Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Can't Help It

I love when the Mets score 13+ runs.  I love how they have done that game after game recently.  Everybody in the lineup is getting hits and everyone on the pitching staff is getting outs.  It is just fun to watch.

Jose Reyes is still on fire.  Daniel Murphy is hitting again.  Carlos Beltran is proving all his doubters wrong.  Not only is everybody getting hits, they are stringing the hits together for legitimate rallies.  They are hitting ridiculous amounts of singles and adding enough extra-base hits.

R.A. Dickey has found his knuckleball again.  Jason Isringhausen is having quite the comeback season.  Jon Niese is growing into a nice pitcher.  They are working out of jams, getting the big outs.  They have not all been stellar but they have gotten the job done.

The best part about all this: it is all happening at the same time.  It seems like every time the Mets offense finally gets hot the pitchers cannot get anybody out.  And then once the pitching staff figures it out, the bats have gone cold.  It is so much fun to watch it all come together for the Mets, as it would be for any team.  But especially the Mets because they had been fighting to break .500 for so long and they finally did - and they did it by making a statement.  They are beating up on American League teams.  Good American League teams.  Facing perhaps their biggest challenge of the season, the Mets did not back down.  There is something very impressive about that.

However, as much as I have enjoyed this run, I cannot help the fact that I am bracing myself for when they eventually slow down.  If any team could teach their fans not to get too high about some wins, it's the Mets.

I want to enjoy this run for everything it is, I really do.  I just can't stop telling myself it will end.  I just can't help it.

Let's Go Mets!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Really Should Have Written About This Game Ages Ago

It has been about two months since this Mets game and I've been to a couple other games since then, but this is the only one of the most recent three that is worth recapping.  For one thing, Mike Nickeas was still up at the time so that made batting practice and pregame 100% more interesting, and for another thing, the Mets actually won this game.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Have Good News And Bad News

The Mets are getting crushed by the Rangers so I thought I would share some minor league happenings.

The Good News:
The B-Mets won tonight 5-3 over the Bowie Baysox.  Josh Satin hit for the cycle and raised his average to .316.  He just has not stopped hitting this season.  Congratulations Josh!

The Bad News:
Well, it starts with good news.  The Bisons beat the Norfolk Tides by a score of 4-2 tonight.  One of those Bisons runs came from a Zach Lutz home run.  The bad news is that later in the game Zach was hit in the head by a pitch and left the game.  He sat on the ground for a few minutes as he was checked by the trainer before he walked off the field under his own power.  Hopefully there will be an update on Zach tomorrow.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jose Reyes Could Change The Fans

It is often difficult for fans to only root for the players on one team.  We stay fans of one team but there are a few players that we continue to root for no matter what team they are on.  For Mets fans and fans of Jose Reyes that do not follow a player on another team, this offseason could change that.  I would love for Jose to stay on the Mets but there is simply no way to know what is going to happen.  However, if he does go to another team I will still root for him.

Jose Reyes is special right now.  He is the most exciting player in baseball playing in the biggest market in the league.  Every team's fans seem to want a piece of him, evidenced by the questions from every fanbase on twitter asking where he might end up.  For now it does not matter though because he is on the Mets.  Besides being a spark for the Mets in every way he has become a uniting force for the fanbase.  Most Mets fans want him to stay and have told Mets management, other Mets fans, and the rest of the universe not to trade Reyes and to give him the contract he deserves.

The trade deadline can pass and other players can be traded.  If Carlos Beltran is traded there will be fans that follow his career and continue to root for him.  The end of the season can come and Francisco Rodriguez might find his way off the Mets.  Yes, some fans will root for him wherever he is playing.  However, if Jose Reyes leaves the Mets there will be a lot of fans that find themselves following another team to keep up with their favorite shortstop.

Let's Go Mets! 

Minor Frustrations

The Buffalo Bisons have not been having a good season by any stretch of the imagination.  Part of their lack-of-success has been their lack-of-offense.  And part of their lack-of-offense is the fact that they are getting minimal production from any of their catchers.

However, Tim Teufel is not exactly giving the position a chance to get anything going offensively.  Raul Chavez is hitting .160 this season and Mike Nickeas is hitting .202, both poor numbers.  But, Nickeas's last five hits have been doubles and three of his last ten games have been multi-hit games.  Raul Chavez has had one multi-hit game in his last ten games.  The thing is, they have literally been alternating starts everyday.  Neither of them has had a chance to get going offensively because neither of them gets to play two games in a row.  I understand Teufel wanting to try to find a lineup that produces runs, but he's not going to if he doesn't give everybody a chance to work out of their hitting woes.

Mike Nickeas hit two doubles yesterday and putting him in the lineup today would have brought the smallest sense of stability to another position on a struggling Bisons team.  That did not happen and Chavez is in the lineup for tonight's game.  I am not going to say either are going to be .300 hitters, but they certainly won't improve with this staggered playing time.

This has been a wonderful edition of Ellie Vents Her Frustrations About Minute Details of Minor League Baseball.  I hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 Reasons To Watch The Mets For The Rest Of The Season

In no particular order:

1. There are some really cool young players getting a chance to play.  Be it due to injuries or lack of production, the Mets are giving some young guys the chance to show what they can do.  Justin Turner, Ruben Tejada, Dillon Gee, and Lucas Duda are a few of the players that should get regular playing time for the foreseeable future.  Josh Thole and Daniel Murphy are seasoned veterans compared to those guys and they're still young and have room to improve greatly.  Jason Pridie is still around and he has shown what he can do when given the chance.  They might not all have been big-name prospects but these players have proven they can play well.

2. Jose Reyes is putting on a show. Every baseball fan with half a brain knows that Jose has not stopped hitting all season.  He's running wild with triples and stolen bases and giving opposing teams headaches no matter what he's doing.  He has found the swagger from 2006 and even more production than anybody could have imagined.  Sure, some people will say he's doing this because he's playing for a contract.  I don't care.  It's a blast watching him and no matter how much we hate thinking about it, there is no way to know how much longer we have to enjoy this.

3. They could possibly eventually reach .500.  The Mets surprised us with series wins against the Braves and Brewers recently.  They look like they could be a real team.  Yes, they split the series with the Pirates but the Pirates have Andrew McCutchen and he's a one man wrecking crew against the Mets.  They have another series with the Braves now so they might surprise us again.  After playing the Braves they have the rest of interleague play which includes a series against the Athletics that should be easily winnable.

4. Terry Collins is starting to show his fiery side and maybe he'll explode.  Of course, if Terry does explode, it probably means the Mets have yet to reach .500 and they are probably nowhere near reaching it so this would eliminate reason #3.  But, if they are losing he still gives everyone a reason to watch.  Who doesn't love a good manager-meltdown?

5. The Mets have the best broadcasters in baseball.  Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling can be entertaining in the most lopsided of games.  Whether it's Gary spitting out random knowledge like a baseball encyclopedia or Keith saying things before he, well, realizes what he's saying or Ron actually giving us analysis on the game, fans will always get something from the broadcast.  And we cannot forget Kevin Burkhardt's amazing reporting.  He seems to find the most random of stories but I always want to listen.  There is genuine excitement during a good streak and the unfortunate truth during a rough stretch.  Either way, there will always be something to hear on SNY.  Oh yeah, we could also find Keith roaming the stadium during any random game and nobody wants to miss that.

That's why I'm going to keep watching.  I mean, besides the fact that I just love baseball and would go insane not watching.

Let's Go Mets!