Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why Baseball Was Good Today

I need to stay true to my word so I am starting my new activity right away.

Today, baseball has been very good. Not only are the Red Sox winning (6-0 as the 9th inning begins), but I have been able to watch most of the game on MLB Network. As a fan outside of Boston, I do not get as many opportunities as I would like to watch the Red Sox. Yes, they play the Yankees a lot but the combination of rivalry stress and the subpar YES Network broadcasters make me question whether I really need to watch those games. Following games on Twitter or Gameday is okay but it does not compare to actually knowing what happens at the same time as everybody else. It really is nice to see and tweet about a Xander Bogaerts home run when it happens instead of 2 minutes later.

Unexpectedly having the Red Sox on TV, especially when there is no Mets game demanding a share of my attention, is quite a pleasant surprise. The cherry on top is the Sox playing an all-around great game.

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