Sunday, July 24, 2011

Minor League Thoughts - Binghamton

Recently I made the journey with my dad to upstate New York.  The trip was mainly to see colleges but I also got to see the Binghamton Mets and Buffalo Bisons.

On Thursday the Binghamton Mets played a doubleheader against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, managed by  Sal Fasano.  But I wasn't there to see Fasano or the Fisher Cats.  I was there to see Josh Satin, Matt den Dekker, and the rest of the B-Mets.  I am not as familiar with the B-Mets this year as I was last year.  I know which players are doing well but I don't know the entire team.  I liked that because it gave me the chance to simply enjoy the games and the atmosphere.  And it was definitely different than any game I'd been to before.

The gates opened about thirty minutes before first pitch and that's pretty much when I got to the stadium.  Nobody was on the field or in the dugout so I figured out where my seats were (between the first base dugout and home plate) and then went to wait for autographs in the seats on the other end of the dugout.  Matt den Dekker was one of the first players to come into the dugout and I got his attention right away.  He was really sweet and promised to sign as soon as he had a free second.  When Matt did come to sign he was still really nice and seemed happy that somebody wanted his autograph in particular.

Basically right after Matt signed for me the rest of the B-Mets began to make their way into the dugout and onto the field to stretch.  I wanted to get Josh Satin's autograph after he finished stretching and throwing but he din't stop to sign so I only took a few pictures.  I got autographs from a few other guys including Robert Carson, and Eric Campbell before I made my way back to my seats for the game.

The games were alright.  The B-Mets lost the first and won the second.  The fact that I was only paying attention to the players specifically when Josh Satin and Matt den Dekker (and eventually also Dusty Ryan) meant I was actually just watching the game for the baseball being played.  I don't do that very often.

Between games I met the official bffl of the B-Mets, Amber, which was a lot of fun.  Overall, the night was a success.

Oh yeah, on this particular night there was an Elvis impersonator as entertainment.  I cannot imagine what goes through the players minds during the games with all the wacky gimmicks brought in by the team.  The fans seemed more into the entertainment that wasn't the game more than the game itself.  I think more people asked for autographs from the Elvis impersonator than from the players.  On the other hand, I was there to see the players and the team and the game and when I did ask specific players for autographs and when I knew the names of the players they really seemed to appreciate it.

It was a lot of fun and definitely different than any other game I've been to.

Let's Go Mets!

Pictures from the game are here.

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