Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And Down Goes Bobby

Bobby Parnell has been placed on the 15-day disable list due to the numbness in his middle finger.  The Mets are going to play with a 24-man roster tonight before activating Jason Bay tomorrow.

Hopefully Bobby will be fine.  He said he'll go through further testing tomorrow.  That's when he'll find out whether he just needs to go on an aspirin regimen or if he needs surgery.  Quite the difference in treatments there but that's the Mets for you, anything can happen.

Who knows?  This could be a good thing.  Parnell has struggled all season.  This is possibly the reason why.  No matter what the treatment, I just want Parnell to be healthy and to pitch and succeed the way he has before.  

Oh Bobby, don't look so sad.

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