Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Continuing Saga Of My Awkward Life

I would have been happy with a wave.  Just a "hello."  I knew there wasn't going to be batting practice because it was a day game after a night game and the Mets had all kinds of on-field events with Nickelodeon Day, Dog Day, and Cheerleading Day all happening at once.  It isn't unheard of, though, for players to come out shortly before the game to sign some autographs.

But on this day that didn't happen.  The pitchers signed autographs after they finished their long toss and the field and dugout was basically empty of players.  Basically.  There were moments when some players would come out to the dugout to see the dogs that were up for adoption.

At one point Mike Nickeas, Mike Baxter, and Dillon Gee made their way to the dugout.  Oh hey, here's an opportunity to get a wave or a greeting or anything, I thought.  "Mike!"  I'd gotten his attention from here before.  Unfortunately, I didn't think this through and when Mike Baxter turned around I froze.  I couldn't say "No, the other Mike."  So I did it again. "Mike!"  Baxter turned around again.  It happened once more before they were gone and I could add Mike Baxter to the list with Austin Kearns of players that think I'm a freak.

I had given up hope of seeing Nickeas at that point.  I didn't have anything for him to sign so why bother?  But of course I didn't just go sit in my seat.  I waited.  And once he was in the dugout I finally got his attention.  Remember how I didn't have anything for him to sign?  I wish I did.  I know I have 98597438732 autographs from him already but what's one more when you're avoiding awkwardness?  He waved.  He also asked if I had anything for him to sign.  However, he didn't come out of the dugout, it was one of those hand-signal/somewhat-yelling conversations.  And while he was doing this my sister took it as an opportunity to translate this mixed-up language for me, and I decided to turn around and listen to her translations and things just smiled.  The conversation ended with an awkward thumbs up and the game went one.

I'd just like to take this time to apologize to Mike Nickeas for being so awkward.  I'm sorry.  Next time I will let you go on with the game and I won't try to say hi or get a wave or anything.

. . . Actually, that probably won't happen.

But still . . . I'm sorry.

Let's Go Mets!

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