Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Daddy Pelf

My love for Mike Pelfrey just keeps growing.  His strong start to the season definitely helped, and now an amazing piece in the Daily News has my love.  Besides having 9 wins and an ERA under 3, Michael Alan Pelfrey has an adorable son named Chase.  As discussed in the piece, Chase has really helped Mike both on and off the field.  I really can't say anything better than it is described by Andy Martino, so you really should just read it.

I'm not particularly worried about Mikey P. after two less-than-stellar starts.  It's has to be hard to adjust to the heat after having nice temperatures for so long.  I was at Yankee Stadium on Saturday and it was gross just sitting in the seats.  I can't possibly imagine what it felt like for the players.  He's making his next start against the Twins, a good team, but then again, this time it's not at a stadium where people can hit 315 foot home runs.

Let's Go Mets!

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