Thursday, September 29, 2011

Computers . . .

I *was* in the middle of a post about everything I found awesome about the Mets season. However, that has been interrupted due to the fact that my computer will only stay on for 15 minutes at a time. I apologize and hopefully I'll have the post for you all tomorrow.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dreams . . . They're Coming True

Some tweets make me happy.

Two More Games

Yup.  Only two more games before the Mets season is over.  I don't have a whole lot to say right now.  I hate the end of the season.  I am just going to enjoy these last games as much as possible.  I hope you do too.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Never Satisfied

First, Mets fans were unhappy that the Mets had no anti-bullying video at all.  Then once the Mets announced they were making a video message fans began to calm down.  For a while after the issue was not a topic of discussion.  When the announcement debuted it seemed to become an issue once again.  Some fans just were not okay with the fact that the Mets decided to make a general anti-bully PSA instead of one connected to an organization such as "It Gets Better" that focuses on a specific group of young people (in this case LGBT).  The overall anti-bullying message wasn't enough.

I have a question.  Why does it matter?  Why are fans still complaining?  It shouldn't matter what route the Mets chose to put out the video, it is simply important that they did in fact put out the video.  It also just makes more sense to have an overall anti-bullying PSA.  Partnering with one focused organization seemingly excludes other forms of bullying.

So some fans want the Mets to express themselves in an anti-bullying PSA but only against one specifically targeted group?  I just don't get it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Solution

The Mets are going to have quite a few problems to address this offseason.  From the bullpen to second base to shortstop, there is a lot to figure out.  The Mets also have to figure out who is going to be catching next season.  With so many other things to work through they will likely go with Josh Thole and either Mike Nickeas or Ronny Paulino.  My choice: Nickeas.

The Mets are going into this offseason looking to cut payroll.  Ronny Paulino is making $1.3 million  this year.  He would likely be looking for that or more again next year.  Mike Nickeas has been an organizational player who wouldn't be nearly as big a hit on the payroll.  If the Mets really want to save as much money as possible, Nickeas would be the better choice.

Paulino simply hasn't earned another $1.3+ million contract.  He was brought in for his offense and while he got off to a hot start, he has hit only .207 since July.  He hasn't even hit for much power, hitting only his second home run of the season this afternoon.  He has a career .329 batting average against left-handed pitchers but has only hit .281 against them this year, not exactly bashing them the way he was expected to.  Paulino certainly isn't worth giving a raise or even what he is getting this year.

The Mets have to make a decision on what they want to focus on with their catchers.  It is hard to find a catcher that is good both offensively and defensively.  The Mets are trying to make Josh Thole an all-around catcher but it hasn't exactly worked out.  With the backup, they have to decide whether they want someone to compliment Thole's offense and be average defensively or whether they want someone that excels defensively with the ability to lead a pitching staff and be a defensive replacement late in close games.  Paulino would be the offense-oriented option and Nickeas would be on the team for his defense.

The Mets have so many other areas that need attention that it would be easy to decide on Thole and Nickeas and focus on everything else.  Mike Nickeas was there to teach Josh Thole in Binghamton, and he could be there in the big leagues.  Nickeas has done everything the Mets have asked and it would be awesome to see him as the backup next year.  It should be one easy solution in an offseason full of confusion.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Apologies

Well, I was ready to come out of my cave after two days and share the joy of today's two wonderful Mets wins with you all but that does not seem to be happening. You see, there is no internet access available to me at the moment. Yes I am writing right now but I just do not think I would be able to take an entire post written from my BlackBerry seriously.

Tomorrow I shall return with thoughts about Mets wins and Mets catchers.

Let's Go Mets!

I hope all three of you reading this will find it in your hearts to forgive me for not writing for a few days. And also for not making the "Let's Go Mets!" blue, as I just don't think I can do that from here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well Deserved

With a third inning double Josh Satin got his first two Major League RBIs.  He was both a doubles and RBI machine for the B-Mets and the Bisons this season so his first RBIs coming on a double is fitting.  I'm not going to say I was disappointed he wasn't getting a hit in every at-bat, but I guess it was a little disappointing when his batting average dipped below .500.

