Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The World Series

I can't believe there are only a few games left of the baseball season.  The Mets may not have gotten anywhere close to the World Series but that doesn't mean I don't have a rooting interest.  It is almost impossible for me to watch any sporting event and not root for somebody, even if the teams involved are completely irrelevant to the teams I like.  So, if I'm going to be watching the entire World Series, I have to root for some team and that team is the Giants.

When most Mets fans think of the Giants they think of the negatives.  Matt Cain beaning David Wright, Cain and Sandoval starting over R.A. Dickey and Wright in the All Star Game, Buster Posey not being allowed to catch Dickey's knuckleball.  But not everything about the Giants is bad.

Five players on the Giants World Series roster played for the Mets.  They could only have one of those players and I would still be rooting for them.  Xavier Nady is all I need to pledge my allegiance in this series.

Xavier Nady has been my favorite player since I started watching baseball obsessively.  He's the first player I ever followed off the Mets and it is beyond weird to think it has been over six years since I started rooting for him.  I also realize how special winning this World Series would be to him.  Many of the quotes from Nady about playing this year are about how thankful he is to have a uniform to put on. He almost didn't have a team this year yet he has somehow found himself on a World Series roster.  He is on a roster, ready to play for the team he cheered for as a kid.  This is the definition of "dream come true" for Xavier Nady.  He does already have a ring from the Yankees in 2009 but he was injured for most of that season and this is his first time putting on a uniform in the World Series.

I cannot imagine ever rooting for Xavier Nady to lose a game, much less the biggest games of the year. He may not get much playing time but he still has Giants written across his chest and number 12 on his back.  He is a part of that team.

One of my favorite players is in the World Series.  I have to root for his team.

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