Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bring Back The Outrage

This winter fans were angry at the Mets. We were angry about the Mets signing Jose Reyes and guaranteeing a roster spot to a black hole. We were angry about spending most of the miniscule budget on 3 years of Jay Bruce. We were angry about the Mets only addressing their shaky rotation with Jason Vargas.

Then the season started and the Mets played well and we were all so happy just to have actual real baseball back and the outrage went away. All of a sudden people seemed okay with the Mets pissing away the off-season because there was a baseball game on every night and a skeleton lineup of Mets was better than the emptiness of winter.

Well, it is time to bring the outrage back. Actually, the outrage never should have subsided.

On a good day, the current Mets roster will feature a bench of Jose Reyes, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, and Tomas Nido. Instead of versatile players like Ty Kelly and Phillip Evans they are carrying multiple players who left their best days in 2011. They do not have a viable backup outfielder and or even one true third baseman during Todd Frazier's DL stint. Ownership has handcuffed Mickey Callaway and guaranteed this season will be forgettable, like most of this decade.

Nothing about the way the Mets are run should sit well with fans. Nobody should be okay with the Mets stunting the growth of Brandon Nimmo or Michael Conforto by limiting their playing time against left-handed pitchers. Nobody should be okay with the Mets wasting a roster spot on Jose Reyes, who cannot hit his way out of a paper bag and is also somehow called a "positive influence" after shoving his wife through a glass door. Nobody should be okay with the Mets ownership constantly filling gaping roster holes with Silly Putty because they refuse to spend money on concrete. Nobody should be okay with watching the best years of Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Michael Conforto, and even Amed Rosario go to waste because the Wilpons are too cheap to surround them with talent.

Mets fans are known for being fiercely loyal and I believe part of such loyalty includes holding the right parties accountable when things are moving in the wrong direction. There has never been a more obvious time to start (or continue) yelling and screaming and letting the sports world know this is not okay.

Mets fans, as well as players and coaches throughout the organization, deserve better.

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