Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

A no-hitter.  A 20 game Cy Young Award winner.  A third baseman signed for the future.  The Mets 74-88 record doesn't tell even half the story of the year for this team.  It doesn't tell the story of the thrill first half comebacks.  It only reveals the heartbreak from the second half of the season.

The personal feats are what made this year worthwhile.  David Wright being on an offensive tear for the first few months of the season.  R.A. Dickey being nearly unhittable and giving his catchers fits.  Howie Rose losing his mind calling the lost out of Johan Santana's no-hitter.

Numbers won't make you laugh about Ike Davis's plight with Valley Fever.  They won't tell you how much fun the Mets seem to have had at his charity event.  No statistic will describe just what Jeremy Hefner looks like in a tight football referee costume.  Tim Byrdak's bowling prowess can't be revealed by WHIP or ERA.  Jerry the Chicken didn't play a game for the Mets but he can't be left out.  Does anybody have a count of just how many times Wonderwall played before someone figured out how to use Justin Turner's iPod?

There are frustrating parts of every year.  The injuries, trades that weren't made, trades that were made, signings that backfired.  But all of those moves are part of building a team that brings unique memories no matter what.  A different team simply wouldn't have the same bonding moments.  In baseball you get to see many teams throughout the year.  In January there is only a skeleton of a roster.  By April it's a full team yet it still manages to evolve.  And once November rolls around it's a skeleton again.

Nobody knew R.A. Dickey would actually be that good.  Nobody knew the Mets would finally have a no-hitter in the books this year.  Heck, the year started not even knowing when Johan would pitch at all.  Yes, it ends without R.A. and more questions about Santana.  But it was all worth it for the thrill that each pitch brought this year.

2012 was historic.  2012 was worth it.

Let's Go Mets!

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