I will stop now. And you also probably don't care that I had pizza for dinner.

Let's Go Mets!

Coming Up...

Tomorrow's pitchers:

Let's Go Mets!
we need you Ollie!

Now What?

I am not really in the mood to talk about the game today.  But, I do know why the Mets lost.  It wasn't because Johan didn't have his stuff today.  It also wasn't because the Mets bats looked like that had holes in them.  It is because my babysitter is coming tonight.  (I know, you are probably asking why I need a babysitter.)  Well my sister is too lazy to watch me and my brother and my mom says I can't babysit until next year.  So, whenever this nameless babysitter comes over the Mets lose and I am always sitting at home bored out of my mind and too lazy and depressed to find something else to do.  I know for sure she is cursed.  My SOFTBALL team would even lose when the day she had to come.  This is ridiculous and unfair.  Who says I need a babysitter?  I don't need a babysitter!

A loss is a loss.

Let's Go Mets!

You Have Become One Us

It is impossible to imagine the joy Nelson Figueroa is feeling right now and was feeling last night. I mean, what would you feel like if you got your first Major League win in 5 years AND it came for your favorite team growing up?  We have all probably heard his story.  And if not HERE it is. If you want experience I say he is your guy.

Now about the game:
Figgy pitched 6 very good innings while giving up 2 runs and striking out 6.  Again, living the dream.  Joe Smith, Aaron Heilman, and Billy Wagner pitched after him and didn't allow any runs. (Thank goodness).  The hitting did what they needed to although they left 6 men on base.  Is it just me or was this a game of sixes?  Jose Reyes left early with a tight hammy.  Jeez, what is up with the Mets' hamstrings?  So basically, the Mets did the minimum they needed to do at the plate while the pitching, especially Heilman, stepped up to do their job and possibly redeem themself from any previous issues.  

Now I think I should probably end this post before I go completely insane from the Jonas Brothers playing in the background.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Michael

Note: I am sure everybody has read enough about the Mets win last night and I have nothing to say except that this was WAY overdue, so this has nothing to do with the Mets and/or baseball.

Last night, sadly, Michael Johns was eliminated from American Idol.  I am a HUGE fan of his and am devastated by this.  I didn't even know yesterday because I was watching the game instead of Idol Gives Back.  When I got on the computer this afternoon I thought I would see that one of the girls left.  There are no words to say the shock that I am in right now and I am not watching Idol this season until I get over this.  That could take a week or many even months but I am very mad at whoever didn't vote for Michael.  The only other thing I have to say is that Michael clearly had the most talent of any of them and the contest is null without him.
OH... and PLEASE support David Cook now
for me!

Let's Go Michael!
and David!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Met

This has probably been up for a while but I just found it.  Mr. Met was inducted a while ago but this is the first time I have seen his page on the website.

Let's Go Mr. Met!
...and Mets!


This is a great article from  I know this is a blog and I may sound hypocritical by posting this, but I 100% agree with everything it says

Let's Go Mets!

That Is What I like To See!

There is so much I could say about the game last night.  Let me begin with Mike Pelfrey.  He pitched VERY well last night and although he only went five innings, he showed why he is here. His pitch count was up and he could probably gone longer if the batters didn't foul off so many pitches.  I am really happy for him.  (And he was really cute in the interview with Kevin during the game after he pitched!)
Now to the Phillies.  No doubt about it, the Phillies have owned the Mets since last July.  The thing is yesterday the Mets were getting clutch hits and were taking advantage of key Phillie errors.  They scored runs even though Wright and Beltran were both hitless (although they both had a walk) and that is a good sign.  Jose also started to get on base and he seemed more patient. Overall this was a good, strong win.
Now some quotes
Brian Schneider on The Big Pelf:
“I’m proud of him…He worked around the plate all night, he pounded the strike zone.  They fouled off a lot of pitches, but I think he could have gone a lot deeper in the game.  But, you’ve got to hand it to him and like I said, I’m proud of him…We watched a lot of tape, and we established what we wanted to do and he stuck to the game plan really well.  He stayed with me and did a great job.  I just wish he could have gone deeper.”
Willie on Pelfrey:
“Nice job out of Mike tonight.  Nice job.  Good for him, and good for his confidence to get him going.  He threw the ball well, got a little scattery at times but it’s good to get that win under his belt.  I look forward to his next start…The name of the game in this league is to be consistent.  We know what he’s capable of doing and the thing is for him to believe he can do it consistently…This is just one start, but for him it’s nice to get off on the right foot.”
Pelf on Pelf:
“One thing I’ve quit doing is I’ve quit reading everything.  I quit paying attention to all that stuff…If I come out here and I perform, I think they’ll find a way to keep me around…You never want anybody to go down.  But when Pedro went down I thought, ‘Hey, I’ve got to step up.’  I want to be one of those guys they can hand the ball to every fifth day and not have to worry about it.”