Anyway, he got the first MLB hit out of the way in his first at-bat but it took a little longer for the first RBI.  Now that he has that first RBI (and the second too), Mets fans have seen the true Josh Satin.  The RBI-double-a-day Josh Satin.

Congratulations Josh!  I can't wait to see more of those RBIs!

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That Was Totally On Purpose

In other Mike Nickeas news (gosh he's so popular), apparently the Mets golf outing was a bit interesting yesterday.  One of Nickeas's shots on the 18th hole hit a tree and bounced onto the green.  His dad is practically a professional golfer so obviously Mike knew exactly what he was doing.  Obviously.

Let's Go Mets!

What A Chatterbox!

Remember the days when Mike Nickeas was playing for the Bisons or B-Mets or even the Zephyrs and went virtually unnoticed by fans and media alike?  If you don't remember than you might want to have stuff checked because that was only about a month ago.  Now there are interviews left and right and compliments on SNY and it's pretty cool actually. Okay maybe it's only two interviews, but there was about a week and a half when he would get nightly mentions on SNY.  And it could have been three interviews if poor Ted Berg hadn't been the only person in the history of forever to not find him before a game.

Anyway, there is another cool interview with him on the Georgia Tech athletics website.  It is nice reading about some of what he does during the offseason and how he is still connected with his school.  Enjoy!

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kai Conundrum

Without the excitement of playoff rosters and pitching rotations it seems like the fans of non-playoff teams would have no roster moves to be excited about.  However, that is not true.  We have the Rule V draft!  Please don't ask me to explain every detail of it.  I know that if certain players are not on the 40-man roster they can be drafted by other teams in this draft in December.  Once they are drafted they have to stay on the active roster for  the entire season in order to become a part of the new organization or they will be offered back to their previous team.

Whew.  That was a lot of information.

With Mike Nickeas, Zach Lutz, and Josh Satin all on the 40-man roster you would think there is no possible way for me to be attached to another random player.  But you would think wrong.  Kai Gronauer just finished the season with AA Binghamton and isn't on the roster.  I have seen his name on a couple of lists of potential players to be added to the roster.  I guess that means he's good enough for people other than myself to have heard of him.  And if he's good enough for that, he's probably good enough for some other teams to maybe, possibly, potentially have an interest in him.

Obviously I want Kai to stay with the Mets and eventually play for the Mets.  But being drafted in the Rule V draft would pretty much guarantee him a chance in the majors with the other team.  And if he doesn't make it with the other team he would end up back with the Mets.  He is either in the Major Leagues or in the Mets organization.

So I can't lose, right?  Wrong.

If he isn't put on the 40-man roster that means the Mets might not care about losing him because maybe they don't think he's good enough or worthy of protection.  And then if he is taken in the draft and then ultimately offered back to the Mets, they don't have to want him back.  They could trade him ala Brad Emaus and the Blue Jays.  So what goes from being a win-win situation turns into a totally terrifying series of events.

If you have managed to follow all of this, I applaud you.  I really have no idea if any of this has even the slightest chance of happening.  The Rule V draft is in December so it's not like anyone will find out any time soon.  Thank you for experiencing the latest episode of Crazy MiLB Situations From My Brain.

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

To See More Cheerleaders . . .

Adam Rubin posted more pictures on his ESPN blog.  So if you want to see Lucas Duda, Dillon Gee, and Jason Pridie as cheerleaders then click here.

And I'll just leave this one here again because it is too good.

Let's Go Mets!

Justin Turner just tweeted a picture of himself as a cheerleader.

And he also got one of Lucas Duda.

How Fitting

Adam Rubin tweeted the first picture of rookie hazing.  It just so happens to be Mike Nickeas.  Awesomeness.

Let's Go Mets!

Rookie Hazing

The Mets are doing rookie hazing this evening.  Rookies are being dressed in blue cheerleader uniforms.  Apparently Josh Thole is also being put in the rookie outfit, too.

If/when there are pictures, I will put them up.  Hopefully there will be pictures.

You Don't Know What You've Go 'Til It's Gone

If David Wright is ever on a team other than the Mets, I have a feeling that is how a lot of fans will feel.  David has been a consistent hitter for his entire career and he is also pretty sure-handed at third base.  He is the face of a franchise that has struggled recently.  So he is the face of struggle, even if he is not struggling himself.  This has led some fans to call for him to be traded.  And some of those fans do not even think the Mets would be able to get many valuable players for him.

