Monday, March 28, 2011

An Important Decision In A Not-So-Important Season

Spring Training is winding down and rosters are starting to look more regular.  For the Mets, most of the roster decisions have been made.  The bullpen is a one of the last places the Mets have to make moves.  At this point it is Bobby Parnell, Blaine Boyer, and Jason Isringhausen competing for two spots in the bullpen.  However, I don't think Parnell should be in a competition at all and it should just be Boyer and Isringhausen competing for the last spot and ultimately Boyer should make the team.

Recently reports have surfaced that the Mets considered sending Parnell to the minors so both Boyer and Isringhausen could make the team.  Even considering doing that to Parnell is a bad decision.  Coming into Spring Training the 8th inning role seemed to be Parnell's to lose.  He had a strong season last year and they were building off that and basically guaranteeing him a spot on the roster.  To make it this far into ST and then decide his spot in the bullpen may not actually be guaranteed would be wrong.  It made sense when Parnell didn't make it out of ST last year because his ST numbers were simply terrible.  He didn't only prove himself last year, he also has continued the success in ST.  The level of letdown for Bobby would be quite high.  Not only could it kill Bobby's confidence, it would also show the Mets new leadership doesn't stick to their word.  When Terry Collins said the decision on Parnell's roster spot is based on last season there is no reason to expect otherwise.  Is this Mets leadership just as full of hot air as the last?  For the future of the Parnell as well as the trust in the Mets, Bobby should no-doubt make the team.

As for Boyer over Isringhausen, my opinion really is based on Isringhausen's injury history.  At this point both pitchers have done well enough to make the team.  To break the tie I look at Izzy's three Tommy John surgeries and the fact that the Mets will probably lose Boyer completely if he doesn't make the team.  If Izzy makes the team, pitches well, and then gets injured the Mets would not have Boyer as their best backup.  This competition is close enough to make the decision based on what could happen.  Otherwise, it really can go either way.

That's my take on the bullpen.  Clearly, my love for Parnell has him in the bullpen and clearly that reasoning is more protective of his well-being.  I just don't want him torn down after he was built up as the future.

Let's Go Mets!

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