Sunday, March 4, 2012

Calm Down

The Mets have not even played a Spring Training game and fans are already worrying about injuries. Or in Ike Davis's case, illness. Whether it be Ike's mild case of Valley Fever or David Wright's rib cage discomfort some fans really need to take a deep breath.

Every Mets fan knows the medical staff has been less than stellar for the past few seasons. But it's also unreasonable to think they haven't learned from experience. They aren't telling player to play through injuries anymore. Two years ago they might have told David Wright to "rub some dirt on it" and play through the discomfort. This year, they're not.

And isn't it better to be cautious? I'd rather see David sit out a few Spring Training exhibition games than not know he needed the extra rest until he was out for a month in the middle of May.

As for the people wondering how Ike's mysterious "lung infection" turned into Valley Fever, the lung infection has always been Valley Fever. It was always called a mild infection and Ike still isn't showing any symptoms. Just because his illness now has a name doesn't mean it is all of a sudden going to become severe. He has been given instructions from the team doctors to avoid extreme fatigue and past that his mild case should clear on its own.

There is still a month until the season. 31 days for these mild afflictions to clear. Missing a few more Spring Training innings is not going to ruin anybody's season.

So take a step away from ledge, breathe, and …

Let's Go Mets!

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