Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Been A While

Nick Evans has been part of the Mets organization since 2004. For the first time in his professional career it looks like he will find himself with a different organization. Evans cleared waivers last week and had the option of accepting an assignment to AAA or electing free agency. According to Adam Rubin, he will likely elect free agency.

Evans wasn't really a prospect in the minors and never found his place in the majors with the Mets. However, he was always there. Especially during the past few seasons he seemingly could play wherever the Mets threw him. Injuries to Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy put him at first base this year and he was stronger than anybody could have expected there. And while he was playing everyday he was hitting. He always hit in the minors and finally showed towards the end of this season that consistent playing time brings consistent offense.

Without Evans the Mets could have a tough time finding someone else who can fill in all over the field. Josh Satin could very well be that guy. It'll just be weird for it not to be Evans.

Let's go Mets!

P.S. I'm just remembering all the stories from when Daniel Murphy was called up and he and Nick Evans were inseparable. I asked Murphy at Spring Training about being able to play with Evans again and he said he was really excited. Hopefully Murph will do better without Evans than Mike Pelfrey did when his buddy John Maine left.

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