Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Can't Be True

In a post on MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone has a quote from Will Carroll's injury report about Carlos Beltran. It points out that Beltran could possibly be out for all of 2010. That would be the result if he has surgery on his injured knee. Beltran is currently trying to come back in about two and a half weeks but won't be able to play center field. Nobody is really sure where he would play. At this point he has been told the bone bruise won't get better unless he shuts it down for good. Beltran is currently signed through 2011.

If Carlos Beltran were ever to need surgery I would say he should go with it right away. If he is going to have surgery and be out for all of next year then he should shut it down now. That would give the Mets time to figure out what to do with 2/3 of their outfield for next season. With time to watch players before Spring Training. There really is no point in having Beltran rush to get back this year when it could just hurt himself for the future. If the injury report is in fact what ends up happening, then I really wouldn't want that to put the Mets in a sticky situation going into the 2010 season with their outfield.

Oh well.
Let's Go Mets!

I Want To Catch A Knuckleball

This is great list of everything baseball fans should get to do. I found the link from mandachan of Divided Loyalty.

Here are all of the ones I have done:

• Spend a week at spring training. (well, it was, like, a weekend, but i wanted to stay longer)
• Learn to keep score.
• Watch "Field of Dreams," "Bull Durham," "A League of Their Own," "The Bad News Bears" (the original) and "The Natural." (i've seen at least parts of all of them)
• Hit a home run.
• Boo the Yankees in person.
• Tour the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
• Get to a game early enough to watch batting practice.
• Run around the bases after a big league game.
• See Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols and Ichiro play in person and chant their names with a stadium packed with fans.
• Buy a fitted cap to replace the cheap stadium giveaway you got with the plastic adjustable strap in the back and the Piggly Wiggly logo on the side.
• Get your favorite player's autograph.
• Collect baseball cards.
• Go to the All-Star Game. (it was the home run derby, but it still counts in the category)
• Eat a hot-fudge sundae in a mini batting helmet.

I would love to catch a knuckleball. I just need to find somebody to throw a knuckleball.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Witty Comment About A Double Header

The Mets were rained out tonight. So, tomorrow they will play a game at 12:05 PM (Johan Santana) and then 7:05 PM (Jon Niese). It's separate admission so if you want to see both it'll cost you lots.

Now there will be something to do all day. As if the trade deadline wasn't enough.

Let's Go Mets!

The State Is Split

I'm not sure what to think about Pennsylvania right now. Yes. The state.

The Phillies got Cliff Lee and I absolutely hate that. The Indians got next to nothing in the trade and I like Cliff Lee. Earlier in the day the Pirates traded Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to the Mariners. In return they got a some minor leaguers, including Jeff Clement. You people probably don't remember Clement so, click here. He is considered the big prospect in the trade going to the Pirates. Jeez, as much as the Pirates make me try to hate them for trading everybody, they then go and get a guy like Jeff Clement to make me like them again.

Just let Jeff make you feel better getting over the hatred of Mark Shapiro for giving up Cliff Lee.

Let's Go Mets!

Mr. Met Angered By Impersonator

Mr. Met was angered by an impersonator caught on film doing this:

So, he took his anger out by doing this:

Let's Go Mets!

Signs Pointing To Cliff Lee

The Phillies have a bunch of prospects out of the lineup for their minor league team today. It is seen as a sign they are close to acquiring Cliff Lee from the Indians. Whichever pitcher the Phillies get shouldn't really affect the Mets, because they are pretty much out of the division. But I still hate the fact that Omar is watching other teams make moves and he hasn't done anything (well, with player moves). This move isn't going to put the Mets in a bigger hole. They are going for the Wild Card, the Phillies have the division.

This could be a sad day for Indians fans. And part-time Indians fans too.

Let's Go Mets!


Wow. Last night was a great game and Mikey P. showed why we should all love him. He also showed us that he really needs to shave. The entire team needs to shave. It seems like they're growing team unity beards. And with the beards and new clothing designs they need some serious help.

Yes. I said clothing designs. Click here. Read about it here. Terrible. The Mets just like to make themselves look bad. I want to see pictures of the players wearing these. How in the world can Bobby Parnell wear a shirt like that without feeling the need to pull a Tony Bernazard? I think the Mets should play a game where they are all wearing the B-Parnz jersey. And then another in the D(avid??)Murph jersey. Then they would have a disabled list party with the requirement to get in being in a Maine, Putz, or Sheffield jersey. And then you can use the cap to hide your face in shame. This would be a good promotion if it was from the Royals or Pirates. But the Mets have made such fools of themselves this week that this is putting salt on the wound. I don't even know what else there is to say.

Oy vey.
Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They Still Played Baseball, Ya Know

I took a train to the city at around 2:30 yesterday and by the time I got to my dad's office the Mets had already fired Bernazard and Omar was preparing for his downfall. It was raining and there obviously wasn't going to be any BP. But we went to Citi early anyway.

