Monday, June 21, 2010

Somebody Had To Leave

In all of my B-Parnz excitement I neglected to mention the corresponding move that brought him up.  The Mets sent Jenrry Mejia to AA Binghamton to let Mike Nickeas catch some really good pitching.

Just kidding.  The Mets sent Mejia to AA so he could go back to being a starter.  And I finally agree with something the Mets did.  Jenrry has been a starter until this season and there was really no reason for him to ever become a relief pitcher.  During Spring Training the Mets were still living in the shadow of last season and needed something to get the fans excited.  Jenrry Mejia was pitching well and it was easy to build excitement around a 20-year old flamethrower.  Now we've seen Mejia as a relief pitcher.  The Mets have been winning and fans want him back in the minor leagues and back as a starting pitcher.

Jenrry was never going to live up to his full potential in the bullpen.  He can flat-out pitch but wasn't getting the chance as a reliever.  He was on his way to being the youngest mop-up man in the history of the game.  As a starter he will either become a bright spot of the Mets future, or become trade bait for somebody else to become the Mets future.  Either way, there is only positives that can come from this move.

Including giving me a reason to hang around the bullpen when I go to see the Mets with the less-than-stellar seats I got my dad for Father's Day.  Hooray Bobby Parnell!

Let's Go Mets!

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