Monday, February 14, 2011

Reese Havens is Fierce

Mets pitchers and catchers report tomorrow.  Players have been filtering into camp and small stories have been written about most of the players.

Today I found a brief piece about Reese Havens to be most interesting.  Apparently he had surgery on his ribs eight weeks ago.  Not to worry though, Reese has already resumed hitting.  Hopefully this season he'll be healthy enough to have a productive year.  The Mets don't really have a plan for the future of the middle infield so it would be awesome if he got a chance next year or anytime in the future.

In news that might not be so welcome, Oliver Perez is going to get a chance to start during Spring Training.  This is the man that couldn't get into the training complex when he arrived.  But whether he can actually get into camp on his first try doesn't matter here, all that matters is his pitching ability.  Imagining a season worse than last year hurts so I'm going to be optimistic about this.  If he is ever a part of the starting rotation it means he showed he can pitch.  Well, that or something went horribly wrong with the rest of the pitchers.

Every pitcher and catcher that has not already arrived will arrive tomorrow.  Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas were the first catchers to show up so my guys are already ahead of the game.

Let's Go Mets!

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