When we got there we saw the right field corner was full so we walked around and checked out the bullpens. When we got back up we saw people signing in right field so I ran over to test my luck. B-Parnz was signing and I had my baseball out and got him to sign it. B-Parnz = #1. I waiting for a while in the same place until it started raining. Then we went to sit under the overhang and wait out the rain. The rain finally stopped so I went back down to the first row in shallow right field. There were a bunch of 10-12 year old boys there waiting for the players to come out. The rain continued on and off until about 6:45 so none of the players came out to stretch for a while. The first one out was Cory Sullivan. He stretched and threw with Murph. Then he came over and signed autographs. Cory Sullivan = #2. He went in and Jeff Francoeur was already out stretching. After he finished stretching he came over to sign. He was being cute and talking to everybody and smiling and making me love him even more. BEYOND CUTE! Frenchy = #3. So, it was a pretty awesome pregame. At that point I was telling myself I wouldn't care if the Mets won or not. I had already had fun.

But that was before the game started. And before Ollie gave up a 2-run homer to Tulo. Frenchy with all his amazing-ness hit a homer to get the Mets withing a run. But Ollie didn't want any of that and gave the run back on another homer. But the Mets refused to go down. In the 6th inning Luis Castillo lead off with an infield single and I knew something had to get started with that. The Mets scored with Castillo and David tying the game. One run on a base-hit, and one on a sac fly. The game was quiet until the bottom of the 8th when Rincon came in to pitch. He couldn't find the strike zone AT ALL and walked Luis and David. Murphy then came up and bunted Luis and David to 2nd and 3rd. Frenchy was intentionally walked to load the bases and it was left to Cory Sullivan. But wait! The Rockies were changing pitchers and Jerry was using a pinch hitter. When I saw Tatis coming out to pinch hit a bunch of bad words went through my mind. And after he got into an 0-2 hole I was expecting nothing. BAM! Was I wrong. First of all, it wasn't a double play. Second, he got RBIs. Third, it was a homer. Yes. A grand slam. Everybody in the stadium exhaled. Frankie came in for the non-save and the game was over.

3 autographs and a Tatis curtain call can't be a bad day.

Let's Go Mets!

Omar Minaya And His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Depending on whose side you're on you could replace 'Omar Minaya' with 'Adam Rubin'.

I wasn't home to watch the press conference from hell so I don't know how everything happened. But I do know Omar Minaya showed exactly why he should not be the GM in the MLB. The press conference was to announce the firing of Tony Bernazard but turned into a monster. Omar accused Daily News writer Adam Rubin of taking down Bernazard because he wanted the job. Rubin asked multiple people within the organization about career advice about how to get a job with the organization. Omar takes this as Rubin wanting Bernazard's job. It was an insane press conference and to read a lot more about it, click here.

I'll have a post up about the game soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

This Is Old News

Although, the piece is from, like, June. But I knew about it earlier.

The Mets have been wearing Affliction T-shirts. And I actually LOLed when I saw Mikey P. in one of them. The only ones who should be wearing them are JJ Putz and Jeremy Reed. It's terrible.

But the Indians have been wearing Affliction since Spring Training. So, I guess the Mets are behind. I just hope Joe Smith isn't wearing it.

Just wanted to show how ahead I am.
Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This One Felt Good

The Mets haven't played well in a while. And when they play well for 2 days in a row it's fun to watch. The Mets haven't shown their offense and defense and pitching all at one time for a long time. Livan pitched well after the Astros gave up the first inning. I liked seeing him calm down when Mets fans everywhere probably thought the game would be out of reach after the first inning. Also, for the first time today, when the Mets were down 3 runs, it didn't feel like Mets were completely out of the game. The Mets played up to the Astros after they played down to the Nationals earlier this week and it worked. Hopefully this shows them that playing up to a team leads to wins. They are better than the Nationals but they let that get in their heads. They thought they could automatically win that series and didn't play their best baseball. The Astros posed a legitimate threat and came into the series on a roll. The Mets knew the Astros could play well and therefore they had to play well. If the Mets can continue to play up to the opposition then they have a chance to win some games. But they can't count on the worse teams to give up and let the Mets win.

The upcoming homestand will show a lot. If the Mets can play well against a good team in the Rockies and keep up the good play in a not as good Diamondbacks team and have all that energy carry over to the Cardinals they will look like a capable team. If not, they just won't have enough to dream about important games until next April.

The Mets ended a tough road trip on a high note.
Let's Go Mets!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Coming Up

I'll have a Mark Buehrle post up once some of the excitement wears off.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We All Need Some Cheering Up

And I've got a thing for catchers. I present to you, Josh Thole:

Let's Go Mets!

