Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Too. Much. Homework.

Anyway, the Mets have decided to sign every aging backup catcher you could dream of. Chris Coste doesn't even want to be on the team and Henry Blanco is OLD. He is also kinda scary looking so I will refrain from posting any pictures of him. For a little while I was okay with having Josh Thole start the year in Buffalo but then I was looking at pictures of him and realized how much I'd miss him. I need some way to see him and it just wouldn't work if Josh was playing for the Bisons.

BTW, Josh is supposed to come home on Tuesday. Not that I would be seeing him. But he'll be back from winter ball.

Most of what I have to say today is about catchers. Apparently Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen want to blame the catchers for the lack of good pitching. They really shouldn't be blaming the catchers. Omir Santos was made the starter as a rookie. His rookie status was kind of 'under the radar' and I didn't know he was a rookie for a while. Not many people knew he was only a rookie and judged him as if he had been around and calling games with more experience. Brian Schneider was injured and didn't hit but I don't think he called a bad game. And of course there was Ramon Castro at the beginning of the year. You have be a really terrible game caller to catch a perfect game. There were way too many walks and way too much inconsistent pitching but it's not fair to put all the blame on the catchers.

Let's Go Mets!

I think I'm going to make another baseball-player video today because there's a song I really want to use. So be on the lookout.

The picture of David is just because he is really cute. I don't think another reason is needed.

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