Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Part Of The Mets Where The Future Looks Bright

There sure is an awful lot of negativity surrounding the Mets right now.  It's almost baseball season and yet it seems like half the fan-base and most of the front office would like another few months of the offseason.  We all know about the issues in the front office.  However, the Mets problems don't stop there.  On the field 2nd base is pretty much a black hole and there isn't much positivity for how the team will play as a whole.  However, there is at least one place where the Mets and their fans can find comfort.

The Mets look like they will have the catchers position filled for quite a while.  Josh Thole is coming into the season as the starting catcher for the first time in his career.  After learning the position in the minor leagues he showed last year that he can be a competent MLB catcher.  This spring not only has his defense continued to look good, his offense has been outstanding.  Thole isn't only getting the singles and doubles that are expected of him, he already has two home runs this spring.  This will be Josh's first full season in the majors and while the wear-and-tear on a catcher is going to be rough anywhere, it will be even worse for a full season in the majors.  This year is a big test for Thole but right now everything is pointing in the right direction for him to succeed.

As for the catchers backing up Thole, Ronny Paulino finally arrived in camp.  He will be in the majors after the last eight games of his PED suspension are up.  Mike Nickeas will likely start the season as the backup.  This spring his offense hasn't been anything special but his defense has definitely stood out.  Mike has always been known as a strong defensive catcher and he has proven it with some very strong throws as well as blocking many potential wild pitches.  Maybe in 2012 Mike will have the chance to be the full time backup.

With all the questions surrounding the Mets it's good to look at what isn't questionable.  It's a sure thing that the Mets have a bright future in terms of catching.

Let's Go Mets!

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