Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Back

Not only to my blogging but also to ROBERT ALLEN PARNELL.

Yes, Bobby Parnell was called up by the Mets.  Yes, I am excited.  Bobby's minor league stats don't show much improvement.  He had a 4.14 ERA with 42 strikeouts in 41.1 innings.  In his last 10 games he has a 3.57 ERA in 17.2 innings.  Bobby has been working on adjustments all season and his stats of late has shown he's getting better.

But, I'm not a big stats person.  Bobby Parnell has shown he can succeed as a Major League relief pitcher.  This year he should have a lot less pressure instead of being declared the 8th inning setup guy in the first two months of his MLB career.  Bobby looked lost in Spring Training.  It looked like he wanted to work on adjustments and a  new off-speed pitch but he was trying so hard to succeed.  Going to Buffalo was good for him.  Bobby had the chance to work on any pitches he wanted without the pressure of immediate success.  Learning a new pitch can only help him.  His ERA or strikeouts doesn't show if he is throwing a nasty cutter or high heat.  Only watching him pitch will show if he has really improved.

I'm excited for his return.  Are you?

Let's Go Mets!

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