This Guy Doesn't Deserve A Title

Mets VP Tony Bernazard is insane. Recently he challenged the B-Mets to a fight after a game. And he was serious. He even took off his shirt. To get the full story go here. If he is going to go around fighting the minor leaguers then he seriously should consider getting a new job. Perhaps as a professional boxer or MMA fighter. If anybody deserves to be fired it's him. With all of the Mets troubles he decides to start a fight, basically asking to be fired. I really have nothing else to say about Bernazard or Minaya or Wilpon. I just want something to happen and I'm tired of waiting. The Mets are the laughing stock of baseball.

The Mets are done and now it's time to clean up the mess. Starting with the front office, namely Tony Bernazard.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baseball Is Boring Right Now

There. I said it. The Mets aren't in contention for anything and I kinda want it to be Spring Training of next year. By then the Mets might have new hope and lower expectations. Fans are going to stop coming to games if there is nothing to see. Omar has to make a move to keep both the Mets and the fans in the game.

The rumored proposed trade for Roy Halladay was too steep a price in my opinion. I am fine with trading F-Mart because in my mind he is an injury-prone bust. (But he's only 20 so I could be completely wrong) And I would keep Jon Niese out the trade. He has been thought of too highly to trade in the middle of a lost season. I don't really know much about Ruben Tejada so I'm not going to talk about him. And everybody reading this should know I think Bobby Parnell is off limits. The Mets already traded Joe Smith, I cannot live with them trading B-Parnz. I'm all for the Mets getting Doc but only if the price isn't so ridiculous. Otherwise, they could just pretend to negotiate and get the Phillies to freak out and trade their entire farm system to get him. The Philles deserve that.

The season will probably continue to be boring unless Omar or Fred does something drastic. It just isn't fun seeing the same group of players go out everyday and lose most of the time.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Need A Distraction

The Mets have been seriously pathetic this year. When people are finally saying the Mets are done because of an injury to Fernando Nieve you know it's bad. But the only people that can be blamed for the injuries are the training staff. As much as we all hate Omar, I don't think he is going around beating up the players. The Mets didn't go into the season thinking they would need to use almost an entire team of 3rd or 4th string players. Daniel Murphy came into the season sharing the outfield with Fernando Tatis and Ryan Church. Now he's the starter at 1B. The Mets don't have the team they woke up with on April 1. (Pause: I ♥ Doug Brown) Ramon Martinez wasn't supposed to be in the big leagues this year. But the Mets lost Alex Cora and they needed a SS. Gary Sheffield shouldn't have been on a NL team but the Mets needed somebody to play LF. The Mets don't have the team Omar signed to win 90+ games.

The Mets aren't a team, they are a disabled list.

I'm going to the Yankee game tonight so I won't be watching the Mets misery.
Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Cause If You Jump I Will Jump Too...

...We will fall together"

I guess you could say the Mets are falling. But they briefly stopped that today. Johan Santana started his 2nd half the way he has been known to as well as the Mets offense not scoring until he was out of the game. But in the end it didn't matter because they scored just enough with Johan on the mound and then finally figured out how to score insurance runs. The 2 previous losses felt like a months worth of losses for the Mets, combined with the success of the Phillies the Mets were pretty down. But this win felt good. The Mets didn't roll over and give this one to the Braves. And when they let Frankie have some breathing room he finally looked completely dominant. It was a good thing to see.

Hopefully this game will quiet some critics for a little bit. While listening to WFAN this morning if one more person recommended to break up the core my iHome would've been broken. And then the only response that would be given is that the Mets are currently playing without their core and they flat-out suck. But if the Mets did break up the core hopefully Omar would be bright enough to find decent players to fill the holes. So, saying the Mets suck without the core right now isn't the same as saying the Mets would suck if they purposely dismantled the core. None of what has been stated above means I want the Mets to break up the core. Because I don't.

And let me just say that the only reason I would want the Mets to sign Julio Lugo would be because he would probably take the roster spot of Tim Redding. And any way to get Tim Redding off the roster is endorsed by moi.

Josh Thole was activated by the B-Mets so that will really cut down on the playing time of Mike Nickeas. Well, at least Josh Thole is also cute.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Most Boring Day Ever

But I have a video for you. Doug Brown is the lead singer of SafetySuit and he is really cute in the music video for Stay.

Stay - SafetySuit

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Too Excited To Think Of A Title

I already put all the pics on my computer and I'm going to make a big album with all of my Citi Field pics and post it. But for now I'll just tell you about my Mets experience from yesterday. My camera battery died after the first inning yesterday so I don't have too many from last night.

