Wednesday, January 23, 2013

but the mets don't have an outfield

scott hairston is reportedly close to signing a 2-year deal with the cubs.

the mets current outfield is lucas duda, kirk nieuwenhuis, and mike baxter from left field to right field.

but kirk nieuwenhuis's season was cut short by an injury so there's no guarantee that he'll be fully healthy for the season.

and lucas duda broke his wrist moving furniture earlier this winter.

and mike baxter can't cover all of the citi field outfield.

the mets did sign collin cowgill to a minor league deal.  they also discussed trying justin turner in the ourfield.  i guess if all else actually fails they could put josh satin out there.  or they could punish any daniel murphy errors at 2nd base by making him play an inning in the outfield.

michael bourn costs too much money. justin upton costs too many players.

clearly their options are amazing and they are totally set for the season.  i mean, the one that has spring training starting in less than three weeks.  that season is going to be great.


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