That is completely ridiculous.

Trading the face of the franchise delivers a blow both on and off the field.  Since 2005, David Wright has been a key to the Mets offense.  He has a career .301 batting average.  His offensive production got off to a slow start this year, but that can be clearly attributed to his back injury.  Since returning from the disable list on July 22, Wright is hitting .291.  He has also hit eight of fourteen home runs since returning from the disabled list.  Saying he has lost his offensive ability is plain wrong, as he has put up numbers pretty consistent with the rest of his career when healthy this year.  Losing him would mean losing the offensive stability the Mets have had for a while.

Wright has also been a leader off the field since 2007.  Ever since the collapse, and even before, David has been ready to answer whatever ridiculous questions the media throws at him.  He is willing to talk after every game.  Yes, sometimes he goes with the politically-correct-easy-way-out answers, but he is there at least 162 days a year and has every right to do that.   Not every player is willing to deal with the media so often and in as civil a way as David has been able to.  The New York media is more demanding than any other group in any other city.  It is pretty much a necessity for the Mets to have one player that is available after every game and David has been that person for years.

Perhaps some fans don't see him as a leader because they don't see him in the locker-room.  They don't see the ways he is helping younger players directly off the diamond.  It is unfortunate because David Wright is a great player.  He is extraordinarily under-appreciated.

My question:
Would fans think differently if he were the official captain?  

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, September 16, 2011

But They're The Bisons!

Expanded rosters are fun! Here is a potential Mets lineup that includes only players that were on the Bisons this season.

SS Ruben Tejada
2B Josh Satin
RF Lucas Duda
1B Valentino Pascucci
3B Nick Evans
LF Mike Baxter
CF Jason Pridie
C Mike Nickeas
P Chris Schwinden

RP Dale Thayer
RP Miguel Batista

Just have fun imagining that playing for the Mets.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Depressing and Refreshing

The Mets went 1-8 on this home-stand, leaving 79 runners on base in those nine games.  There are an infinite amount of other pathetic statistics to represent this stretch.

However, it is not all bad.  After the game, Terry Collins did something that a Mets manager has not done for quite a while.  He took responsibility for the poor performance.  Collins exploded during his post-game press conference.  He called the team "embarrassing" and also admitted, "We folded it up."  He also said the fans have every right to be upset, and while that is obvious to all of the fans, it was nice to hear him make a point of it.

It was just nice hearing a Mets manager get mad at the team.  Jerry Manuel would have laughed it off as a rough stretch and Willie Randolph wouldn't have acknowledged that anything was going poorly.  Terry Collins was honest.  Brutally honest.

For the first time all season the Mets seem unmotivated and while it is not fun to think about right now, remembering how far they have come and how far Terry Collins brought the group of misfits and minor leaguers is impressive.  He kept their attention from the first day of Spring Training until September.  That sounds pretty good to me.  They have twelve games left and I think Collins has the ability to get this team to play hard for those twelve games.

Terry Collins is not going to let the Mets end this season embarrassed and on their butts.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What To Watch For

Sigh.  Unfortunately the Mets were eliminated from playoff contention this afternoon.  Now that the Mets will no longer be playing for the postseason you may be wondering why they try at all.  Well, as long as Terry Collins is the manager this team will be trying.  And believe it or not, there could be some things to watch as the season winds down.

Jose Reyes is battling with Ryan Braun for the National League batting title.  Jose had the lead for the majority of the season after just about the hottest start to a season ever.  Injuries (and DL stints) have slowed his season but he has managed to keep his batting average around .330.  This is a race that will come down to the last games of the season.  It has definitely been an interesting year for Reyes.  It almost seems like the contract talk and rumors have died down while this batting race has heated up.  Jose is a special player and this is quite the way to end a unique season.

The Mets have a chance to play spoiler against some playoff-contending teams.  They have series coming up against the Wild Card leading Braves and the second place Cardinals.  Yes, they are struggling to beat the less-than-mediocre Nationals but that doesn't mean they won't surprise us.  They have stepped up against some good teams this year and they could do that again.  And if they don't, the Braves and Cardinals have some good players to watch anyway.

