Sunday, July 3, 2011

On Interleague Play and the Subway Series

The Mets capped of their interleague play this season with a walk-off win against the Yankees.  It was exciting, fun, and an unexpected comeback against Mariano Rivera.  It also represented what I don't like about interleague play.

For the most part, I like interleague play.  I like seeing players and teams I would not normally see.  The different competition is fun to watch.  However, interleague play is unfair and part of what makes it unfair is the Subway Series.  Every year the Mets have to play against the Yankees twice.  The Yankees are pretty much a given to be a hard team to beat and the Mets have to play them six times a year while other teams in their division might not play them at all.

While interleague play is fun, these games are real and they count for the season.  Uneven scheduling and competition level create a conflict.  The Mets played every division leader this season.  However, the rest of their division did not face the same teams.  If every other team in the NL East played every division leader that would have created more equality in interleague play.  However, until each team in each division is playing against the same teams, it will continue to be unfair.

I don't have a solution or a particular way I would fix interleague.  I just know I won't enjoy it completely until it's fair.  The Mets happened to do quite well against some tough teams this year, but that might not always be the case for the Mets or for any other team.

Let's Go Mets!

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