Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Almost Lost It

But Cody was saved after being in the bottom 2 on Dancing With the Stars tonight. But after Lionel Richie's second song I think I did lose it. Well that is what my sister will tell you. Because it was about to go to commercials but before it did they showed Cole Hamels in the audience. So, of course, I screamed "COLE HAMELS!" if only because it is something that has to do with baseball.

Now for the Mets and such:
YAY! David won his second Gold Glove award and Carlos Beltran also won.

The Mets are interested in Julio Lugo for second base but I will take anything over Luis CastiUGH!

There are a bunch of other Mets rumors that I don't feel like writing because Omar will make sure nothing goes farther than a rumor.

Nothing else to say...
Let's Go Mets!

1 comment:

mandachan said...

i wouldn't have a problem with you taking lugo. unless he had a freakishly good season (unlike in '08), in which case i'd be mad.