Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Happened Last Night

The Mets updated their roster with new players and uniform numbers and everything else one could possibly want.  Well, except for me.

I saw the change last night and started questioning my beliefs and it's all on my twitter feed, but I figured I would put it more coherently on here.

The changes included Mike Nickeas going from #13 to #4.  Ronny Cedeno now has #13.  This change means a few things.  One, I already strongly dislike Ronny Cedeno.  Two, my #13 Nickeas jersey (and t-shirt) are now inaccurate so I'm not only ridiculous for having the Nickeas paraphernalia in the first place, I am now even more ridiculous for having stuff with the wrong number.  And three, it just confuses everything and takes away all stability I had in my life.

My first thought (well, not my first thought) was that Mike didn't have much of a choice once the Mets signed Cedeno.  But Cedeno has only worn #13 for two years.  He has worn #5 for four seasons, but there is no way he would have asked for that from the Mets.  He has also worn #11 and #3 for one season each.  So was #13 really that important to him?  Could he not have stripped Josh Satin of his #3? (Sorry, Josh.)  #1 is available, he could have had that.  But he chose #13 for whatever reason and now Mike Nickeas has #4.

#4 is an interesting switch.  Now it is the number with the best flow in New York, as Mike Nickeas and Michael Del Zotto both have outstanding heads of hair.  But I just don't think that's why Mike chose it.  1 + 3 = 4.  That's simple and could very well be the reason.  He wore #22 with the Bisons last year, which also sums to four and was also at a time when #13 wasn't available.  It could be for any variety of reasons.  If you're really wild you could even think that Mike wanted the switch and Cedeno just took #13 because it was actually available.  However, I just don't think that's the case.

Well, for whatever reason, Mike Nickeas now has #4.  It could be worse.  He could have gone to #78.  The single digit should signal a good chance at making the roster.

Let's Go Mets!  

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