Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Thought He Was Bald

David Wright has definitely come a long way since I first noticed him in 2005, thinking he was bald until I finally saw him without a cap.  As an 11 year old I didn't really have a favorite player.  I was at Shea Stadium and I wanted a Mike Piazza t-shirt.  My second choice was Cliff Floyd.  I didn't even think about David Wright until they didn't have Piazza or Floyd shirts in my size.

"What player should I get?"
"David Wright seems pretty good.  Get this one."  My dad was right.

Today, David Wright collected the 1,419th hit of his career.  He now has the most hits for any New York Mets player ever.  Earlier this season he got the 735th RBI of his career, giving him that Mets record as well.  He is the longest tenured current Met and the leader of a young team looking to find its place in the league.  His only taste of the postseason was in 2006, when he was one of the kids still looking forward to a long future in the majors.  Since then his career has been one filled with personal triumph but lacking team success.

In 2007 Wright had a MVP caliber season, .325 batting average, 30 home runs, 42 doubles, 107 RBI, and 34 stolen bases.  However, that Mets team fell apart in September and even though he hit .352 with 6 home runs and 20 RBI, he still couldn't secure the award.  In 2008 he hit 33 home runs, had 124 RBI, 42 home runs, and a batting average over .300 but the team fell out of playoff contention in the last days of the season once again.  He was fun the watch but the team was impossible.

The next few years he fought through injuries.  First a concussion after he was hit in the head with an errant fastball.  He later tried to play through a broken back, although his attempt ended when his production tailed off.  This year he did play through a broken pinky, and he did so superbly.

David Wright is the face of this franchise.  In an era where everything is scrutinized and replayed over and over again on the internet and through social media he has been present for every interview and to answer every question after every tough loss or draining injury.  David has given everything to this organization without getting much in return.  He has always put the team in front of himself, admitting tying the hits record yesterday was bittersweet because they lost the game.

So cheers to you, David Allen Wright.  You got hits 1,419 and 1,420 and you hold yet another Mets record.  You deserve this recognition and you deserve to enjoy this accomplishment, after all, you won today.  Now let's hope the Mets reward you for all this come the winter.  This organization owes you quite the Christmas present.

Let's Go Mets!

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