Now for something completely unrelated to the Mets:
I decided to watch Grady play yesterday on and what I saw was the Indians get crushed.  I heard the supernatural.  In the game Mike Napoli (I think) was at bat with the bases loaded and the Angels announcers mentioned that he had never hit a grand slam.  Then, BAM!  He hits a grand slam.  Later in the game I am unsure of when the Angels were at bat again.  The announcers mention how one mistake by the pitcher could have 9 runs from the Angels.  Guess what?  The batter hits a home run and the Angels have 9 runs.
Just thought this was a bit weird. 

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Could Just Eat Him Up!

David Wright has a sandwich.  I can't wait until I get to try it.  David is too cute to miss out on this one.  He is really doing more with the media lately, if you want to call this the media.  I am glad because I miss him doing stuff off the field.  He has seemed like the only person that has not changed who they are since last September.  He always works hard and he has started to work harder but he didn't go and say he wasn't going to have as much fu, like Jose Reyes.  He has also taken on a "captain like" role on this team.  Even if he says he doesn't want it I think he should be captain and hope one day it will happen.  Mainly, I hope this team gets back on track before May (or next week).

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


On whatever show is airing on SNY right now they were just talking about ex-Mets doing well so far.  I am wondering why they didn't just flash a picture of Xavier on the screen.

Let's Go Mets!

Ugh x2!!

Not much to say except that this looked a lot like September 2007.  
Oh yeah, I'm not sure if Pedro Feliciano even knows where he is.

Let's Go Mets!

My Big Pelf is up tomorrow.

I Have 1 Question

Where is Pedro Feliciano?  According to he is nowhere to be found.  Should we be worried?
Oh well...

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, April 7, 2008 - Mets Weekly

Joe Smith is just about the cutest person EVER!

Make A Note

According to this post at this blog David will be on Letterman again.  Maybe this time I will remember to record it.  I am glad he is doing media appearances again because he took time off in the winter to work out and things need to get back to normal.

Let's Go Mets!

Just To Continue...

Xavier Nady has had a VERY AMAZING week.  And just to continue from yesterday, he was named player of the week for the National League.

Let's Go Mets!
and Xavier!

Factoid of the week: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Pittsburgh's Xavier Nady is just the sixth player in Major League history to hit a pair of Opening Day home runs twice in his career. The others were Eddie Mathews, Joe Torre, Raul Mondesi, Juan Gonzalez and Adam Dunn.

Courtesy of

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Moment of Joy

2 Broussard TEX 8
2 Thomas TOR 8
4 Escobar ATL 7
4 5 more tied with
Top 50: MLB | AL | NL
Who's hot: 7 Days | 30 days
Historical: All-time | Active

Courtesy of

I cannot believe the week he has had and since the Mets didn't have a good weekend he helped me get through it. I am so glad baseball is back now I just wish it would warm up around here. I went to the Yankee game today and it is FREEZING!

Let's Go Mets!
and Xavier!

My boyfriend played today for the first time this season!
(I know, I have a problem)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates.  I am in Willy Wonka at school and I have had to stay 'till 6 for the past two weeks and have been really tired.  The show is soon so things will pick back up soon.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


'nuff said

I Knew They Call Him X-man For a Reason

It was the best to wake-up this morning and find out Xavier Nady hit two homers yesterday.  He is the BEST.  So, of course I wore my Nady jersey to school today and whenever somebody told me he was bad I simply stated he had more homers than the entire Yankee team and that shut them up.  This is his year.  The Pirates will break the curse!  (Whatever curse it happens to be!)  

Let's Go Mets!
and Pirates!
and Xavier!!

And They're Off!

It is so nice to have baseball back and for the Mets to finally win.  (Hopefully we will be seeing more of that).  It was very nice to see David do well.  Even though I didn't actually see it because I have play rehearsal at school 'till 6.  Just to know that the Mets get a fresh start is reassuring. Watching Johan pitch is pure joy.  He was all I could have hoped he would be and more.  Now lets hope he does that for the rest of the season and things should work out very well.  It was also nice to see the bullpen pitch well with the exception of Matt Wise, but i am confident he will have a good season.  
Tonight the Mets face off with the Marlins once again.  Pedro Martinez faces Rick Vanden Hurk (or something like that) will start.

Let's Go Mets!