Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank Goodness For Winter Leagues

In a few hours the Mets season will be over. If the Mets lose there will be no more, "they'll get 'em tomorrow" and if they win, that will be all they have to go into the long offseason. It's not going to be fun but it had to come. The fall and winter spent without baseball is never fun. I can't get interested in the other sports. I understand football and hockey and like a few players, but it isn't the same. Baseball has by far the most games during a season and that makes it easier to get attached.

There will be no 7 pm games. No reason to think of finishing my homework early. No game saving diving stops from David Wright. And no strikeouts with the bases loaded to kill rallies. The gut-wrenching, heart attack-inducing 9th inning leads will have to wait. Keith Hernandez will have to save his disbelief for 2010. There isn't any team to look to when I want to forget the Mets. And then I remember I don't want to forget the Mets because I never want the season to end.

In April there is the whole world ahead of you. It feels like an eternity until October and the offseason. And then it's June and you realize interleague play has already started and you have used up all your votes for the All-Star Game. It's July and you're watching the All-Star Game, wondering if your team really deserves anybody to be there. And all of sudden the season is more than half way over. August means one month to decide whether your team is for real. And if they are for real, September is fun. The last month already. It feels like it was just April. Before you know it, October has started and you have nothing to root for. Your team missed the playoffs again and it hurts to watch other teams celebrate. And you can't wait for it to be April again.

The Mets have a long offseason ahead of them and it starts today.

Let's Go Mets!

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