Monday, December 17, 2012

First Things First

The Mets improved their team immensely today.  R.A. Dickey won the Cy Young last season but he was a necessary piece to trade to improve the Mets weakest position.  Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas were the other players the Mets gave to the Blue Jays, and while they were important to my interest in the Mets, they were not instrumental in the team's success.

In return for Dickey, Thole, and Nickeas the Mets received C Travis d'Arnaud, RHP Noah Syndergaard, C John Buck, and OF Wuilmer Becerra from the Blue Jays.  Travis d'Arnaud is arguably the best catching prospect in the game.  The Mets go from having nothing at the position to having a future as bright as it has ever been.  He is a solid hitter who has also been praised for his leadership abilities.  He'll likely spend the first few weeks of the season in AAA but should definitely see MLB action this season.

Jon Buck will likely serve as the starting catcher until d'Arnaud is ready.

You can click here to read more about the other members of the trade.

This trade is obviously a little tough for me to swallow.  The Mets managed to trade both of my favorite players in one move.  I truly believe Josh Thole has a bright future.  He got a bad draw this season with his concussion and being tasked with catching the wildest knuckleball in the history of baseball.  Both catchers from the Mets deserve credit for working with Dickey.

The Mets used their strength to improve their weakness.  Sandy Alderson deserves a great amount of praise for pulling off a move like this.  The Mets all of a sudden have concrete pieces to build a winner. It's a great feeling and one that can only improve in time.  I applaud those who were patient with Alderson and trusted him to do his job.  And to those that didn't, told ya so.

Let's Go Mets!

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