Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Good Stuff (To Be Updated)

One more group shot courtesy of Justin Turner:

Fred Lewis put a bunch of other pictures on instagram:
Group picture!!!

Jordany Valdespin is not the man right now

It's Rob Carson and Mike Nickeas's back! (and Mike's beautiful hair)

Poor Matt Harvey

Collin McHugh wants to make sure you buckle up!

Justin Turner finally got a group shot (Joe Golia, the Bisons trainer, seems to be there):

More from Kelly Shoppach:

Thank you Kelly Shoppach for including Mike Nickeas in your picture:

These three are from Adam Rubin:
Jenrry Mejia
Jeurys Familia and Elvin Ramirez
Collin McHugh

This one is from Justin Turner:

From Jeremy Hefner on twitter (Josh Edgin is the other one in the picture):

Fred Lewis posted this photo of Rob Carson on instagram.  He says there are more pictures to come . . .
This one is not necessarily appropriate for all ages (because of a gesture not attire) (also from Fred Lewis on instagram):

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