Friday, October 30, 2009

BOO! I Scared You!

Well, probably not. And it's not even Halloween yet. But the seniors dressed up at school today. It was a really disappointing dress-up group after last year's, which was pretty cool. The best costumes were the group of people who dressed as tetris pieces. At lunch they took off the costumes and stacked the pieces on a table. Other than that, there were a few hot dogs and I saw a ninja turtle. I'm planning on dressing as the what my sister calls the 80's. I'm wearing purple leggings, yellow high socks, a bright teal sweatshirt, and bright green shirt. I'm thinking of wearing it all day. Maybe I can convince my friends to go trick-or-treating.

As for baseball, I really don't know who I'm rooting for. I don't really want to live with either team winning but if the Yankees win I'll have to live with everybody at school and both my siblings at home. But the Phillies winning will give them another year of making fun of the Mets. I'M SO CONFUSED!

Let's Go Mets!

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