Sunday, February 13, 2011

The New Man In Charge

The Mets are going into the season with a new manager.  His name is Terry Collins.  Unless you have been living under a rock then you know Collins is known to be a strict manager.  He was even tough when he was a minor league coordinator last season.  He evaluated every minor leaguer before last season and Mike Nickeas admitted he was thorough, saying "If I were to be honest with myself, he was probably pretty accurate."

In Mike's case something worked, maybe the honesty or the help of Luis Natera or both, but he had his best offensive season in the Mets organization.

As the manager Terry Collins will have to use the brutal honesty to help the team.  Players will know their roles.  Players will know whether or not they are succeeding in those roles.  As long as Collins doesn't rip players apart when they are slumping then I don't think the honesty can hurt.  

New managers and coaches tend to give teams a boost.  Let's see how long Terry Collins and his philosophies keeps the Mets going.

Let's Go Mets! 

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