Of course, I am going to be watching the catchers.  Obviously I want Mike Nickeas to play and with pay special attention to those games.  But, I will also be watching Josh Thole's games closely.  It will be interesting to see how he works with the pitchers for the rest of the season.  He seems to have cleared a big hurdle with Mike Pelfrey after another nice outing with that battery tonight.  Josh has improved.  At the beginning of the season pitchers didn't want to throw to him.  That has definitely changed.  It will be interesting to see where he is at the end of the season.

I will also be watching because on September 29 there will not be a Mets game to watch.  And I am sure that I will wish for another game.  The offseason is coming way too soon and I do not want to waste a moment of the season that is still left.

Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week

In one of my classes today we got into a discussion about how baseball players are more attractive than football players.  In honor of that, here are a few of the Mets catchers modeling during Spring Training.

Monday, September 12, 2011

He Needs Rest

The Mets have not had a day off since their August 27 and 28 games against the Braves were postponed.  They have also played two doubleheaders since the last week of August.  They are understandably wearing out.  Between that stretch and the fact that it's the end of the season, some players are showing signs of fatigue.  In particular, David Wright looks like he could really use a day off.

In his last ten games he is hitting only .211, including going 0-for-5 last night and is 0-for-2 tonight.  However, the struggles have not just been at the plate.  He has committed an error tonight after committing an error yesterday and two the day before.  He has committed six errors in his last seven games.  His defense had looked so good since coming off the disable list.  Seeing him make all these errors is not necessarily completely out of character, but it's worse than any defensive-slump he has been in before.  It is also different because this stretch isn't simply a few poor throws.  It has also been catching throws and fielding line drives and ground balls.

Of course, as I write this he gets an RBI single and is now 1-for-3 tonight.  Even with the hit, I think it would still help David to have a day off.  It would keep him fresh for the last weeks of the season.

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Joe Torre

New York City, Washington D.C., and Shanksville PA deserve special treatment today.  It does not matter if you want every team to be uniform.  It is personal for so many people in those cities.  Letting the Mets, Yankees, and even the Nationals wear different caps would not have damaged anyone.

Well, except yourself apparently.


September 11, 2001.  We all know what happened ten years ago.  We all know how America and New York recovered.  We all know the role sports, particularly baseball, played in that recovery.

The Mets were planning on honoring the men and women serving the country and also having a bit of a tribute to the 2001 team by wearing hats of the NYPD and FDNY during tonight's game.  However, MLB is now saying the Mets will not be allowed to do that.  They will simply be allowed to wear the hats during batting practice.

The 2001 team was told they were not allowed to wear the hats. They wore them anyway.  Doing the same tonight would be quite the salute.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Speaking Of Favorites

This is an awesome Mike Nickeas interview.  He talks about a lot of things, from how he started playing baseball to what it's like catching a knuckleball.

A few notes:

  • We both went from playing soccer and being goalies to being catchers.
  • His favorite catcher growing up was Mike Piazza so even though he wasn't a Mets fan, he liked a player on the Mets.
  • He had pictures of Ivan Rodriguez on his wall, I have pictures of him on my wall.
Let's Go Mets!

Supporting Your Favorite Player

Disclaimer: I am not trying to tell people how to root for their favorite player, or for any player.  I'm just frustrated and writing my thoughts which you may or may not decide to read now.

Every player has good games and every player has bad games.  The beauty of baseball is that those two can come two days in a row, even in a span of less than 24 hours.  That being said, it also means that the same player can go from being praised like nobody's business to being criticized like nobody's business in the blink of an eye.

Every fan should absolutely be behind their favorite player during every game.  It just gets annoying when some fans cannot seem to understand that there are things criticism-worthy done by everyone and even, *gasp!*, their favorite.  Yes, it is natural to defend your favorite.  But, when a player does mess up, repeatedly coming back with, "You'll be sorry when he does something good tomorrow!" gets old fast.

It is more than just being happy for them when they have good games.  Part of being a fan is acknowledging when players don't do well.  And yes, possibly even criticizing them for being part of a loss.  Baseball is a team sport and losses are never just because of one person.  The same way players take responsibility for being part of a loss, it would be wonderful to see fans recognizing when that happens too.

