Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zach Lutz: Outfielder

Zach Lutz has apparently arrived in Port St. Lucie and begun to work with Tom Goodwin on becoming an outfielder.  He participated in outfield drills and came out of them feeling pretty good.

My main concern with Lutz in the outfield is his speed and athleticism.  He has never been particularly swift but hopefully he will be able to work past that.  Mets fans are used to seeing these outfield experiments blow up in their faces, as they have with Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda.  However, if we want a positive projection maybe we can look at Alex Gordon.

It isn't impossible for Zach Lutz to find some measure of success as an outfielder.  He's a corner infielder like Gordon, a big guy like Duda and Gordon.  Also like Gordon, Zach is a corner infielder and it has always been important for him to be somewhat fast on his feet.  So even though he may not have the running speed of the Jordany Valdespin experiment, he has more potential than Duda ever really had.  As Gordon adjusted to the outfield he got in better shape and gained a step or two, so that's another possibility with Lutz.

I honestly don't think anything will really come of this.  I'm expecting to see him in left field for the '51s for a good amount of games this season.  It stinks that the Mets have first and third base covered for years to come.  It stinks that the Mets have a million and one outfielders in camp.

Zach Lutz has had so little luck in his career.  It's hard not to root for something to go his way.  Maybe this will be what swings it.

Let's Go Mets!

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