Monday, June 21, 2010

Pitch Back 1, Ellie 0

Today, I was very bored.  There was no Mets game and most of my friends still had finals.  So, I decided to create a game with my pitch back.  In creating this game I also made the decision that I don't care how crappy my legs look for the surprise party I have tomorrow or if I can move afterward.

So, I went outside and was originally just throwing the softball to the pitch back and chasing after it when it would only bounce part of the way back.  Very boring.  I decided I was going to go about 15 feet away and throw the ball as hard as I could a few times and then go inside and be bored again.  I threw the softball to the net and it bounced back to me and I made a nice catch.  Hmm, maybe this could be fun.  I threw the softball a few more times and made a few more cool catches.  Then I decided to stay outside and see what kind of catches I could make.  There were a few times I had to dive/slide for the ball, but I thought that just made it more fun.

Obviously, for half an hour my mind turned into one of an eight year old boy, because now my legs are all scratched up.  But it was fun for a while.

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