Sticking with a favorite through down times is hard.  It is harder to acknowledge those down times and be realistic about them.

It Goes Both Ways

The Mets fell to 10-4 this season with Mike Nickeas catching the majority of the game.  His catcher's ERA went up a bit to 2.93, although it's still an impressive number.

It Never Ends

A game after Manny Acosta blows a save, Bobby Parnell comes in the game and blows his save opportunity as well.  The Mets don't have a closer on the roster.  It would not be as much of an issue if they had a relief pitcher that could consistently get outs.  When all of a team's relief pitchers are streaky there is no way to guarantee the last outs of any game, much less a one or two run game.

I don't have a solution for the bullpen woes.  The Mets are seemingly going to have to play out the season and it's something for the team to figure out in the offseason.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Quick Recap

Mike Pelfrey didn't stink.  Jason Bay remembered how to hit.  Manny Acosta didn't want to be the closer.  Justin Turner wanted everyone to be happy.  Mets win 5-4!

Let's Go Mets!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Just Going To Say It

The Mets lost both games of their doubleheader against the Braves today.  Mike Nickeas caught the scoreless 2/3 of an inning thrown by birthday-boy Bobby Parnell in the first game.  The pitching in the rest of the first game was not too pretty and the bullpen struggled a bit in the second game as well.

Yesterday, when Mike Nickeas caught the entire game, the Mets pitched brilliantly and won.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

We'll see what Terry Collins does tomorrow with everyone's favorite headcase, Mike Pelfrey.

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They Like Him! They Really Like Him!

"He is just a real professional." 
"It's a real treat to get to throw to him because I don't get to do it that often." 
Those are two quotes from R.A. Dickey's postgame interview with Kevin Burkhardt.  Mike Nickeas once again caught Dickey today as R.A. threw seven scoreless innings.

Terry Collins called Mike a "really, really good" defensive catcher in his postgame press conference.  He managed to put heaping praise on him in about a sentence and a half.  It was almost overwhelming.

And in the studio on SNY, Ron Darling did his favorite thing. He also praised Mike Nickeas for his catching.

It is so awesome to hear Mike getting so much praise.  Clearly, he knows how to catch and call a game and the get best out of pitchers.  He caught a shutout today that was not only a shutout because the pitchers did their job, he did every part of his job as well.  That includes blocking a pitch in the dirt in the eighth inning that could have gone to backstop and allowed the tying run to score from third.

People are starting to give him credit.  I want to say 'finally' but the Mets clearly knew he was good.  When Josh Thole was a top prospect, Nickeas was teaching him in AA.  He was trusted with the top pitching prospects.  The Mets called him up with Jenrry Mejia so he could catch the Major League debut of their top prospect.  They knew he could catch.  Now, finally, everyone else is finding out.

He is making an impression at the right time.  I love it.

Let's Go Mets!

Um . . . This

Also, the Mets are now 10-3 this year when he catches the majority of the game.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Final Numbers

I seemed to have more favorites playing in the minor leagues this year than in the majors.  Now that their seasons have ended, it is probably a good time to see how a couple of them did.

Let's start with the one guy that spent the entire season in AA.  Kai Gronauer finished the season with a .253 batting average, four home runs, 20 RBI, and one stolen base.  He finished the year on a roll, hitting .345 with two home runs in his final ten games.  As for the catching, he only made two errors in 51 games behind the plate.  He caught 29% of runners trying to steal.  Overall he has been excellent at throwing out runners, with a 38% career average.  An injury interrupted his season so he only played in 52 games this season.  His strong finish was nice to see and hopefully he'll be back at big league camp next spring.

Now to AAA.  Zach Lutz had quite the injury filled season.  Despite all those injuries he still managed to have a nice year.  His final batting average was .295 but it didn't slip under .300 until the end of his season when he was clearly dealing with the concussion symptoms that end his year.  He hit 11 home runs and had 31 RBI in 61 games with the Bisons.  I would love to see what he can do in a full season.  In previous seasons he has been injury prone and this year he had more than his fair share of injuries, but most of them were completely out of his control.  All I want is for him to get healthy and be in camp next spring.

