Thursday, February 2, 2012

Banner Day!

Yesterday the Mets announced Banner Day will return before the May 27 game against the Padres.  Even though I probably won't go to the game, I can't wait for it and I am sure a lot fans, young and old, will enjoy being there and participating.

I haven't been around for most of Mets history, heck I have barely been around for any of Mets history.  But that just makes me want to embrace the history even more.  I hope Banner Day allows me to do that through other fans.  It would be really unfortunate if a few fans ruined the day through bringing inappropriate or negative signs.  I mean, I'm sure security will be extra-tight before the game and only allow the appropriate signs in, but I just don't want to deal with fans complaining about their "honest" signs not being allowed.  This game as well as the rest of the 50th anniversary events are meant to celebrate the team's history, not bash the current state of the team.

My only knowledge of Banner Day is what I have seen on the constant reruns of Mets Yearbook on SNY and my dad telling me that this year isn't real because it won't be between games of a double-header.  This will be a truly great day for the older generation of Mets fans to share their memories with the younger fans.  And perhaps it will be a highlight during a season of question marks.

I can't wait to see the banners!
Let's Go Mets!

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