Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minor Frustrations

The Buffalo Bisons have not been having a good season by any stretch of the imagination.  Part of their lack-of-success has been their lack-of-offense.  And part of their lack-of-offense is the fact that they are getting minimal production from any of their catchers.

However, Tim Teufel is not exactly giving the position a chance to get anything going offensively.  Raul Chavez is hitting .160 this season and Mike Nickeas is hitting .202, both poor numbers.  But, Nickeas's last five hits have been doubles and three of his last ten games have been multi-hit games.  Raul Chavez has had one multi-hit game in his last ten games.  The thing is, they have literally been alternating starts everyday.  Neither of them has had a chance to get going offensively because neither of them gets to play two games in a row.  I understand Teufel wanting to try to find a lineup that produces runs, but he's not going to if he doesn't give everybody a chance to work out of their hitting woes.

Mike Nickeas hit two doubles yesterday and putting him in the lineup today would have brought the smallest sense of stability to another position on a struggling Bisons team.  That did not happen and Chavez is in the lineup for tonight's game.  I am not going to say either are going to be .300 hitters, but they certainly won't improve with this staggered playing time.

This has been a wonderful edition of Ellie Vents Her Frustrations About Minute Details of Minor League Baseball.  I hope you enjoyed.

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