My other minor league favorites, Mike Nickeas and Josh Satin, are finishing the year in the Major Leagues.  Congrats to them both!

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Minor Leagues, Major Impact

Today was the last day of the season for the Bisons and B-Mets.  Neither team had particularly good seasons but both teams were fun to follow.  And this season I followed minor league baseball closer than I ever have.  Yes, I can thank Mike Nickeas for that.  Once I knew Nickeas would be with the Bisons for seemingly most of the season I decided to subscribe to watch all the televised minor league games.  I finally had a way to watch minor league baseball without going to a game, which isn't easy around here.

The games were definitely cool to watch.  They have a faster pace than Major League games but the fact that they're AAA means some of the talent isn't that far away from being Major League talent.  It's also fun to see the players that could be on the Mets in the future.  It makes the call-ups exponentially more exciting when you have been watching their season and know the ups and downs they have worked through.

I didn't get to watch all the games Mike Nickeas played in at every level, but I followed plenty of them.  When he was called up I was clearly ecstatic and knew he was more deserving than anyone.  I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't followed the B-Mets and the Zephyrs (yes, the Zephyrs) and the Bisons.  Just knowing that my favorite player had worked through every level of the minor leagues and had finally reached the MLB was awesome.

It's almost easier to root for players in the minor leagues.  If the player isn't a major prospect, there's less chatter about their ups and downs and whether or not they have a future.  Mike Nickeas and Josh Satin both prove that it's worth it to stick with the less-talked about players.  And when they finally get the call, there's a special feeling of knowing how far they have come.

Yes, it takes more effort to follow anyone in the minor leagues, but it is worth every minute.  It literally and figuratively takes baseball to another level.  Thank you, Mike Nickeas, for giving me a reason to follow the awesome world of MiLB.

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Not Saying . . .

This year the Mets are now 9-3 when Mike Nickeas plays the majority of the game.

Congratulations Josh!

What did I tell you? Josh Satin gets his first Major League at-bat and proceeds to get his first MLB hit.  A single to left field.  And then he scores his first MLB run, too!

Congratulations Josh!  I see plenty of more base-hits in your future!

Let's Go Mets!

A Great Day For A Debut

Josh Satin is in the Mets lineup today.  Batting seventh and playing first base.  His Major League debut.  Congratulations Josh!

I can't wait to see what he'll do today and in the rest of his career.  He has a bit of a funky swing but it seems to always work.  In his entire career, and especially this year, he has not stopped hitting.  He did not miss a beat when he was moved up from AA to AAA, hitting in 30 of 38 games with the Bisons.  Hopefully he won't miss a beat today either.

He's playing first base today.  He can also play second base and third base.  His defense has never been too strong but he has definitely worked hard on strengthening it.  I think the versatility makes the fact that he doesn't have a strong position at least a little more okay.

I know I have only been following his career for two years, but this is still beyond cool. Josh deserves it so much.

Congratulations Josh!
Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mets I Am Taller Than

Danny Herrera's appearance yesterday prompted Adam Rubin to come up with all the Mets 5'9" and shorter.  I am 5'9" so basically this is the list of Mets my height or shorter.

Besides Herrera, the list includes: Yogi Berra, Willie Collazo, Wille Harris, and a few others.

By the way, I'm also taller than Dustin Pedroia and Jimmy Rollins.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just A Note

In 2011, the Mets are 8-3 when Mike Nickeas catches the majority of the game.

Battery Update

R.A. Dickey's night is done and thus ends Mike Nickeas's night with the knuckleball.

Dickey pitched 6 innings, giving up 9 hits and 3 runs with 1 strikeout.  There were no passed balls or wild pitches, making it a successful night defensively for the pair.  R.A. was not throwing quite as many knuckleballs as usual.

Compared to how he looked once the bullpen took over, Nickeas understandably didn't look completely comfortable catching Dickey.  He just looked a million times more relaxed once he didn't have to think about the knuckleball anymore.  However, even if he wasn't the most comfortable catching Dickey, whatever he was doing worked.

An R.A. Dickey start without a passed ball.  Congrats, Mike!

Let's Go Mets!

Catcher Tidbits

Josh Thole's further evaluation today came back with positive results.  He has a bruise and will rest for a bit before playing again.

