Monday, December 6, 2010

A Transition Year

This offseason is going to be a bit weird for the Mets.  Of course Sandy Alderson and the rest of the front office are looking for good players at the Winter Meetings and will continue to do the same throughout the offseason, however, the available money is limited and big names aren't going to be signed by the Mets.  Next season is going to be a transition year.  The new front office and coaching staff will be building a team for future success.

Before judging any moves made by the Mets this offseason it is important to remember just that, it is going to be a transition year for the Mets. When hearing names like Taylor Tankersley and Boof Bonser in Mets rumors it's easy to be disappointed.  The Mets may or may not sign Tankersley or Bonser specifically.  If they do sign one of them or other similar players it will not be to long term contracts.  They would be here for a year or two to fill a gap in the roster.

The Mets simply need more time for their minor leaguers to be ready.  The Mets should not be spending money on big free agents this offseason.  They should be looking for ways to give young players such as Ike Davis, Josh Thole and Jon Niese more MLB experience and waiting for Jenrry Mejia, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and others to be ready for the big leagues.

It's hard to watch an offseason unfold knowing your favorite team won't be a big player in it.  But it is simply where the Mets are right now.  As it happens it will not be fun to follow, but when Spring Training starts the same excitement will be there.

It is going to be a long, pretty boring offseason for the Mets and it is only just beginning.

Let's Go Mets!

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Anonymous said...

Taylor Tankersley has now completely healed from his elbow surgery and will be an interesting addition for any team looking for a lefty specialist. One only has to look at his career stats vs lefties, especially Utley and Howard. Ryan Howard would like to see TANK as a Yankee or anywhere in the American League. I would not count him out as a possible Met or especially a Yankee lefty because of his history with Girardi. Girardi was Tankersley coach in Florida and used Tank with precision in relief situations. Tankersley was the pitcher when Girardi told Loria (Marlins owner) to shut up when Loria was yelling at the umpire over balls and strikes which ultimately led Loria to fire the NL coach of the year. Girardi gets a year off with pay and then the Yankees job and all because of pitches that were thrown by Tankersley. Girardi has to love the kid.