Monday, December 21, 2009

Halfway Gone

I'd like to believe that is where the Mets are with Jason Bay. They offered him a contract 10 days ago and nothing has come of it. As much as I want Jason Bay to sign with the Mets, I don't think he's worth waiting around much longer. The Mets need to be able to move on with the offseason and make other moves. They can't be holding money back from other free agents because Bay won't decide if he wants to sign.

I say, give Jason a deadline. Make it Christmas or New Years or sometime in between. But the Mets have to show they are serious about making moves and improving this team. Letting Bay take his sweet time deciding where to sign shows the player has more power than the front office. The Mets need more than 1 player this offseason and I believe they could move on from Jason Bay and still be successful.

The Mets front office has to show they are in control of the situation and of the future of the team. If Jason Bay can't make up his mind about the Mets by December 28, I say forget it. Go get a starting pitcher and watch the teams Jason Bay can go to dwindle.

Let's Go Mets!

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