Mike Nickeas is catching R.A. Dickey and the knuckleball tonight.

Ronny Paulino says he is ready to catch and will start tomorrow.

The Mets are still considering calling up another catcher.  The call-up will likely be Raul Chavez or Dusty Ryan.

Let's Go Mets!

Battery Tidbits

R.A. Dickey starts on the mound tonight with Mike Nickeas catching.

This is their second start together this season, with their first coming April 27.  That game was also in Washington.

However, this season is not the first time Nickeas has experienced Dickey's knuckleball.  They were together when R.A. first experimented with the pitch while in the Rangers organization.

Mike's defense is outstanding so I'm looking forward to watching him catch R.A. tonight.

Let's Go Mets!

It's Too Bad He Scares The Crap Outta Me

Apparently there could be a musical Jose Reyes and Lil Wayne collaboration.  I would be a lot more excited about this if a few things were different:

  • If I liked rap music
  • If I knew Jose Reyes would definitely be on the Mets when this possibly happens in the offseason
  • and if Lil Wayne didn't scare the crap out of me
But if those factors weren't an issue, this would be awesome.

Let's Go Mets!

I Don't Know What Trusting A Bullpen Is Like

2006 was the first year I closely followed the Mets, or any sports team, for an entire season.  I guess I chose a good year to start because almost everything worked out for the Mets that year.  Including the bullpen.  Billy Wagner, Darren Oliver, Aaron Heilman, Chad Bradford, and others shut down opposing teams effortlessly.  Even when Duaner Sanchez was injured, they replaced him with Roberto Hernandez and that worked.  Until the last few games of their season, the bullpen was a constant strength.

Ever since then the Mets bullpen has been questionable.  We know all too well the way the bullpen let them down in 2007 and 2008.  And ever since the end of 2007, I just have never felt comfortable with any relief pitcher.  It always feels like every inherited runner is going to score and if a pitcher creates his own mess, he won't get out of it himself.  If there is one pitcher throwing well, he will inevitably burn out and leave the team reeling for a while.  It seems like the manager is always going for the least-terrifying option who I can never trust enough to really think of as the best option.  The streaks when everyone is going well.  The streaks when no one can get an out.  Sure, this could describe the bullpen of any number of teams in any season, but since the end of 2007, it has always described the Mets.

Maybe next season will be different.  Bobby Parnell could become a consistent pitcher and learn how to use that ridiculous fastball.  Pedro Beato could help too, assuming he stays a relief pitcher.  I just might get to see what a real bullpen looks like.

Let's Go Mets!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Feeling All The Emotions

Josh Thole left tonight's game with what is being called a left wrist contusion.  He will be reevaluated tomorrow.  Mike Nickeas took his place in the game and will likely take his place in the lineup while he can't play.

Obviously, I want Josh to be okay.  Also quite obvious is the fact that I want Mike Nickeas to play more often.  But if Josh is healthy then Mike won't play and if Josh is injured, well, he's injured and I don't like that.

I guess the best thing would be for Mike to play well while Josh is healing and get into the Mets' heads about possibly being the backup next year.  Of course, that could all be for naught if Ronny Paulino decides he doesn't care that he has a broken toe and says he can catch.

Let's Go Mets!

But I really just want Mike Nickeas to catch because he deserves more playing time than what he's getting right now.

Pictures From Tuesday's Game

If you want to see the pictures I took on Tuesday you can go to the set here.

Get Well, Zach

Zach Lutz had a nice season for the Bisons. It is just unfortunate that it was interrupted and now ended by injuries.

He first went on the disabled list with a hamstring injury.  When he was just about ready to return from that injury he was hit in the hand by a ball during batting practice and broke a finger.  He finally returned from those injuries and only a few games later he was hit in the head by a pitch, getting his first concussion.  He came back from that and later was hit in the head by another pitch, getting another concussion.  Again he came back and it finally looked like he would be able to finish the season on a high note, perhaps even with a September call-up.

However, he has landed on the disabled list for a final time this season as his concussion symptoms have seemingly returned.  Head injuries are nothing to take chances with.  I'm glad he has all offseason to rest and hopefully come back better than ever next year.

Feel better, Zach!

I don't really know what else to say.  I just want him to be healthy.