Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Simply Amazin'

Sporting a blue and white button down shirt with an orange tie David Wright addressed the media. He was also wearing the new blue jersey. A jersey he will wear next season and for many seasons after. Mr. Wright is here to stay and it is the greatest thing the Mets could give their fans this winter.

Throughout their history the Mets have had franchise players that donned other uniforms. Tom Seaver wasn't a lifelong Met. Neither was Darryl Strawberry. Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, and Mike Piazza spent prominent parts of their careers with the team, but weren't homegrown. Jose Reyes certainly didn't stick around. But David Wright did.

The contract extension was agreed on last week. However the awesome feeling of finally having a lifelong Met didn't really hit me until today. When David was there in all his blue and orange. When he spoke about growing up rooting for the team. When he spoke about not accomplishing the ultimate goal yet. When he said he couldn't wait to change that fact. It was simply amazin'.

Wright has been through everything with this organization. It's hard to believe he made his MLB debut over eight years ago. It's even harder to believe he'll be a Met for the next eight years.

Where will you be in April of 2020? Because David Wright will be at Citi Field.

Let's Go Mets!

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