Saturday, May 15, 2010

Umm, Or Not Breaking The Mets

So, the Mets have decided to send Oliver Perez to the bullpen.  How exactly this helps the team, I'm not really sure. Perez simply doesn't have the ability to succeed in the MLB.  I just don't understand why they think this is a good idea.  Everybody knows they screwed up by signing Ollie, but now they're just hurting the team by keeping him around.  The signing was embarrassing but it really isn't much more embarrassing to have the contract in AAA.  Just let him go to the Minors and try to get his confidence back.

Ugh.  It's just another move by the Mets that completely baffles me.  At this point it looks like the front office is just trying to make themselves look good and they really don't care about the results on the field.

Let's Go Mets? 


metsfan73 said...

Perez refused assignment to AAA, which he is entitled to do. The could release him, but that's not in their nature since he is owed $12M this year (2010) and another $12M next.
Don't be surprised if he comes down with an unexplained injury and is DL'd.

Ellie said...

Good point. But I'd rather they just release him than have him eating a spot on the roster. The money has already been spent, there's nothing they can do about it.

If they do go the DL route, hopefully it will be before he can blow any games from the 'pen.