I got to the park basically when it opened and I went down to the front row between 1st base and right field. I watched batting practice and when the Mets were coming off the field Mike Pelfrey stopped to sign autographs. I happened to be wearing my Pelfrey jersey so I took it off and tried to get him to sign it. I failed. But there were 2 guys that thought it was cool that I had a Pelfrey jersey and one of them was in the front row. He took the jersey and it got to Pelf and he signed it. It was so cool and I couldn't believe I actually finally had Mike Pelfrey's autograph. I was the only person waiting with a Pelfrey jersey to be signed. There was one other person I saw wearing a Pelfrey jersey.

After that I went with my sister to meet my mom, dad, and brother all the way out in right field to watch the rest of BP. Nothing else interesting happened during BP but it was just fun to watch.

The seats we had were in the 2nd level next to the Acela Club and I couldn't see the Citi-vision screen but there were TVs all over that were showing the PIX11 feed of the game and in between half innings they showed whatever was on the big screen. I liked seeing the PIX11 feed because I got to see Jeff Francoeur and all his cuteness. Also, in the first inning when the replay of Jay Bruce's injury was on almost everybody in the stadium groaned in unison. I hope Jay Bruce will be okay eventually but the crowd reaction was quite amusing.

I really enjoyed the game and I ♥ Mikey P. for having the day start off well. Hopefully today he will give me more reason to love him.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, July 10, 2009

At Least He's Cute

And playing well would help me get over this trade. =(

BTW, I've been waiting to use this pic and be able to say he's cute.

Umm...Omar Minaya, Get A Life

Please. BREAKING NEWS: The Mets have traded Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur.

What is the point of this trade?????!!!!!!!

I miss Ryan already. =(

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Consistent

Jerry Manuel has been beyond inconsistent and it really bothered me today. When I looked at the lineup tonight I saw Daniel Murphy, Jeremy Reed, and Brian Schneider were all out of the lineup. The Mets are facing a lefty so Jerry is playing the righties. That means Fernando Tatis, Nick Evans, and Omir Santos. None of them did anything for the Mets last night. While Murphy, Reed, and Schneider were all significant parts of the Mets win. Manuel spoke about playing the hot-hand and therefore, at least Murphy and Reed should be playing. When asked why they weren't playing tonight, Manuel said it's because the Mets are facing three righties this weekend. So, I'm expecting to see Murphy, Reed, and Schneider all weekend. And after the All-Star Break Jerry will have to decide whether to play the hot-hand or the platoon. Although, I'm not sure how anybody can get hot when they aren't playing multiple days in a row.

Let's Go Mets!

This Could Be A Situation

Yesterday Carlos Delgado was throwing and taking grounders at first base. He is still far away from coming back but he is ahead of schedule and could be back by early August. His return is something Mets fans have been waiting for a long time. But depending on where the Mets are, should he get everyday playing time at 1B? I might just be feeding off of the amazing play by Murphy last night, but he has seemed pretty good at fielding at 1B. If the Mets are completely out of the race I would rather continue to give Murphy and, to a lesser extent, Evans playing time at 1B. It wouldn't really be worth it to give Delgado at-bats when the young players have shown they are capable of playing. It could lead to more 'Dump Delgado' chants.

But, if the Mets are in contention for a playoff spot, Delgado's return would be quite interesting. I definitely think Murphy has the upper hand defensively at 1B but Delgado is by far the better hitter. If Delgado could come back and hit the way he did in the second half of last year then I would give him the majority of the playing time. But, if he slumps and looks like the first half of last year then I would go with Murphy. After all, if the Mets are in this situation then Murphy would have been part of the team that has stayed in the race. This would be going on while I would see if Nick Evans could work out in LF with (very) occasional time at 1B.

Carlos Delgado's eventual return could turn into a sticky situation for the Mets.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Is Why I ♥ Mike Pelfrey

Mikey P. is part of this weeks Pop Culture Grid from SI. He has good taste in music.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mike Nickeas Is A Veteran

Mike Nickeas has been getting more playing time and apparently he has been a more vocal member of the B-Mets. Mike was one of the Mets that called their players only meeting last week. I'm glad he is one of the veteran leaders on the B-Mets. I would more than love for him to get a chance in the majors but if he can't then he should be successful playing wherever he is. Even minor league teams need veteran leadership and it's nice to know he provides that for the B-Mets.

This is a really good piece about the B-Mets after the meeting and it has lots of quotes from Mike.

Let's Go B-Mets!

and vote for Ian Michael Kinsler!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

MN Update

Well, he's Canadian but I'm going to update about him anyway.

Tonight he went 1-for-2 with and RBI, run, and a BB catching for the B-Mets tonight. He also caught somebody trying to steal second base. The B-Mets won 4-0. YAY!!!!

So, yesterday he got a bases-loaded RBI and today he got a 2-out RBI. The big league Mets have been having trouble in both of those situations. Maybe they could give Mike a chance.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!