Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jose Reyes Could Change The Fans

It is often difficult for fans to only root for the players on one team.  We stay fans of one team but there are a few players that we continue to root for no matter what team they are on.  For Mets fans and fans of Jose Reyes that do not follow a player on another team, this offseason could change that.  I would love for Jose to stay on the Mets but there is simply no way to know what is going to happen.  However, if he does go to another team I will still root for him.

Jose Reyes is special right now.  He is the most exciting player in baseball playing in the biggest market in the league.  Every team's fans seem to want a piece of him, evidenced by the questions from every fanbase on twitter asking where he might end up.  For now it does not matter though because he is on the Mets.  Besides being a spark for the Mets in every way he has become a uniting force for the fanbase.  Most Mets fans want him to stay and have told Mets management, other Mets fans, and the rest of the universe not to trade Reyes and to give him the contract he deserves.

The trade deadline can pass and other players can be traded.  If Carlos Beltran is traded there will be fans that follow his career and continue to root for him.  The end of the season can come and Francisco Rodriguez might find his way off the Mets.  Yes, some fans will root for him wherever he is playing.  However, if Jose Reyes leaves the Mets there will be a lot of fans that find themselves following another team to keep up with their favorite shortstop.

Let's Go Mets! 

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Paul said...

I'll likely continue to think well of Reyes if he leaves the Mets. If I'm watching his team (and they don't happen to be playing the Mets), I'll root for him to do well.

But players come and players go - I'm a fan of the team, not any particular players.