Friday, May 31, 2013

How Sweep It Is

As I was leaving Yankee Stadium last night a couple of Yankee fans tried to stop the Mets fans' celebration by reminding us this wasn't the World Series. It didn't work. We knew this might turn into the highest point of a trying season so we cherished the moment. We cheered in a rival's home ballpark, high-fived people we didn't know, watched as our favorite team took one week to crawl out of the ratty closet beneath the stairs. 

This week the Mets were not the red-headed stepchild of New York sports. Even if they reclaim that role in the upcoming week, I will be happy to take pride in the fact that they were king for any period of time. 

I have attended a Subway Series game at Yankee Stadium every year since 2007. In the most recent years I haven't expected the Mets to win. Most years I would leave the stadium with that sinking feeling, jealous of all the happy fans around me, hoping one day I'd actually be the one enjoying a victory. 

This year I walked into the stadium confident. Even if the Mets didn't win the game they had already won the series, and I would have something to celebrate.

I didn't get to the stadium as early as I would have liked, but I was able to see some batting practice from the front of my section in left field. I watched as Jeremy Hefner chatted with kids watching from above the scoreboard and tried to get a baseball for each of them. After BP concluded I listened as he talked to a group from Oklahoma, as they discussed the horrible tornados and how they affected their hometowns. He seemed genuinely grateful every time somebody congratulated him on the previous night's victory. He was as patient as ever when my brother and I struggled with my camera after I asked for a picture. He stayed and signed an autograph for every waiting fan. And to top it off, he replied to my tweet thanking him less than 10 minutes after it all happened. 

As a Mets fan I have learned to appreciate as many smaller events as possible, and yesterday I knew that would've been finding out firsthand how much of a sweetheart Jeremy Hefner is, and winning the series. Winning the game would be icing on the cake.

By the fifth inning my superstitious side had kicked in. I clapped the same amount after each Dillon Gee strike and strikeout. I similarly clapped for each ball taken by the Mets. I didn't expect Gee to pitch as well as he did. I didn't expect to actually see Scott Rice pitch for the millionth time this season. And I certainly didn't expect Bobby Parnell to close the game with a 1-2-3 inning. 

The day that started with dreams of finally walking out of that stadium joyfully ended with those dreams becoming reality. 

You know, even if they hadn't it would have been a pretty good day. 

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When One Inning Trumps All

For most of tonight I wanted to rip the Mets to bits, stop watching, and reevaluate any life choices I made since I became a fan.  Right now those feelings are seemingly as far away as Mets roster reinforcements.  It is a wonderful thing and just another reason why baseball is the best.

The Mets were on their way to giving Matt Harvey his first loss of the season.  He only gave up one run but the Mets offense was nonexistent, as has been the trend of late.  Mariano Rivera was due to pitch the bottom of the 9th inning, closing the game that he opened with the ceremonial first pitch.  The only glimmer of hope for the Mets was having Daniel Murphy, David Wright, and Lucas Duda coming up in the inning, the only three hitters that have shown any shred of consistency.

But Twitter had all but declared this game over.

Daniel Murphy laced a double that bounced into the left field seats.  The big hit mirrored Monday's as he once again came back after a Brett Gardner robbery in a previous at-bat.  But it's not like the Mets are known for the prowess with runners in scoring position, this isn't going to lead to anything.

David Wright has hit Mariano before.  Sure, just don't move because if I don't move it will somehow keep this rally going.  I didn't move.  Wright's hit found centerfield and Murphy found home plate.

TIE GAME!  Matt Harvey isn't going to lose!

Once again, Twitter was not ready to give this game to the Mets.  Not with Lucas Duda up.  His OPS is now .823 but there was just no way he could be the hero.

If you blinked you missed it.  Lucas Duda transformed from lost kid in the outfield to hero.  

Matt Harvey didn't lose and neither did the Mets.  

The ninth inning went from "end the pain now" to "OHMIGODWHATJUSTHAPPENEDSAKDHKAS" in the span of three batters.  Once Wright scored the winning run it was over.  The celebration could begin immediately because baseball doesn't make you wait for a clock to expire.  The game is over when the players decide it's over.  Tonight the Mets ended the game on their own terms.

My mind is still racing, wondering how this could really happen.  It was such a turnaround in such a short amount of time.  It erases the frustration for a little while, which is great because I'm sick of thinking about Ike Davis's strikeouts and Ruben Tejada's errors.  It allows Matt Harvey and all his fans to enjoy this game without thinking it's too bad such a great performance was punished by a loss.  I celebrated like the Mets won the World Series because they might not have a game or an inning like this again all season. 

For one night, one inning, half an inning really, will be the biggest and best part of the season.  Oh what an inning it was.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Should Make All Humans Smile

The Mets lost for the millionth time and I know Mike Nickeas isn't even in the organization anymore but these pictures of him visiting kids at a Buffalo hospital are too adorable not to enjoy.

All the pictures are from the Bisons.

Here, have an adorable video from yesterday too!

(If you hadn't noticed I'm still going to post about Mike Nickeas because he is and always will be my favorite and if you don't respect that you can show yourself out.)

I Still Exist!

It has been way too long since I have written anything here.  It has also been way too long since the Mets won games consistently and Ike Davis got more than one hit a week.  As long as I pick up my consistency now I can have a better season than the Mets and Ike, right?

Since I last wrote the Mets have basically fallen off the face of the earth.  They only come close to winning once every five games when Matt Harvey starts, and that is only if they manage to score runs for him.  Rick Ankiel and Marlon Byrd have been pleasant surprises offensively which really means the rest of the team needs major help.  The Mets have used about 324783 different outfielders and to everyone's surprise, Lucas Duda has not been the problem.

Sandy Alderson noted that the transitional players brought in to fill gaps have not performed as hoped.  The Mets have a lot of work to do if they want to even be treading water at the All Star Break.  The bullpen has relied on a Pedro Feliciano-level of appearances from Scott Rice and Matt Harvey is on pace to throw a billion innings and have maybe eight wins by the end of the season.  The offense is nonexistent outside of Daniel Murphy, David Wright, and some Lucas Duda.

It is going to be a long season.

As for my relevant minor league happenings this season, Mike Nickeas and Josh Thole are both catching for the Bisons so if I don't find a way to see them I will be a sad girl.  Xavier Nady has my attention again as he hasn't seemed to go more than a day or two without getting a hit and is trying to get back to the major leagues with the Royals.  It was really convenient last weekend when Nady's Storm Chasers were playing against the '51s.  Zach Lutz and Josh Satin are both waiting for the Mets to remember they exist and play 1st base and know how to hit while Ike Davis frustratingly melts away in New York.  Oh and Kai Gronauer has actually gotten some playing time and a few hits for the '51s which is pretty cool.

So I will be here enduring Mets losses, enjoying Indians wins on the side, and following way too many minor league games.  Maybe I'll actually write about some of it!

Let's Go Mets!