Friday, October 30, 2009

BOO! I Scared You!

Well, probably not. And it's not even Halloween yet. But the seniors dressed up at school today. It was a really disappointing dress-up group after last year's, which was pretty cool. The best costumes were the group of people who dressed as tetris pieces. At lunch they took off the costumes and stacked the pieces on a table. Other than that, there were a few hot dogs and I saw a ninja turtle. I'm planning on dressing as the what my sister calls the 80's. I'm wearing purple leggings, yellow high socks, a bright teal sweatshirt, and bright green shirt. I'm thinking of wearing it all day. Maybe I can convince my friends to go trick-or-treating.

As for baseball, I really don't know who I'm rooting for. I don't really want to live with either team winning but if the Yankees win I'll have to live with everybody at school and both my siblings at home. But the Phillies winning will give them another year of making fun of the Mets. I'M SO CONFUSED!

Let's Go Mets!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, Joshua Michael Thole turns 23 years old.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Pictures!

There are finally pictures of David Wright's Vegas Night foundation event. There are 2 galleries and in the first one there is a picture of my 2 favorite Davids and in the second the 8th picture is David with 2 of his brothers.

Have fun looking at those pictures. I did!

I also found the video of Josh Thole on Mets Weekly. Enjoy!

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

There's Always Bad News

I gave you the good news yesterday and today I have bad news.

Sam Bradford is out again. For the most part I despise college football but he makes it watchable. Too bad the Jets got rid of their injured quarterbacks. Even though there really was no reason to get rid of Chad Pennington. Now I'm just hoping somebody gives Sam a chance in the NFL.

Brian McCann had more eye surgery so he won't have to wear glasses/goggles next season. I consider this bad news because I was looking forward to being a glasses-wearing-catcher with him next season. Now I have no glasses-wearing-catcher to look up to.

I realize none of this has anything to do with the Mets but there really is nothing going on with the Mets. So, I'll try to be interesting while the Mets are not but that means I have to go with some really random posts.

Let's Go Mets!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good News When You Don't Think There Is Any

Sorry about the lack of posts. School is really annoying.

On Wednesday the Indians took both Joe Smith and Grady Sizemore off the disabled list.


Just thought I'd leave you with that. I have a busy weekend and actually don't know how much baseball I'll be able to watch.

Let's Go Indians!
and Mets!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Always Love. Hate Will Get You Every Time"

It's only been a week since the Mets and Indians and 20 other teams had their seasons end (with 3 more that ended recently) but I am already completely bored. And I miss seeing David, and Mikey, and Josh, and Bobby. And reading about when Joe and Grady would possibly come back and if they were traveling with the Indians at all. I NEED BASEBALL! So, I thought I would share some videos I made. Some of them I made over a year ago and a few are more recent. Enjoy!

And this one worked out so well:

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Reason To Vent

I have kept my mouth shut since the Mets season ended because there hasn't been much to say. But now I have to turn my attention to what happened across the city last night.

Joe Mauer led off the top of the 11th inning with a double down the left field line. But wait! It wasn't a double. The umpire screwed up and called it a single when the ball clearly bounced over the wall and should have been a ground-rule double. The Twins got 2 more hits that inning and ultimately stranded the bases loaded without scoring a run. If Mauer had been on 2nd base to begin with at least one of the hits would have scored him. And then Teixeira's homer in the bottom of the inning would only tie the game.

That leads to the fact that the umpiring has been horrendous this season. Even with the extra umpires in the outfield last night the clearly correct call could not be made. And the night before there were 2 calls made at first base that were completely wrong. All season we have seen the umpires in bad positions to see the plays unfold, and therefore making the wrong calls on close plays (and some not so close plays). On WFAN this morning somebody suggested having an umpire in the booth upstairs during the playoffs to make sure the right calls were made. This doesn't mean reviewing every play but the close ones and the ones that were clearly wrong. I don't want replay on every call but something has to be done. Maybe it has to be a complete umpire overhaul and get new guys in there, or maybe there has to be more at stake for the umpires. If the LF umpire doesn't get fined for the call last night I will be disappointed. He would be getting away with taking the game and potentially the playoffs from the Twins. That can really take all the air out of a team.

I had one other thing to say but I didn't realize I would write so much about my first point so I'll save my other one for later.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Currently Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya, and Dave Howard are on WFAN with Mike Francessa. O.M.G. this is a disaster. Don't bother putting on YES Network, or WFAN because it will drive you crazy. I'll try to have quotes up later.

ummm ... Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Over

I don't have much to say. My post from earlier basically summed up my feelings. But now the season really is over. And I hate this feeling. There isn't another Mets game this week. Or this year. I feel so empty. The Mets didn't have a decent season by any stretch of the imagination. But it really weeded out who was a real fan and who was just along for the ride. If you can make it through this season, as a fan or a player, you can make it through anything.

Josh Thole ended his first stint in the Major Leagues with a 3-for-4 game. He also caught the Mets only 2 shutouts of the season. Most people are saying he will be at AAA for the beginning of next season. I think Spring Training and what the Mets do about catchers in the offseason will work into his beginning of the season fate. I really want to see him in the big leagues for the majority of the season.

But today goes to Nelson Figueroa. He pitched his first career complete game and it was a shutout and absolutely dominating. At the beginning of the season he was DFA'd and didn't want to come back to the Mets. But he has proven he can pitch and should get a chance in Spring Training. The offseason will say a lot about what his possible role could be going forward.

Angel Pagan was a home run short of the cycle and David had another RBI. The Mets won their last game 4-0 and swept the series from the Astros.

Let's Go Mets!

I added a countdown to opening day to the bottom of the page. Only 183 days.

Thank Goodness For Winter Leagues

In a few hours the Mets season will be over. If the Mets lose there will be no more, "they'll get 'em tomorrow" and if they win, that will be all they have to go into the long offseason. It's not going to be fun but it had to come. The fall and winter spent without baseball is never fun. I can't get interested in the other sports. I understand football and hockey and like a few players, but it isn't the same. Baseball has by far the most games during a season and that makes it easier to get attached.

There will be no 7 pm games. No reason to think of finishing my homework early. No game saving diving stops from David Wright. And no strikeouts with the bases loaded to kill rallies. The gut-wrenching, heart attack-inducing 9th inning leads will have to wait. Keith Hernandez will have to save his disbelief for 2010. There isn't any team to look to when I want to forget the Mets. And then I remember I don't want to forget the Mets because I never want the season to end.

In April there is the whole world ahead of you. It feels like an eternity until October and the offseason. And then it's June and you realize interleague play has already started and you have used up all your votes for the All-Star Game. It's July and you're watching the All-Star Game, wondering if your team really deserves anybody to be there. And all of sudden the season is more than half way over. August means one month to decide whether your team is for real. And if they are for real, September is fun. The last month already. It feels like it was just April. Before you know it, October has started and you have nothing to root for. Your team missed the playoffs again and it hurts to watch other teams celebrate. And you can't wait for it to be April again.

The Mets have a long offseason ahead of them and it starts today.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Random Thoughts For A Rainy Afternoon

The Mets are in a rain delay and I'm really bored. So, during the Mets game there was a shot of the dugout and I noted (of course) how cute Josh Thole is. My sister didn't know which one Josh Thole was and said something about somebody looking like Jacoby Ellsbury. I figured out she meant Josh Thole looked like Jacoby Ellsbury so I thought I would ask my readers.

Do you think they look alike?
(I don't see it, personally)

Let's Go Mets!