Sunday, January 27, 2013

Craving Baseball

This past week has been unseasonably cold (even for January) across the country.  It has left many people longing for summer and all that it brings, including baseball.

This past week has also been the week in which many Major League Baseball teams held their annual winter Fan Fests.  Held at either a convention center or the home ballpark, many teams organize a fun event with player autograph sessions, Q&As, ticket giveaways, raffles, hitting lessons, etc.

I attended the Red Sox Winterfest yesterday.  It was a toned-down fan fest, geared towards kids, but was still fun and exciting to experience.  As someone older than the intended audience I found many ways to enjoy myself.  I met Will Middlebrooks, watched Daniel Nava give hitting lessons, saw the Red Sox clubhouse, and got to tour and experience Fenway Park in a way that's impossible during the season.

Even without an abundance of player appearances it was a fun event that satisfied this weekend's craving for baseball.  Would it really be so hard for the Mets to do this?

If it's really true that they don't think it would stand out in the New York market then how do the Dodgers pull it off in Los Angeles?  Dodgers fans have never been lauded for their loyalty quite like Mets fans and it's not as if the entertainment market in L.A. is exponentially smaller than that of New York.

It's not even that the Mets need to hold it with a full roster of players and make it a three day event.  One day with a few players would still be a major step up.  They too could market it towards children if they really want to avoid putting on a huge show.  Kids aren't going to care if Justin Turner is with them while taking cuts off a tee or if Kirk Nieuwenhuis is signing autographs.  Mr. Met makes everything better and quite frankly, the rest of the activities needed could be found at any number of Bat Mitzvahs in the tri-state area.  They have held open anthem tryouts before, why not hold them earlier to include them in Fan Fest?

I know you can't pull together any event like this overnight.  I also know the Mets will have the All Star FanFest this year that they can use as an excuse for this winter and maybe next winter as well.  By the end of January I am so ready for baseball and clearly others are too.

C'mon Mets. Please?

Let's Go Mets!

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